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    A digital trading application that brings an innovative way to trade using digital tokens in exchange for products and services.


The mobile apps have been developed on native platforms with backend web platform. It is a virtual trading app that increases self-financing and earnings for an extensive range of businesses. A new economy community where the platform members can trade with each other to make a profit for everyone using digital tokens.

Key features

Effortless registration process

To become a member, any business owner can be part of the finance growing platform by opening an account. There are simple steps to complete the process. Business users need to fill in personal details, confirm accounts, apply for membership and add business details.

Surveying through local business nearby

Members can access the details of nearby enrolled companies. It includes details like business image, business sign, email id, contact number. If the members want to find out more about the business, they need to go deeper in the details page with a business location, owner name, business description, address.

Easy money making

Using the platform, you sell products or services in return for Silva tokens and then use digital tokens to pay for your business expenses which are other members' products and services. Members can pay by filtering businesses or simply scanning the QR code and approving the payment request by other members.

Real-time Notifications and Message

Real-time push notifications have been game-changers for various businesses. The members notify in real-time for account balance credits, debits and messages. Members can enjoy in-app communicating service by sending and receiving messages to members.

Create a referral link and redeem

A Referral link is a choice base idea to share with other businesses for spreading the app and get more users to connect. In the platform, each member has provided a unique referral link to share with other companies or suppliers. The apps attribute the new member, and after the account has activated, a new member receives 100 Silva tokens if he/she signs up using a referral link.

Technologies We applied

We had appropriated the following tools to develop iOS and Android apps, Member portal, and Admin panel.

Technologies We Used

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Vue.js
    • Nuxt.js
    • PHP
    • Balsamiq
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • Zeplin


It is a concept where business people trade their services and products without human touch using digital currency.
Zignuts Technolab has an app and web team to develop robust and secure functionality for financial services and business apps to use cashless technology for trading products and services.

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