Measure Noise: Decibel Meter App for Tracking Noise Levels | Monitor and Analyze Environmental Noise

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Measure Noise: Decibel Meter App for Tracking Noise Levels | Monitor and Analyze Environmental Noise

Introducing our groundbreaking case study on Measuring Noise: an innovative and scientific decibel meter app designed to revolutionise how we monitor and analyse environmental noise levels. In this study, we delve into the development and implementation of this cutting-edge solution, showcasing its ability to provide users with real-time insights into their surrounding noise environments. From urban settings to industrial sites, our app empowers individuals and organisations to accurately measure noise levels with precision and ease.

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We encountered complexities in collecting, processing, and integrating diverse noise data sources, as well as in implementing advanced GIS mapping and visualization functionalities to meet project requirements.

  • Enhancing Scalability and Performance
  • Managing Data Collection and Processing 
  • Advanced GIS Mapping and Visualization Requirements
  • Real-Time Tracking


With user-friendly features and global expansion plans, this platform aims to lead the fight against noise pollution for healthier cities.

  • Noise Level Computations with Scientific Measurements
  • Geo-Spatial Data Representation
  • Calculate and Track Noise Coins/Reward Points
  • Referral Incentive Scheme and Shared Rewards for Referrals
  • Top Performers Charts and Leaderboard
  • Large-scale Data Processing and Analysis

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