Pocket Business App: Streamline Your Business, Anytime, Anywhere. Simplify operations, enhance efficiency, and stay connected

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Business Industry : Retail & E-commerce, CRM Solution

Services : Backend & APIs, Mobile Apps

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Pocket Business App: Streamline Your Business, Anytime, Anywhere. Simplify operations, enhance efficiency, and stay connected

Introducing pocket business: the comprehensive solution designed to streamline your business operations seamlessly, accessible anytime and anywhere. In this case study, we explore how this innovative pocket business app revolutionises the way businesses manage their workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity while ensuring connectivity on the go. From task management to team collaboration, discover how pocket business empowers organisations to optimise their processes and achieve greater success in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Boost in Operations
KPIs and Reports
Digital Business, No Paperwork


Developing this project may encounter obstacles including managing intricate sales processes, addressing inefficiencies in order processing, and enhancing financial transparency. Furthermore, mitigating disruptions in supply chains presents a considerable challenge, necessitating innovative approaches to maintain operational continuity and resilience.

  • Sales Complexity
  • Order Processing Inefficiencies
  • Financial Visibility Gaps
  • Disrupted supply chains


Experience streamlined sales management, maximized profits, and precise inventory control with our comprehensive solution. Our intuitive order management system and barcode management ensure efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in every transaction, empowering you to take your business to new heights.

  • Streamlined Sales Management
  • Maximized Profits
  • Inventory Control
  • Order Management
  • Barcode management system

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You’re one step away from building great software. This case study will help you learn more about how Zignuts helps successful companies extend their tech teams.

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Why they’re fond of us?

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A reliable and flexible technical partner, Zignuts Technolab enables a scalable development process. The team offers a comprehensive array of expertise and scalability that yields an optimized ROI. Direct contact with specialists maintains a seamless workflow and clear communication.


Technical Architect
Blockchain-based Real Estate Platform Company, Belgium

Zignuts Technolab transformed our platform by simplifying code, redesigning key aspects, and adding new features, all within impressive timelines. Their project management and communication were exceptional.


Managing Director
Automobile Company, UAE

Zignuts team has been instrumental in our platform’s development including backend, frontend and mobile apps, delivering excellent functionality and improving speed over time. Their project management, pricing and communication are top-notch.


AI-Based Fintech Startup, UK

Zignuts has delivered excellent quality in developing our website and mobile apps. Their genuine interest in our business and proactive approach have been impressive.


Technical Architect
Blockchain-based Real Estate Platform Company, Belgium

Their team's dedication and knowledge in handling our relocation information platform made the collaboration seamless and productive. Highly recommend their services.


CEO & Founder
Social Community Platform, Germany

Zignuts Technolab provided highly skilled full-stack developers who efficiently handled complex tasks, from backend development to payment gateway integration. Their responsiveness and quality of work were outstanding.


Chief Product Officer
Enterprise Solutions, Jordan

Zignuts Technolab has been highly efficient and responsive in developing our rewards and wellness app. Their ability to integrate feedback quickly and their solid expertise make them a great partner.


Wellness Startup, Thailand