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Agency vs Freelancer: Whom to choose for your startup?

on Jan 2, 2019

In this article, we are going to identify the facts about hire app development agency. We will also differentiate Agency vs Freelancer.

What a predicament. At first glimpse, an app development team could provide more quality, options, and value-added. On the other hand, a freelancer could seem less expensive. The reality is that both can deliver the desired result, though it depends on your startup product idea.

Today, a number of agencies and freelancers in the IT industry are available in the market. All are proving their best services with their exceptional skills and knowledge. It is “six of one and half a dozen of the other” to choose one among Agency vs Freelancer. It is more likely to find “A Diamond on a rough” isn’t it?

Here are some pros and cons of Agency vs Freelancer that you should know before you go with one of them. You will be more clear with whom to go. And you would feel no more hard to find a diamond one. So, who should you hire? Let’s define and take a look at what the two typically offers.


If you need minor graphic design work done, it’s a smart idea to choose a freelancer because of the simplicity of the project. However, you have to remember that freelancers usually specialize in one or two areas. Very few have all the skills necessary to deliver cross-app development results for a complex project. Freelancers can be a great add-on to the in-house team.


For larger or more complex projects you may want to consider hiring an app development agency.  These are companies with employees or dedicated developer to get projects done.

App development agency is a convenient choice for projects that a single person can not do. e.g. If you need a mobile app built, you may need a complete team. e.g. UI/UX designer, app developer, back-end developer and so on.

Hiring a team of individuals can be time-consuming and administratively taxing. A single development agency can provide the many skillsets you need, at the scale you need. While you enjoy a convenient single point of contact.

Factors that you need to take into account while picking the best among Agency vs Freelancer

1. Best-in-Class Services

Hire app development agency can provide you with services of the highest quality since they have a team of professionals specialized. They have extensive experience of working on a number of projects over the years.

On the other hand, while there are a lot of freelancers who can handle multiple projects. Also, they are usually specialized in one or two specific core area. For instance, content writers will provide you with high-quality content, while web designers will only concern the design and layout.

2. Efficiency

Hire app development agency can complete their projects pretty quickly, depending on the complexity of the projects, of course. They have a team of professionals who have skills in different domains. They know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. So they can dedicate the right team members to deliver results in line with your specific requirements. Agencies have lots of resources with established workflow. So they will provide you with a high level of efficiency.

However, this doesn’t mean that freelancers are not efficient enough. More often than not, they work round-the-clock to get everything done with utmost accuracy. So you can be sure that a reliable freelancer will always provide you with efficient, effective results. However, they are known to juggle multiple projects at the same time, so you may not always get the same level of efficiency that you expect.

3. Ongoing Full-Package Support

If you need someone to handle your complete development, then hire app development agency is a good choice. Many agencies offer ongoing support that includes the complete package. They work with many experts with high-quality skills who can manage literally everything that you need.

You can certainly find a freelancer to help you with, let’s say, mobile app development and Web development, and you can easily find one to outsource content creation. But hire app development agency is much better when it comes to bigger ongoing projects.

4. Consistency

One of the greatest advantages to hire app development agency is that they will provide you with consistent final products, since their entire team will be working together to reach the desired results, so everything you need will be well-polished.

This cannot be said for freelancers because you will never really receive the same level of consistency if you hire several freelancers who are not working together. However, if you hire one to handle your content creation on a regular basis, for instance, and others to handle something else, you can be sure that your brand will remain consistent.

5. Cost

The greatest advantages of hiring a freelancer. They have much lower rates than professional agencies, simply because they have no major overhead costs. You pay them for the finished project and that’s it. Also, with a lot of freelancers, you may even be able to negotiate on a price, but most of them have fixed rates, which are still pretty lower than those of agencies.

However, hire app development agency charge more because they bring a lot more to the table. They can provide you with a number of different services and ensure that they deliver the results efficiently and effectively, so you must agree that their services are valuable and completely worth the price. Therefore, if you have the budget, use it and don’t let the price determine whether or not you will outsource to a particular agency.

6. Specific Project Requirements

Although agencies have a pool of talented professionals specialized in various domains, they may not always be able to meet your specific requirements for certain projects. For instance, you may need a mobile app developer with a background in music, so a particular agency may not have someone with such an expertise and experience. In such events, finding a freelancer with the required skills and project-specific expertise would be much easier.

7. Flexibility

Freelancers are much more flexible than professional agencies because they are willing to work long hours (even work through the night) in order to finish their assigned projects. They don’t have a problem with adjusting their schedule to your needs and requirements, even if you hire a freelancer in a different time zone.

However, this doesn’t imply that a professional agency cannot be flexible. Their goal is also to provide you with efficient and effective service and to meet all of your needs, so this particular point is completely subjective.

8. Availability

It is not uncommon that those who are swamped with work have to turn down many project offers, simply because they don’t have the time to do it all. Therefore, if you find a freelancer who is just the right for the job, it may happen that they just cannot squeeze your project into their busy work schedule.

On the other hand, if you hire app development agency, they will always be available to handle anything that you put on their plate and you will never have to worry about them bailing on you.

9. Reliability

Although most of the freelancers are incredibly professional and devoted to their work, there can be occasions when they put your project on hold or unwanted delays due to some unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or some kind of an emergency.

This is where hire app development agency is by far the better option because they have a team that can seamlessly continue working on your project if one of the members calls in sick or simply takes a day off. They can easily meet your deadlines, so your daily operations will hardly be disrupted ever.

10. Initial Risk

You need to take a leap of faith when hiring a particular freelancer for the first time. They will tell you what skills they have and what sort of quality you should expect, but you can never be really sure of what the end result will be until your project is actually completed.

While this initial risk is a sort of a drawback of hiring individual freelancers, you still may find one who will provide you with services of outstanding quality and will be absolutely worth every dime you pay.

However, it’s not so different from agencies, too. When hiring for the first time, they are all strangers to you and you have no idea what the final product will look like. The only difference here is the fact that people are more likely to put their trust in a reputed agency than in an individual, but you never know when that individual will surpass any agency in terms of the quality of services delivered.

Conclusion: Hire App Development Agency vs Freelancer

As you can see, Agency vs Freelancer both have their advantages and disadvantages, but your choice ultimately comes down to your project requirements. In general, if your project includes small and simple tasks that one person can handle quickly, then hiring a freelancer who is specialized in managing those particular tasks is definitely your way to go.

In contrast, if your project is complex and requires a team of collaborators who can deliver the necessary results efficiently, then hire app development agency is absolutely a smarter choice.