Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Launch Your Startups in 2021

Published on 11 Jan, 2021

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Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Launch Your Startups in 2021
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A strong thought or potent move is the foundation for a great startup. We are here to discuss innovative mobile app ideas that can be your business launch for the new year 2021. Why mobile app ideas? It is because right after the Covid-19, the mobile apps are the splendid boom to lead the online businesses.

According to the data, the app economy will experience a CAGR of 37 % of the measured period, growing from 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016 to 6.3 trillion in 2021. User invasion was 11.1% in 2020 and has expected to hit 13.4% by 2024. – Statista Reported.

Being a successful business persona, you have to figure out significant efforts for creating an app for your business. Choices that you name it for your business should identify earlier before you launch. An idea should be as professional as it benefits your business. At least 10-15 app ideas for startups can change your perspective. Here, we have exercised with ten excellent ideas for your next startup. What do you think?

Make an excellent choice or create an idea that appeals to target audiences. Now, what do you need? Idea. It comes from the environment happening around you. Take an example, on-demand mobile apps in the market. It raises day after another.

The idea is just a thought if you want to empower it, becomes a product. For a mobile app, you need to hire the best mobile app developers or a top mobile app development company.

Here is the list of Top 10 innovative mobile app ideas to launch your startups in 2021:

1. Educational Mobile App (aka. E-learning Application)

We are in the e-Learning era, where students are learning from home. If this is your startup idea, then it will be great for students to learn with ease. It increases your business value when you’re investing in the education industry.

The AR-based app would be the best educational mobile apps for students to learn the practical exercise of science and make a proper presentation. Due to the pandemic effect, schools, colleges, institutes, and universities are leading their education delivery through the mobile app.

Education mobile app is one of the top trending apps in the recent era. Want to grab an educational app as your startup idea? We are developing educational apps with the latest trends using augmented reality and virtual reality for business and supporting numerous startups. Know more about our app development services.

2. Online Consultation App (aka. Telemedicine App)

Why online consultation? It reduces the risk factor to infect from outsiders. Online consultation Apps for Doctor are in demand nowadays.

Patients and healthcare organizations are in benefit when they receive quality care health consultation through health apps. For hospitals, it is easier to manage records of cases. For patients, it’s comfortable to contact doctors directly by requesting an online appointment.

Healthcare is a large industry with various services, like routine checkups, receiving prescriptions for psychosomatic diseases, wellness treatment, weight loss treatment, meditation, online yoga classes, and a lot more.

Online consultation apps for various aspects are helpful in many directions to maintain social distance and fight against Covid-19.

3. Online Cab/Taxi Booking App

The startups like taxi booking app are travel spreading in cities and the cab booking apps are most famous on-demand applications. Like the Uber app, save time and money using the smartphone.

Several varieties can image and be executable for online cab booking app business like booking a taxi for patients, women and children special, and exceptional personalities. It can switch into the logistics and trucking industry too!

An online cab booking could be your startup for 2021. We have delivered online taxi booking apps to numerous patrons.

4. Health and Fitness Mobile App

Lingering health-conscious is a natural shift considered in human life nowadays. Thanks to smartphone apps and wearable technology. The users are downloading health and fitness apps like mHealth apps. See Global Fitness and Health Market analysis.

To check various fitness exercises like footstep counting while walk, jogging speed, and more features collaborated with a fitness band, which is managing by top health and fitness apps. We have developed several IoT apps using wearable technology. Want to create the happiest eHealth web or mobile application? Know more.

5. Online Shopping Mobile App

Haven’t you done Christmas shopping? Many online shopping apps are offering you flat discounts on multiple items. Amazon, eBay and various online business personas thought of online selling products and brought e-Commerce web and mobile apps with constant upgrades in it. International shopping apps can be your startup in 2021 because trends never end and require to reach maximum customers.

Your users can notify with discount offers or coupon code on first time shopping are the validations you can customize your buyer’s shopping experience and attract them. Festival deals, holidays shopping, seasonal sales and many more deals can offer to your buyers. It is a successful startup idea we are sharing with you. Get in touch with our developers to know how to make your online shopping app.

6. Travel App

Want to present a fascinating travel experience to your tourists? A travel app and website development is a good idea to speed up your travel business. Your app can express the site visits of particular destination users choose for, suggest exciting places to visit, best restaurants, hotels and guides for better understanding.

The travellers must get location information, finding expenses region wise for food, hotels, site scene, and shopping. Travel apps can guide travellers while visiting the city inside, from roads to streets to markets by themselves with accurate navigation suggested by the travel app. Add-on features like logical approach help travellers, like supporting various languages to understand the new places they are visiting.

7. Food Delivery Mobile App

Takeaways are increasing due to safety purposes. People prefer to order online food instead of going to public places. Food delivery app is an excellent mobile app for startups. How? With your existing famous restaurant, your food delivery has a limited reach to maximum people. Better is to get an opportunity to digitize your current restaurant as a food delivery business app.

Why? The market has expected to grow and reach $154.34 billion in 2023 at CAGR of 11.51%. Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020.

The food delivery app idea has potential for a promising startup. We have Digital Masterchef app developers to create a food delivery app for your business to get the most extents.

8. Grocery Delivery Mobile App

It is just an exciting idea for the startup. There are two ways to bring it in reality. If you have a grocery store, then you need a grocery app. The second alternative is to start an online grocery delivery app. In that case, you need to unite grocery stores in your app and provide grocery delivery services through the stores themselves. It is a one-time investment if you’re selecting the on-demand grocery delivery business as your startup and your ROI is better in future for sure.

Features of the grocery delivery app:

  • Online tracking customer’s order,
  • Customers can compare prices between different stores,
  • Admin panel that manages order placement, delivery of the parcel, goods catalogue and others.

9. Medicine Delivery Mobile App

Medicine delivery at the customer’s doorstep is a brilliant idea. During this pandemic, people would avoid visiting medical stores to buy medicine. Many medical retailers are not able to fulfil demands for medical products due to its heavy demand.

Online medicine delivery app is an opportunity to fulfil the customer’s requirement and deliver medicine. Second, customers buy medicine using online medicine apps like PharmEasy, because It offers fast home delivery and concessions. Want to be the top online medicine app services provider in the app store? Let Zignuts your app development partners. Quote now.

10. Entertainment Mobile App

Entertainment is the most pleasing, relaxing and enjoyable stuff these days. Mostly mobile apps browsing are raised for entertainment content compared to browsers. And the entertainment industry takes thoroughgoing benefit of mobile app technology. E.g. Best Video Streaming Services app- Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and various apps related to entertainment apps available on the internet medium.

IT companies are focusing on entertainment app development now. If you’re creating an attractive UI, several information references, an interactive entertainment app will be a great startup idea for your business.


A startup is better future perspectives for those who want to stand on one’s own two feet and look for opportunities. Here is the moment to perceive. We have shared innovative mobile app ideas which make your startup successful in 2021.

Be selective the best app developers team when you step into digitalized your business with mobile apps. Write us an email and drop your idea into that we can assist you better. Zignuts is the top mobile app development company who develops creative, interactive, and robust mobile apps for your business. You can directly contact us for detail discussion. Happy Business!

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Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Launch Your Startups in 2021

Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Launch Your Startups in 2021





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