Travel & Hotel Booking Application

Travel & Hotel Booking Application


Travel apps make the experience easier and in most cases guide to discover even more than a squeeze out of the Lonely Planet. The mobile travel app development can broaden the horizons of your existing business or open entirely new prospects. Mobility, being user-centric, has become the key of engaging end users. At Zignuts Technolab, we specialize in developing travel apps that engage and delight users.

Also Zignuts creates an accompanying apps to make Hotel & Casino guests’ stay even more comfortable. Use the application to keep your guests informed on latest news, provide booking information, run a tour of your rooms, and introduce your staff.

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Travel & Hospitality Application

Connect With Your Guests

Always keep your guests informed about the events and activities at your resort with spot-on push-notifications and geofencenced messaging. Present the upcoming seaside dinner for two, wine tastings, and other unique events right in your app, informing your guests and letting them make bookings straight away—right within the application.

  • Special Offers
  • Social Media
  • Geofenced Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Events
  • News
Surpass Service Expectations

Streamline the customer experience by converging all the services of your resort in a single app. From ordering concierge services in one tap to booking a golf courses in less than a minute. A branded app will let your guests to make the most of the recreational experience at your resort.

  • Food Delivery
  • Concierge & Housekeeping
  • Trips & Sports Activities
  • Navigation & Transportation
  • Spa Services
  • Restaurant Booking
Get In sight In to Guest Behavior

Use the clean, comprehensive dashboard and CMS to get a complete view of your guests’ behaviour. Learn who’s coming back to your resort with in-app check-ins. See how guest react to newly implemented ideas and the work of your staff by means of polling and actionable analytics. Set up an inviting in-app message board to get instant, spot-on feedback from your guests.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • App Check-ins
  • Staff Statistics
  • Instant Feedback

Travel App Features


Travel planning

Any travel planner app may include almost all options that are described here. With this type of app the user can search for destinations and itineraries, set up schedules and store e-tickets and QR codes. Of course, the user can use some different apps for every purpose, but it is way more convenient to have one travel organizer app for all those objectives.

Travel Journal

Being in the exciting trip users also want to capture their adventures by having notes. Of course, we are in the 21st century and talking about the notes I mean text, photo/video content, and even audio records. In this case, they would highly appreciate the diary app. Your travel journal app even can become a basis for travelers’ blog community.

Navigation & geolocation

Being at the unfamiliar area is more comfortable when you know where you are now and how to get to the principal place. The important aspect of the travel map app is the ability to work offline. Native app development ensures your map or itinerary app with correct performance even without wi-fi.

Booking service

Among the apps for international travel are very popular booking services for tickets and accommodation. The user can find the best deals and set up notifications for price changes. It is also nice to have an inbuilt option for transport or hotels check-ins and a loyalty program in one single app.

Trip reviews & recommendations

The inseparable part of every travel experience is finding non-touristic spots and places to visit. Here will be useful a feature of reviews. The key players in this market are Yelp and Trip Advisor. The last one also provides developers with its API, by the way.

Taxi services & city transport

Getting around the city is also a challenge that you can help your customers to overcome with your application. What about the collaboration of all city traffic types with a taxi tracking app?


To overcome the language barrier, the translation apps are essential. But as usual, it is always better to give more than your customers are expected. What about to add an augmented reality feature that would translate all streets signs?

Local emergency services and insurance

An essential characteristic that even can save a life of your clients. In fact, the health issue can even become a separate travel insurance app that can provide a 24/7 service.

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