Restaurants & Food Ordering Application

Restaurant & On Demand Food Delivery App


As an on-demand food delivery app allows your customers to get delivered their ordered foods in the convenience of their home, office or whosoever they are. We also build restaurant solution so that you serve your guests better. Reap the best possible advantages of our tools and experience in running your restaurant business efficiently. Treat your guests with grander services to assure elated hospitality experience that contributes to building brand loyalty.

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On-Demand Food Delivery App Features


Customer Application Features

  • Social Media Login
  • Dashboard
  • Nearby Restaurants
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Follow Friends
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Push Notifications
  • Order Tracking
  • Favorite Orders
  • in-App Payments
  • Coupons Management

Delivery Person Application Features

  • Manage Orders
  • Realtime Tracking
  • in-App Notifications
  • Availability Settings
  • Realtime Requests
  • Order History
  • Payment History
  • Profile
  • Delivery Information
  • Help & Support

Admin Panel Features

  • Backup & Restore Database
  • Location Management
  • Message to Customer / Restaurants
  • Ad Management
  • Content Management
  • Category Management
  • Change Password
  • Manage Add, Edit & Delete
  • Email Alerts to Registered Users

Restaurant Application Features

  • Login Registration
  • Manage Business info
  • Manage Menu
  • Order Alerts
  • Manage Order
  • Payment Tracking
  • Reply to customer
  • Customer Details
  • Promos
  • Help & Support

Other Important Application Features

  • Website Ordering
  • Customer Chat
  • Ordering from Social Sites
  • Logistics Integration
  • User Feeds

Application of Restaurant Mobility Solution

Mobile Application An Essential Ingredient In Your Recipe for Success

Making tasks easier for managers

Manager solution gives all the access to the manager over credential distribution, table allotment to waiters and stewards, customer table management, and kitchen order monitoring. All this is possible within the realms of his/her fingertips.

Waiter management solution

Eliminating a large amount of waiter’s spatial dependencies with mobile restaurant solution to help them serve your customer better. The mobile solution offers augmented order management system for waiters to ensure timely servings.

Interactive order system for customers

Get your hands on smart restaurant solution and make it available on mobile device. Our mobile restaurant solution aims to benefit your restaurant business by eliminating costs, reducing labor needs, and elevating the guest experience.

Smart kitchen dashboard UI for order streamlining

Mobile application offers a holistic kitchen management solution to streamline the entire order receiving, processing, and serving processes. The integrated application is connected to a big monitor where all the orders can be viewed and managed.

Send Location-Based Deals

Using GPRS feature integrated in your app, you can send location-based deals to people who have downloaded your app. So, whenever a customer is in the vicinity of your restaurant or one of its branches, they’ll get messages that your restaurant is nearby and they should visit. They will even get driving instructions and reservation options, right from their app!

Easy Menu Display

Have a pleasing layout of your great food options. Complete with images and interactive features. Users will also have the option to mark their favorites and do advance filter by price, cuisine and taste preferences.

Quick Reservations

Let your customers book a table from your mobile application. Automatic real-time updating in records will allow to reduce wait time and delight customers, especially in busy holiday season.

Send Timely Push Notifications

One of the most important feature of a smart mobile application is sending out automated push notifications about special deals, redeeming loyalty points, and events in your outlet. These have been found to be much more effective that mail notifications or hard flyers, and certainly cheaper.

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