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Top 12 Healthcare App Ideas to Launch a Successful Startup

on Oct 23, 2020
Healthcare App ideas of mobile app development

The healthcare industry is an attractive place for ambitious entrepreneurs to launch a new startup. In fact, exploring healthcare app ideas for mHealth solution based startups is unique for many purposes.

In this era of Digital India as well as in such pandemic time people use to avoid going outside for consulting a doctor and became more tech-savvy using a mobile app for solving their health issues. 

According to Statistica, the mHealth business has grown 5 times from 2012 to 2018, from $6.7 billion in 2012 to about $33.59 billion in 2018. Furthermore, by the end of 2020, mHealth income is predicted to touch $58.8 billion from $25.39 billion in 2017.

After spending and investing a lot of money in the healthcare industry still there is a paucity of the best quality of healthcare and medicine services. It means people are still paying a lot of money for low-quality services.

To resolve these issues, here, we will provide some of the best healthcare app ideas that will be beneficial to the entire healthcare industry.

Who should read this content?

  • mHealth & Wearables Entrepreneurs – Who are looking for Healthcare app concepts to develop their own healthcare applications.
  • Hospitals & Wellness Centers – Who want to advance technology improvement in order to give more efficient and effective healthcare services and receive productive profits.
  • Doctors & Medical experts – Who want to upgrade the operating activities of their clinics and reach their patients anytime, anywhere.

Best 12 Healthcare App ideas for mHealth Start-up

Mobile apps have considerably affected nearly every industry and the healthcare industry represents an unbelievable opportunity for innovation and technology. Below are the 12 healthcare app ideas that you can steal today to launch a successful startup.

1. Doctor Consultation Booking App

Appointment booking apps are extremely useful and usually developed for healthcare experts’ advantages. Several health specialists and medical experts developed their own doctor appointment booking app. 

By using this app, patients will be able to check the availability of the healthcare expert and also have an option to schedule an appointment.

Another great benefit of the healthcare app is patients can connect with the doctors through social platforms depending on their health problems and fix a call, ask for a consultation, or schedule an appointment for a home visit.

2. Virtual Therapy Apps

With the online therapy app, treatment is accessible to everyone. Such apps help those patients who feel hesitant to meet the doctor in-person to discuss mental or physical health issues.

Patients can communicate with health experts through the app using messaging or chatbot features. The users can utilize these features through free or paid subscription fees (if the startup will charge subscription fees). With the help of this app, health professionals also can connect with other health experts and learn about the latest treatments.

3. Medical App for Women’s Wellbeing

When it comes to concern about women’s common issues and health, their menstrual cycle, inner peace, and other medical issues play an important role in their health. 

Healthcare App for Woman’s Wellbeing helps them to track the menstrual cycle, solve a medical issue, or assist them in finding inner peace. You can also develop an app that gives them knowledge about various types of diseases like breast cancer and Polycystic Ovarian Disease. 

Through the Healthcare app women can get the list of gynecologists, dietitians and also ask for consultations through voice and video chat.

4. Health App for Psychological Illness

Stress, depression, and a sad lifestyle are among the top mental illnesses. You can develop mental health apps to help people who are facing anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other such mental health issues. 

The mental health illness issues arise due to lack of sleep, Busy work schedules & excessive work pressure. You can help those people through developing meditation and sleep apps, relaxing music therapy apps. The users also can join the online therapy session as going to a therapist in a pandemic is not ideal.  

5. Medication Reminder App

Health Reminder App helps certain age-group people to enhance their health by reminding them to take daily prescribed multiple medicines which are hard to track by them. 

For instance, you can build a medication reminder app that enables a user to monitor pills intake, set reminders about medication and the dosage of the medicine.

Furthermore, You can also develop a water reminder app, where you can remind users to drink water at specific intervals. Moreover, you can consider various ideas for healthcare apps.

6. Sleep App 

These apps also can be developed by either health experts or entrepreneurs. The app is essentially a perfect solution for people having difficulty relaxing into a peaceful sleep due to busy work schedules, excessive work pressure and stress. Users can select some relaxing music and audio to get a peaceful sleep.

7. On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the Pharmacy Delivery App is now much in demand. We are encountering an invisible enemy, and the only way to win is by staying home as much as we can.

By using an online pharmacy app consumers can get information about side effects and consumption of ordered medicine. They can use online messaging and chat functions to get more knowledge when they are unclear about medicine. 

For some medicines, a prescription is an essential thing without that medicine could not be sold. so the feature like upload prescriptions is very useful for consumers to buy medicines easily. 

8. Doctor/Health Expert On-Demand App

Doctor On Demand App also plays a very important role and use in the COVID19 pandemic for the consumers.

The Doctor On Demand is an amazing idea where patients can connect with health experts 24×7 through a mobile app. Such on-demand doctor apps allow patients to schedule consultations on-demand and get in touch with the best doctor through chat or video call. 

Before that, you’ll need a wide database of doctors who are ready to partner with your startup. So the doctors can be available for patients whenever and wherever they require consultation. 

9. Personal Medical Records App

A personal medical record application concept works like a journal type of app that allows patients to enter their health records manually and share it with the medical expert before scheduling an appointment.

This sort of solution will allow a doctor to check the patient’s past records and depending on that, doctors can prescribe medicine and make the next move.

10. Weight Loss/Diet Tracker App

Millennials always wish to be fitness by following a proper workout or by dieting and getting into proper shape is now the goal of the majority of people worldwide. 

Admittedly, According to Polaris Market Research that is shown in the image below, the global fitness app market is anticipated to grow to a whopping $14.7 Billion dollars by 2026.

This represents that there are a lot many opportunities hidden for weight loss and diet tracking apps in the next few years.

You can develop an app that enables people to remain fit and fine. However, for monitoring purposes, you have to include GPS features into your app. Find out the best expert mHealth solution development company and build the best quality weight-loss app.

11. General Health and Wellness Test App

General health and wellness test apps are used largely for patients who are suffering from a disease like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart attack or cardiac issues or want to track their health with instruments such as blood pressure tests, heart rate tests, and measure diabetes. 

This kind of health tracker app can be built by anyone for the people who just want to track and record their health data manually on a regular basis.

12. Medical Training via Virtual Surgery

Medical education and practical training are gone to another level due to AR, VR, and MR mHealth solutions. Through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hand headsets and controllers, health specialists and medical students can experience how to carry out surgery and operation.

This allows medical doctors in ENT, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, etc. to understand everything more innovatively. A haptic feedback system will give excellent practical knowledge and experience of using various instruments.


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