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The battle to generate continuous revenues has increased in transport and logistics industry. Get your own branded on demand logistics, bus or taxi booking app to enhance your competitive edge and increase your revenue. We consider your business requirements and design custom application for transport or logistics that help you to take your transport business online and expand it globally.

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Key Benefits of Taxi Dispatch App Solution


Simple to use taxi booking app

Uber and MyTaxi is a top-notch taxi service app that has created a fervor among the users of cab service. Our uber like app for cab service business is really simple to use. Within a matter of just a few procedures using the app, the user can book their taxi and get rid of all other tensions regarding their travel. Our app like mytaxi comes with a host of features for passengers, drivers, admins and dispatchers and can be further enhanced with advanced features, integrations and customization as per your business needs.


Passenger Application

User-friendly mobile app like uber and mytaxi helps passengers to book trips, travel and pay anywhere anytime. Passenger’s app of your cab service business should also contain these features: Quick Registration, Easy Onboarding, Instant Booking, Google Map Integration & GPS Tracking,  Push Notification, Fare Estimation, Multiple Payment Options, Trip History etc.


Driver Application

Mytaxi and uber like app for drivers to accept trip request, pick, travel and get paid. Driver’s app of your cab service business should also contain these features: Easy Onboarding, Google navigation to pick up and drop location, Availability Option, Trip Information, Track Earnings & Invoices, Notification & Alerts, etc.


Admin Panel

Web based panel to monitor, generate reports and track drivers, taxis and passengers. Admin panel features of your taxi dispatch app solution should contain, Secure login, Manage various vehicle categories, Ride tracking with eagle-eye view, Manage drivers and customers, Ride history, Statistical reports, etc.


GPS Tracking & Navigation App

Built-in navigation with Google maps provides the best route and ETA information. The passenger can fetch all the details regarding their journey from time of the arrival till the end of journey. Google places and maps can be used as an indicator for pickup and drop places using real-time tracking

Multiple Payment Integration

Secured Payment Integration

Hassle-free payment options using wallet, cash or in-app transactions using credit card. Auto payment feature is made available which allows users to register their cards and automate the payments. Drivers can view their entire job history and daily earnings under earnings tab.

Bring Efficiency & Automation In Your Transport Business


Taxi App Solution

Wondering how to make an app like Uber? Here's a robust taxi app solution for iOS and Android that is easy to use and customize as per your business needs. Our taxi app solution gives you complete control of your website and app.

Logistics & Truck App

Are you losing money on half empty trucks? We’ve got your pain! Get more shipments orders delivered with custom Uber like logistics and truck app development tailored just for your business.

Ride Sharing App

Car or ride sharing app like Free2Move helps user to find the right vehicle for every situation. Today BMW, tomorrow electric scooter or bike. Your options are limitless. Take full advantage of car sharing - registration, login and booking all.

Towing Booking App

If you’re stuck and looking for a nearby towing company to get help with your disabled vehicle, Towing booking app can quickly find and dispatch a local tow truck driver directly to your location anywhere, anytime.

Public Transport App

The development of apps such as DB Navigator, BVG Fahrinfo, etc. had given a rise to the real time public transportation tracking app development. Well, it is new, toil but not an impossible task. Users will get the information related with advent time of the vehicles, their fares, real time location etc with a one stop sophisticated mobile solution. Interesting isn’t?

On Demand Bike Sharing App

After taxi-hailing and car-sharing, it’s high time for bike-sharing service that allows people to rent a bike as their general means of transportation. One of the major features of bike sharing app is that it allows people to find and look for the nearby bikes, unlock the bike with smart phone, payment directly from the app, managing ride history, etc.

On Demand Delivery App

Get on-demand uber like delivery apps for your customers & complete delivery service management software for your business. Customers can easily request pickup & delivery service directly on your delivery web or apps in a hassle-free way. Provide real time tracking to your customers and allow them to make payments through multiple payment gateways.

Bus Booking App

Have a bus fleet to manage? How about making it automated? We can help you build a robust platform to manage your drives, bookings and inventories on your fingertips. School buses or corporate bus pooling, we have a complete customizable solution to suit your business type.

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