Video-Sharing App with Social Editing

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    A new multi-faceted short-form video sharing app to share your madness!

Video-Sharing App With Social Editing


It is an entertaining short video sharing app with some new concepts like social editing, AI and Machine Learning powered video editing, content suggestions, special effects and faster searching to find and create the best in short-form video content.

Creation of entertaining videos, with advanced multiple social-editing features

In the present era, social video-sharing apps are in high demand. Our development team had made enough research and analysis on the video-sharing app market demand and built a unique app with advanced social editing features. Here, the users can get multiple filters like AR filters and effects, an extended timeframe which is up to 60 seconds, and a dynamic music library with 5k songs to set a piece of background music covering the video.

Also, users are accessible to produce a series for each other’s edited-content and publish it on their account. A replica of the video can post with multiple users and with edits and can viral a thread. Users can identify multi-edited videos. They need to observe a thumbnail image stacked in the bottom right corner of the main video.

Key features

Quick Search Filter

Users can experience unique search filters on the short video media app. It gives you videos, users, audios, and hashtags as a result. You have a choice to pick one from these navigation icons, and you will redirect to the number of screens like watch videos, users' profile, audio player, and related hashtag videos.

Watch Video interference-free

The individual video feed where you can see re-edit videos, can share the same, do comment and report. The short video media app offers private and funny videos to watch without any delays. The app has a collection of all kinds of entertainment accumulation. There are flavours of genres videos like dialogue dubbing, comedy, gaming, DIY, food, sports, memes and much more.

Converse with other users

The short video media app allows you to communicate with new people who have the same interest as yours. You can search for people by hashtags and names. You can connect with them and make a conversation using in-app messaging features. No other short video platform allows connecting and interacting with other users.

Special experience

Users are crucial to app creators and wish to satisfy them with extraordinary features. The short video media app gives each user a bizarre, personal experience based on their usages and preferences. The app gives you hints to watch videos based on your interests. It showcases the videos on top with your preferred hashtags, and other videos will present after.

Technologies We Used

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Node.JS
    • React.js
    • Java
    • Swift


With many competitors in the video editing & sharing app development industry, the client chose Zignuts Technalab as their Technical Partner to build the product together that would stand out from the current market expectations. We were happy to bring the product idea to life just how the client had imagined! If you have a unique idea to develop similar or related audio or video apps, we are here to help, don't hesitate to contact us!

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