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    Find parents near you to meet them or schedule playdates for your kids. Whether in your neighbourhood, your district or when you are on the move or on vacation.

Social parenting & Networking


It is a social matching and networking application for parents. You may hear the first time about parenting programs, but it is the first parenting platform made of a synchronized web and smartphone app. Parents can find the next free mother-child course, event and family-friendly location in their town within seconds. Also, parents can use a free mobile app to comprehend other moms and dads nearby places with the same interest. It is easier to have parent-friends with you and creates a joyful environment around you.

Key features

Easy to find matches with just a swipe

It is much like a dating app. A parenting app enables parents to find other parents nearby easily with just a swipe feature. The app structure has been enhanced with preference-based suggestions. It helps the users to find their match as per their choice.

Interactive post forum

The user's engagement can improve by providing a post forum feature. They can create and post anything on the feed, and other users can interact by commenting or liking. We have implemented the post forum features with advanced privacy settings. Users can limit the post views by changing privacy settings like only the same gender can see the post, only my friends can see the post and other configurations.

Find places and services using a map

Finding communities and services becomes easier by navigating features like a map. Parenting map and list-based features are for users to find nearby places and services and can receive notifications. Users can navigate and manage the features like Keyword-based approaches and GPS-based search.


First time in the Digi-era, the social matching-networking mobile and website launched for parents. Advanced features in the app and website help the parent-friends community to enjoy themselves using the app. Zignuts Technolab, as the development associate, built the product as the client has expected from us.

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