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    Ensure social distancing and eliminate physical queues – with Virtual Queuing Software to enable customers to join a virtual queue and to receive updates until their turn.

Virtual Queue Management Software


Social distancing means that many companies are experiencing long queues creating a poor customer experience and putting stores at risk of closing. And significant economic impact should the coronavirus resurge. We have developed a cloud-based Queue management system that provides visibility on the queue situation in institutions. You can use Queue for various purposes like planning your journey, choose the fastest suggested route, book your virtual ticket from home. And it is benefited to you by connecting your services to nearby service providers. Businesses have the benefits to control customer queues comfortably. They can maintain their customers' data related to Queues in real-time by recognizing their needs and preparing for the right offering and best services at their comfort.

One app for everyday needs

Zignuts endeavoured a virtual queue management system for our partner, where customers have to wait in a virtual queue which supported social distancing in pandemic time. All business sizes can utilize the Queuing system for virtual appointments and track their business performance in real-time. We have developed Android, iOS and Web apps from scratch, a complex system and built an administration panel to manage merchants data tracking and analytics.

Customers can book an instant ticket when they walk-in into any institutions. As a business owner, you can manage customer service agents, concierge and digital signage. Agents can call customers tickets when their turn comes. Customers’ ticket numbers will be presented in digital signage(TV screens). There can also be tablets with concierge apps where customers can book their instant spot at the service place if they do not have their own devices.

Key features

Show nearby merchants

Users can search and view nearby merchants/branches using the Map. The Map will show the current location of the user and the nearby merchant within X-kilometres radius. Upon choosing the merchant and the desired branch, the user will present a branch status page displaying the list of services that are selected.

Book an Instant ticket

Customers don't need to wait a long time physically. They can comfortably book an instant ticket at a service centre, sit and relax in the waiting area. They will get a notification when their turn comes. This way, businesses can ensure the security of their customers by maintaining social distance.

Scheduled appointments

Our priority is to eliminate the crowded waiting areas. Customers can select the desired location and book a time-based appointment from their home. They can know the waiting time and no. of persons before their turn and arrive at the place hasslefree. Customers can modify or cancel their appointments before their turn comes.

Understand your customer base

The cloud-based queue management system where business owners know about their customers' visits, expected services to use and customers' feedback on received services.

Analysis of staff performance

A business owner can manage the staff performance with real-time and historical data available at their dashboard. It will give the information about staff performance, given ratings by the customers, average waiting time, serving time per service, etc.

Technologies We Used

    • React.js
    • Node.js
    • Docker
    • MongoDB
    • iOS
    • Android TV
    • Android
    • AWS Cloud
    • Firebase
    • Postgres
    • MOA
    • Nginx
    • SQS
    • RDS
    • EC2
    • ECS


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