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“Scool2App” allows teachers & parents to communicate, coordinate, and plan together with a different activities that would enhance students’ performance. The app allows the quick share of school activities, event photos, videos, class stories, student progress, Score, grades & report cards, announcements with parents. Parents will check the stories and can like & comments on the story uploaded by teachers.

The app has two major modules

  • Teacher
  • Parents

Scool2App App features

  • Simply enrolment or registration process for both parents & teachers.
  • Real-time access to Student regular activities and growth.
  • Simple Sharing of school news and calendar.
  • Access on iOS, Android, and Website.
  • Quick chat or email with parents.
  • Registering & tracking the Attendance & Performance.
  • A quick share of school activities, event photos, student progress, Score, grades & report cards, attendance with parents.
  • Get the Notification of the latest program of tests & assignments, events & celebrations, and daily attendance of kids.
  • Teachers can check & reply to the comments & likes by parents on the post.
  • Real-time communication with your class, group or single person.
  • Multi-Language support.

& Solution

Our team has helped to develop Mobile Applications – Android & iOS. Started from the requirement analysis, technical architecture of the proposed system, creating UI/UX design, developing a native mobile application to the deployment of the system.

App has 4 parts: Super admin as Product Owner,  Admin as School management, Teacher App and Parent App. 

  • Product owners can register & manage all schools data, add the new payment subscription models & manage the status.
  • School management can manage the whole school information including, teachers, students, school activities, events, etc.
  • The student’s school activities, event photos, student progress, Score, grades & report cards, attendance will be managed by the Teacher App.
  • Parents will be notified of their kid’s studies, mood, sports, active participation, celebrations and behaviour by the Parent App.

we used

  • Android
  • Java
  • Vue.Js
  • iOS
  • Swift
  • MongoDb
  • Node.Js

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