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    One application for accessing multiple services ranging from transportation to food, grocery, medicine and other essential items’ delivery and pickup!


Our beloved client has a deep thought to serve the primary items by bestowing on-demand services platform. The on-demand app is the output after heavy research and analysis of market interests by both the client and Zignuts team. The application mainly focuses on numerous services like food and grocery delivery, medicine, laundry, and other provisional items to deliver at the doorstep. Need app is a global solution of all these services except focus on a single one. The on-demand mobile app with loads of services quickly manageable and receive at your doorstep with a few clicks from your smartphone.

Key features

Find services with a smooth scrolling feature.

The on-demand app offers services for the users who can see all the facilities and make an order within the Need app. Users can register in the portal through the sign-up process and book the order they require. It is a comfortable and new contact point to get everything like food, groceries, medicines, shopping, etc., by order online and receive the delivery at your residence.

Engagement & Solutions

Zignuts team has designed and developed a user-friendly, scalable, and reliable mobile app based on an on-demand service-based delivery app. The app technical support allows all members with fair conditions on all the items with outstanding services from the ordering process to delivery. This way, our client plugs the gap between needs and access to the local market – and makes people happy!

Fast Accept & Secure Payment

The user’s payment is securely stored in the Needs App wallet until the operation has completed and the user is satisfied with the needs app work. The App accepts all notable payment models such as Credit/Debit cards etc.

Real-Time communication & mess up

The Need app resolves the problem of miscommunication between users and service providers. Communication is an essential feature and makes a success of the product if it has managed well. It is compulsory to keep the communicative functionality in the on-demand service app where users interact directly with the service providers before and during the order fulfilment process.

Technologies We Used

    • Android
    • iOS
    • React.js
    • Node.js
    • Sail.js
    • Swift
    • JAVA


It is rare to have several services located at one-stop. The Need app is an on-demand service providing an app that promptly provides numerous service like food and grocery delivery, laundry, medicine and almost all the basic provisional service to your doorstep. Zignuts team has the expertise to develop the best user experience and secure mobile and web app for your business. Discuss your idea with our business analyst team and get your project estimation.

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