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Business Analyst & Product Manager, UI/UX Designer, Mobile App Developers, Backed Developer, QA/Tester

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Control Cast

Washington, DC, USA


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In weeks or Months


Controlcast offers a marketplace platform that makes Digital Out of Home advertising accessible to everyone, with a focus on SMEs with active B2C advertising. The platform utilizes video and casting technology to offer an affordable and convenient Digital Out-of-Home platform solution to any screen from any device. With Controlcast, any location with high foot traffic has massive potential to earn advertising revenue, including but not limited to: Restaurants, Cafes, Barbershops, Pharmacies, Offices, Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, and many more.

It enables advertisers to instantly advertise on local digital screens directly through a simple app dashboard to increase their reach and boost their marketing ROI. The platform offers partners (high foot traffic locations) a free and convenient signage app that allows them to display their content and easily monetize their foot traffic.

& Solution

Client started the project with other developers but they left a platform with many bugs. Client initially approached us to solve the bugs from the platform. We started by resolving the bugs then the zignuts team focused on the proper implementation of APIs using PHP CodeIgniter and implemented Search screen locations based on price, industry, and other filters and select the screen locations that best fit the campaign.
  • Users can now customize the schedule for each of your promotional casts
  • Added easy filters to find the screens that target your customers
  • Users can check now to preview how your cast will look on screen before check out.

we used

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Codeigniter
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL

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