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Buddyler” app will help you to complete your daily tasks. If you have a job for a butler to take care of you have to fill out a survey by Buddyler with the essential information about it. After you appointed your payout for the butler your job will be available to all butlers in your area. They will see your job on their “potential jobs” list or on their in-app map. As soon as a suitable butler accepts your offer the job will be done in no time. You can always stay in contact with your butler via the messenger in our app. As soon as your butler has completed the task he will get paid and both sides are happy.

The Apps contains the following functionalities

  • After accepting the job there should be a chat function between butler and customer.
  • Push up messages if there’s a job in your region and for customers if a butler has accepted the job.
  • A rating system for both sides
  • Every person needs to verify their personality with their id.
  • Earn money via getting 25% of the rewards the butlers are getting.
  • Payment should be via Credit/Debit card – Integration of ​Stripe.
  • Live task tracking
  • Document verification
  • Recipe Upload
  • App is available in Android & iOS.
  • After task complete users can post the ratings and reviews about task owners and butlers.
  • Real-time communication between task owner and butler.

& Solution

Zignuts has designed and developed Android & iOS apps which started from the scratched Idea & Requirement Analysis, Wireframe, Technical Architecture of the proposed system, creating UI/UX design, Development of native mobile applications & web based administration system.

  • We have included Geo location-based map integration where a butler can scroll and check the “potential jobs” list or on their in-app map.
  • During the registration users have to complete their KYC process otherwise they won’t be able to post the task or accept the task.
  • Users can Upload/download the documents & receipts.
  • The applications also display real-time tracking of the tasks.

we used

  • Android
  • iOS
  • swift
  • Node.Js
  • NoSql


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