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Senior Software Engineer - Vue.js


4+ Years | Bachelors in Engineering (BE/BTech) with Computer/IT or equivalent experience

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Job Description

We are looking for a highly capable senior engineer with expertise in Vue.js. You will be responsible for designing interactive front-ends, converting given designs to web components, or using prebuilt templates, and integrating with various third-party services, and REST APIs. You will be collaborating with our back-end application developers and UX designers.

Mandatory Skills: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, CSS/SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, HTML, Javascript, TypeScript, Docker, AWS, Nodejs/PHP/React

Optional Skills: Next.js, Nest.js, Rust, Python

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designing fault-tolerant, scalable and robust web application systems and architecture
  • Maintain exceptional code quality and project structure following the industry best practices
  • Lead the team of developers
  • Take technical ownership of the tasks and ensure their successful completion
  • Collaborate with other developers and teams to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic
  • Project planning in consultation with the respective project manager
  • Break down high-level requirements into detailed requirements
  • Provide required technical support and estimation as part of the pre-sales activities
  • Write clean, maintainable, and testable code. Enforce and oversee the use of PR review processes to ensure that code adheres to the standards and the logic is optimised for better code performance.
  • Troubleshoot and debug issues as they arise
  • Ensure that the application meets the best standards of user experience, accessibility and security standards
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in software engineering and web development


  • Design, develop, and maintain web applications using Vue.js with a strong proficiency in Web Programming with Vue.js and Nuxt.js
  • Must have experience working on either back-end technologies with Node.js/PHP OR working with React.js/Next.js
  • Solid understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript, including DOM manipulation
  • Experience in front-end web development using HTML, CSS/SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap, and Tailwind.
  • Strong understanding of Vue2, Vue3 and its core concepts.
  • Implement user interfaces that are responsive, visually appealing, and performant with the ability to replicate the given designs to pixel-perfect front-end UI components and responsive web pages.
  • In-depth understanding of Vue and its core principles like Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router, State Management, and Event Bus.
  • Component-Based Development: Create reusable and modular components using Vue.js to enhance development efficiency and maintainability.
  • State Management: Implement state management using Vue’s built-in state management or external libraries like Vuex.
  • Ensure data consistency and manage application state effectively.
  • REST API Integration: Integrate with RESTful APIs or GraphQL endpoints to fetch and update data from the server.
  • Handle data fetching, error handling, and data synchronization.
  • Familiar with writing test cases and providing thorough test coverage.
  • Knowledge of system designs and software architectures including micro-frontends, PWAs, and serverless frontend applications.
  • Having Quasar Framework knowledge will be an added advantage.
  • Have experience in deploying and maintaining production systems
  • Deep understanding of the development life cycle
  • Considerable knowledge of SQL and can write efficient SQL queries and stored procedures on MySQL and Postgres
  • Good knowledge of GIT & and other platform systems
  • Good Communication and Collaboration skills
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good understanding of Agile Methodologies of Sprint Planning and Scrum





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A reliable and flexible technical partner, Zignuts Technolab enables a scalable development process. The team offers a comprehensive array of expertise and scalability that yields an optimized ROI. Direct contact with specialists maintains a seamless workflow and clear communication.


Technical Architect
Blockchain-based Real Estate Platform Company, Belgium

Zignuts Technolab transformed our platform by simplifying code, redesigning key aspects, and adding new features, all within impressive timelines. Their project management and communication were exceptional.


Managing Director
Automobile Company, UAE

Zignuts team has been instrumental in our platform’s development including backend, frontend and mobile apps, delivering excellent functionality and improving speed over time. Their project management, pricing and communication are top-notch.


AI-Based Fintech Startup, UK

Zignuts has delivered excellent quality in developing our website and mobile apps. Their genuine interest in our business and proactive approach have been impressive.


Technical Architect
Blockchain-based Real Estate Platform Company, Belgium

Their team's dedication and knowledge in handling our relocation information platform made the collaboration seamless and productive. Highly recommend their services.


CEO & Founder
Social Community Platform, Germany

Zignuts Technolab provided highly skilled full-stack developers who efficiently handled complex tasks, from backend development to payment gateway integration. Their responsiveness and quality of work were outstanding.


Chief Product Officer
Enterprise Solutions, Jordan

Zignuts Technolab has been highly efficient and responsive in developing our rewards and wellness app. Their ability to integrate feedback quickly and their solid expertise make them a great partner.


Wellness Startup, Thailand