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The Reason Behind Going with React JS for Next Project

By Pruthvi Darji on Dec 30, 2021
Reason Behind Going with React JS for Next Project - Zignuts Technolab

React is most easy in terms of learning compared to other JS libraries/frameworks & declarative and flexible JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. It is the fastest-growing modern JavaScript front-end technology.

It is an open-source library with which you can build front-end web apps faster. The choice of a good framework/library is always a difficult decision because choosing a stable technology means that it will be easier to maintain and reduces the risk of having to switch the technology stack at a later date & ReactJs is now even listed as a crucial business decision.

You can also integrate the existing source code to react by replacing the existing HTML and HTTP/HTTPS requests with API calls to the backend. Better looking UI for the front end and getting the performance of websites are witnessed after developing projects via ReactJs library.

Reasons to choose ReactJS

  • Easy to learn and use: If you are already familiar with HTML,CSS & basic Javascript concepts, then React JS is even easy to learn. Out of 100, 68.5% of web developers (according to the 2020 stack overflow survey) are surely and firmly in love with React JS finding the most efficient tool for their work.
  • SEO Friendly: ReactJS offers more visibility to your site with better-optimized search engines. Web applications that take a lot of time to load will increase the lower rank on Google. React JS has a fast rendering speed as compared to the other JavaScript frameworks/libraries. It reduces the load time of the app, helping it rank higher in Google searches but all matter according to your code quality, standards, API request handling with request and response time.

ReactJS Development Toolkit:

ReactJS Development toolkit - Zignuts Technolab

  • Create React APP (Setup the modern web application by running this command)
  • React Extension Pack (VS Code Extension)
  • Why Did you render (It is patch as notifying you about avoiding re-render)
  • CodeSandBox (online editorial manager that lets you make web applications)
  • React-Proto (React Prototyping for UI & development)
  • Performance:
    It also allows developers to break projects into separate components, reuse codes, and benefit from many library features.
  • Easy to Switch in React Native:
    with React JS, a developer can develop a UI native mobile application for both Android and iOS operating systems. The initial level of the code is the same for both the mobile operating systems.
  • Flexibility:
    With its modular structure, React code is easy to maintain and update which helps to develop a flexible structure according to your project requirements.

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