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Key Healthcare Trends of 2022: Technologies shaping the future of Healthcare

By Sangeetha Kathirvel on Jun 2, 2022
Key healthcare trends of 2022

Healthcare is the most happening industry of all the times. There is no break for the forever innovating Healthcare industry. In recent times, the healthcare industry has set some ground-breaking technical innovations to save lives and in effective medical diagnostics. It has been improving everyday through scientific inventions and technical integrations. 

We know that it is an era of Healthcare informatics and healthcare IT solutions. It is the intersection of information/ data science, computer technology, computer science, and health care. ‘This field addresses the resources, devices, instruments, technicality, and methods required to enhance the acquisition, recovery, to reserve, and the use of health data and biomedical information. Adopting digital advancements to increase the capacities and to treat more patients for better health overall will be the goal. 

One step ahead is the introduction of 6G and some of the wearable devices which are more accurate in reading the health data and in real-time tracking of the patient’s health condition. 

Innovation in the healthcare industry and technology will continue and here we are going to discuss some of the incredible technical integrations and interesting healthcare technologies. These technologies have been amazing to the medical practitioners and also the patients in recent days and are waiting to revolutionize the treatments and the medical practice forever and more. As the healthcare industry is getting more predictive, digital healthcare solutions will deliver more personalized and precision healthcare practices to the patients. And, preventative medicines will prevent health risks considerably.

The future of the medical field  is brilliant and some of the key technologies that will shape the future of digital healthcare are,

  • IoMT
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AR/VR
  • Cloud Computing
  • Robotics and Nanotechnology

1. Soaring IoMT in the medical industry

If you heard about the Internet of Medical Things aka IoMT, you would already have known that the technology is going to make some astounding contributions to the industry. The wearable medical devices and medical/health apps transmit oodles of data by reading humans. The sensors that read the health conditions perform accurately in the diagnosis, which helps the doctor in predicting and treating the patients more specifically than the trial and error methods of the past with limited medications.

The wearable medical devices and medical apps in the market are said to be worth more than USD 85 billion by 2027.

So, for the medical businesses, Healthcare application development, Wearable App Development in Healthcare, and IoMT development has become mandatory to provide better service.

2. Big Data in Effective Medical Data processing 

Another technology that is doing wonders in acquiring patient data is Big data. It collects data in a way the doctors and patients communicate. It is helpful in two ways in the medical field, one in handling the personal medical details of the patient for better treatment/ medical help and secondly to access data for scientific research on rare medical conditions that will help in inventing devices and developing medicines.

The data transmitted by the smart devices are the key to swiftly move to offer preventative medical methodologies and more personalized medicine. In other words, Big data will fuel many of the changes that will be coming in the future.  

As per the reports, the big data market globally is expected to cross USD 34.27 billion in 2022 with a CAGR of 22.07%.

3. Artificial Intelligence, a miracle technology in the medical industry

It has been found that the healthcare systems are under immense pressure in recent times and the growing population on the other hand is a threat to the medical professionals. We are seeing an increase in lifestyle diseases and the global shortage of healthcare professionals like never before.

A report shows that it could reach 10 million by 2030 overall throughout the world. So the integration of AI in medical communication and in medical practices is inevitable. Without the help of AI technology in health care the world cannot advance in medical practices.

And, as per the predictions in Healthcare Technology Trends for 2022, AI is expected to take the medical industry to the new level of patient engagement and experience in the coming years.

UNO released a report that half of the world lacks essential healthcare services and even in the US more than 10% of the population has no medical help and it will be worse in the upcoming years.

Now the AI integration, medical Chatbots, and wearable equipment help in even monitoring the pain level. This functions as another hand for the medical professionals and doctors. The medical industry believes that AI is the boon for medical diagnosis and in preventative care. The tailored advice  delivered through regular personalized communications enabled by AI will rule the medical world in the future.

4. AR/VR in the medical mission

Imaging informatics with AR/VR will play an important role in the future of the medical industry and some of the trends that we can talk a little about and look for in the industry this year are updating services.

The augmented reality and virtual reality technologies aka AR/VR will read and understand what the patient is experiencing and make a flawless diagram and suggest healthcare procedures. Healthcare through AR/VR is targeted for personalized care for critical diseases. Artificial and Virtual reality technologies will sweep the medical industry in the near future in medical diagnostics and in imaging the conditions accurately.

Tele-medicines engage patients through better engagement and attract more revenue for the Healthcare and IT industries in the upcoming years. Medical Chatbots are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and medical business more and more. The practical and clear measures through AR/VR integrations are modifying patient activities for good health every day. 

5. EHR and Cloud storage

Cloud solutions for medical data storage, electronic medical reports and electronic health records is the new trend and it will be a big boom in the upcoming years too, as the lifestyle diseases are increasing.

As per Forbes, ‘The market for cloud services in healthcare is estimated to exceed $79 billion in the next five years. Cloud computing will allow healthcare to store large volumes of health data at a lower cost. 

Due to massive medical awareness and the increasing number of lifestyle diseases, the volume of patient data and Electronic Health Records are exceeding the limits at the hospitals and they are looking for cloud solutions for the easy storage of large volumes of patient data and for easy accessibility. 

6. Revolutionizing Robotics and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, which is an emerging trend in health care delivery, has proven to be more effective and constructive in the treatments for blood cancer. Robotics and Nanobots are already in place to perform surgeries. We will also witness exoskeletons which will help the paralyzed to walk. The Nanobots  that are injected into the human body that help deliver drugs to the targeted individual cell and deliver medicine only where it is needed. 

Key trends to wrap up with

Preventive medicine is the ultimate goal of medical technology. Most of the medical things will work with data and AI and they will move away from the reactive model of the past where the doctor examines your health practically in many conditions and follows a trial and error method.

An example of a predictive model these days can be how we use smart watches and the different types of software used in the healthcare industry and how they monitor our health conditions, heart rate, blood oxygen level etc and how the preventative medication has been administered effectively.

Wide Digitized Healthcare and Digital health care records facilitating greater remote access to healthcare report access have been trending since the COVID 19 emergency. Hiring mobile app developers for medical health app development will increase as digitizing become an integral part of any medical business

Tele-medicines by remote diagnosis and treatments for people through communication platforms and tools initiated during the COVID 19 emergency measures are very effective and over 40 percent of the medical help is served via telemedicine in the US since 2019.

The ‘Body and Bio hacking’ which comprises gene editing genomics  and incredible advances are ready to treat the patients in a better way by 2030 and the lab grown body parts are in research so there will be a revolutionizing change in prosthetic surgery and cosmetology.

The healthcare industry innovations and the market are expected to be one of the most trending industries. Rock Health predicts that ‘the industry will double the digital investments in 2022

Now, over to you, if you are in the medical business and for all IT solutions for the healthcare industry, mobile application development services, IoMT, and wearable app needs, hire dedicated app developers and healthcare app development teams through proper research. Never forget to choose a great tech team to prosper in business!

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