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Importance of Coding Structure and Quality

By Pruthvi Darji on Dec 9, 2021
Importance of Coding Structure and Quality - Zignuts Technolab

For any web/app or any software development successful, code quality always matters because it provides the flexibility to customize the app/web according to the current trend & methodology.

We as software developers always say to the customer that we will provide you best industry-standard software but are we actually providing it? Do we follow any specific rules? Just think about it.

In the below sections, you will know about what code quality is, what is the importance of code quality, and how code quality and QA impact the Mobile Application and website development in a great manner.

What are the reasons behind the good quality code?

  • Clean & reusable code
  • Easy to demonstrate OR at the time of Knowledge transfer
  • Performance
  • Easy to Maintain, Read & understand

How can we achieve good code quality?

  • Creating Reusable components
  • Proper use of data type and declare the variable with the meaningful naming convention
  • Try to avoid loops because it will decrease the performance
  • Add comments above any functions OR methods OR Logic
  • Create the constant files, configurations files & exception handling 
  • Review the code once you are done with logic/functions

Tools that you can achieve the good code quality

  • VS Code
  • SolarLint
  • StyleCop

Some of the frequent questions related to Code Quality

1. How do I know whether my software has good quality code or not?
At the time of your app/web in development or staging state, require to send for testing and collect the reviewer’s feedback. If there are not many errors related to syntax or methodology or exception handling or declaration type and without the developer explaining to you or your reviewer if the app/web is understandable or easy to view or review, then the coding part is of good quality development.

2. Why are most of the time coding standards similar in software/web development?
Coding standards are necessary to ensure that developers work on your software/web development without following their own techniques or methods. Moreover, to avoid security and performance issues, developers or a development team should have and follow an industry basic coding standard to achieve the desired output.

3. Why is code quality important in APP / Web development?
In your team, every member is aware of the time and effort you and your developers spend on developing software/apps/web, you will also get to know why code quality matters the most. If you have already built an app/web and want to make some changes/modifications, if there is no proper coding/methodology done, then it becomes difficult for the new one to start from scratch.

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