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Full Stack Developers Or Specialized Developers. Whom to choose?

By Zignuts Team on Feb 16, 2021
Full Stack Vs Specialized Developer

We are in the digital era, dealing with numerous technologies every day. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, IoT and Beacon are the limelight technologies and businesses approach for uplifting communication and business conversations.
The techno giants are familiar with software development and new fresh technologies. Each business needs technical support to enhance their services and overall economic growth. You can sense and understand when you start to run a company and look for people to work for you and handle multiple tasks.
The IT industry is large and flexible for services. Have you been confused often for the selection of development staff? Also, have you suffered through lots of unmatched profiles (hiring a full stack and a specialized developer) and not achieved goals? We suggest a solution with brief notes, and you get the best idea from the read.

Difference between full stack developer and specialized developer

The full stack developers determine that they have specialization in both the front-end and the back-end. In-short all-rounder we can say. Indifference to specialized developers; they are experts in a particular application, either the front-end or the back-end. Front-end development includes the visible part of the application (exterior screen), user interaction, etc. The back-end development carries the server-side of the application.

Who’s a full stack & specialized developer? Which suits your business?

There are different decisions when a time comes to select a full stack developer or specialized developer. It depends on what you think; Either a flexibility on anything is an advantage or specification on something. We are here to clear your clutters and make you more understandable with a clear brief.
Let’s explore their talents, strengths, flaws and more.

Benefits of full stack developers and specialized developers

Skills of Full Stack Developers

Full stack developers have command of multiple technologies and languages. These developers have an extensive skill set in frontend (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) and backend with databases (MySQL, Firebase, etc.) and Quality Assurance (various testing). A full stack developer has charged higher for services than a specialized developer.
As of November 2020, full stack developers took home a median income of $75,057, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that web developers, including full stack developers, would see a job growth rate of 8% from 2019 to 2029. According to the LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, “full stack engineer” is number 4 on their list of top emerging jobs for 2020.
A full stack developer is a CTO fit role. A full stack developer is far better than a specialized developer because a chief technical officer can make decisions based on the various aspects of a project.

Benefits of Full Stack Developer

  • Figure out issues faster
    A full stack developer can identify the problems quickly, and solve the problems with a product. They are familiar with all the stages of software development. They know the value of the time and put active efforts to solve the problems.
  • Immediate learners
    Full stack developers have a learning curiosity, and they grasp new concepts efficiently. They can easily qualify for new thoughts.
  • Low-cost
    Full stack developers are proficient in restoring more than two specialized developers. A short team is a more profound workforce, savings to the company compared to a large unit.
  • Standardized development time
    Full stack developers can effortlessly jump between tasks and from the frontend-side to the backend-side. It reduces the complexity from both sides. Full stack development is self-ruling than a specialized developer. Hence, wholly development time saved.
  • Reduced discussions
    Requirements of the meetings among the teams are less required when full stack developers are included. In short, the maximum time can apply to development stuff.

Drawbacks of Full Stack Developer

  • Lack of information (Modern trends & technologies)
    A full stack developer has no time to update modern technologies and trends due to working in a wide range of fields. It is quite tough to implement the latest features in your product for a full stack developer.
  • Inconvenient to track project activity
    It is troubling to track and analyse the project integrity as full stack developers are involved with large portions of a project instead of breaking it into a smaller job.
  • Rational cooperation
    The full stack developer can be an all-rounder of trades and none. A full stack developer may not be able to perform when a situation occurs to get expert attention or advice. Shortage of understanding for the subject can cause a blockage that leads to average service, not the best.
  • Abrasion
    Full stack developers have various skills, and so they are in demand. Therefore, full stack developers can have extreme attrition prices.
  • Accessibility
    It is tough to find a bundle of full stack developers. There is a setback if you are looking up to expand your team of full stack developers. Naturally, you may feel change with a thought  of “trust on a team of dedicated developers.”A web and mobile app development company should be alert of large dependence on singular full stack developers. A project flow impacted when a full stack developer with high expectations leaves a company. It is quite tough to replace a reliable resource, especially full stack developers who took charge of the entire project.
  • Skills of a Specialized Developer
    Specialized developers are experts in a selective platform. Specific developers are your desirable resources for a particular field, from design, databases to architecture and more. So, they can build powerful teams and provide work on time. They have achieved a deep understanding and problem-solving skills from years of experience.

Benefits of Specialized Developer

  • Excellent work
    Specialized developers are masters in their technology or language so you can expect quality performance from them. They are giving the best output compared to full stack developers.
  • Proficient in latest trend and technologies
    Specialized developers are focusing on a selective language, so they keep updating themselves with innovative technologies.  It helps them to improve the quality of a product.
  • Download responsibilities
    Allocation of work and responsibilities can immediately be provided to specialized developers. The job can be fragmented into tasks and allocated to the specialized developers.
  • Easy hiring
    You can comfortably hire specialized developers, whereas it is quite tough to hire full stack developers. There are numerous sources open in the market the company can filter from and choose the best resources.

Drawbacks of Specialized Developer

  • Big investment
    A high budget is required for specialized developers because you need to hire multiple developers with different areas. Thus, it takes higher funds compared to full stack developers.
  • Dependency
    A specialized developer has a higher dependency on others when he/she works in the related project. In that case, a developer cannot move forward with his task except the other team member has completed.
  • Coordination
    A team should have coordination with various members involved in the project. To understand the other team is essential. You must schedule meetings and conversations between teams for better coordination.

When to choose a full stack developer?

  • Small-size projects
    If the project size is small, then it is preferable to hire a full stack developer. A developer can manage various technologies and switch between one task to another simultaneously and match the expectations.
  • Less complicated projects
    A full stack developer is capable of managing fewer complications in projects. Lack of depth knowledge, a full stack developer, can not control complex project requirements.
  • Small quality budget
    A full stack developer is reasonable in budget compared to a specialized developer. If your project size is diminutive and enough budget then hiring a full stack developer is far good.
  • Beginner entrepreneurs
    Startups can take immense benefits from full Stack developers. A newcomer entrepreneur has time and funds limitations. If you are a startup and have a complete idea for market demands, then on-demand delivery app development company encourages you. Considering other aspects, full Stack developers are profitable to businesses.
  • Time-bound
    Hiring full stack developers recommended if you have a deadline for the project completion. They can accomplish a project in time-bound as they have expertise in the various areas and can switch between tasks.

When to choose a specialized developer?

  • Comprehensive projects
    Specialized developers are suitable for big and long-term projects. The project task is divided into a fragment and accomplished in an organized manner.
  • High complicated projects
    Specialized developers endure their experience and abilities to manage complex projects. And high complex projects need depth knowledge and expertise.
  • Project Quality
    Specialized developers guarantee you a high-quality result. Better results obtained with depth knowledge and talented developers.


  • What is a full stack developer?
    A full stack developer is a specialist for various technologies front-end and back-end of any web or mobile application. He/she can reach and work on any section of the web and mobile app development.
  • What is a specialized developer?
    A specialized itself defines that developer is master in either front-end or back-end side development. He/she has expertise in particular technology design, database or developing apps. Hire Specialized Developer!
  • When to choose a full stack developer?
    A great idea can convert into reality like a product. So, if you have a thought and want to translate into a product, then hire full stack developers who bring effective results. It has been suggested for a startup with a lower budget.
  • When to choose a specialized developer?
    A skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced developer is a specialized developer, who is highly esteemed for complicated and long-term projects. If you are looking to develop a long-lasting outline, then hire a specialized developer. Likewise, you may have benefited from on-demand app development services.
  • How to hire dedicated developers for your project?
    The outsourcing has given a phenomenal platform for resources to access talents and skilled experts. There are various resources like Upwork, Fever, Linkedin, Clutch and others for hiring dedicated developers. To hire a mobile app developer is the most significant part of developing your website or mobile app, the most important is to hire a developer from a recognized company like Zignuts – best mobile app development company.

Hire specialized developer - contact Zignuts


We look for experience and talent. A skilled professional who manages various responsibilities and the complete bug-free project has recommended.
Hiring a full stack and a specialized developer has been confirmed based on project requirements and expectations. We have classified the subject in detail in the article. You need to figure out what is project size, how much funds can you invest, what outcome you receive for your company and make a decision accordingly.
Which one is the best fit for your project? Full stack developer or Specialized developer? Hire dedicated developers!
Happy Business!