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54 Useful JavaScript Tools & Plugins

By Pruthvi Darji on Dec 1, 2021
Useful JavaScript Tools & Plugins - Zignuts Technolab

JavaScript is the most popular programming language and is supported by all the browsers & enhances the user’s interaction with the web page. It implies that various JavaScript IDEs are currently giving sensible course completion and eradicating errors in a real-time mechanism.

These effective tools come with the precise syntax checker, the explicit debugger for the swift creation of varied, Carousel and many more JS applications. It means that here you will come to know regarding the top code editor, IDEs or views for Windows and MAC. So let’s get started and have a discussion of the JavaScript development tools and plugins with help of making things easy.

“JavaScript has the coolest dev tool ecosystem I’ve ever seen for any language or frameworks.”

Let’s Check below quick lists:

1. Application Tools:

  • React: React is a javascript framework/library for building user interfaces.
  • Vue: Intuitive, fast and composable Model-View-ViewModel for building interactive interfaces, it is also known as a single page web application.
  • NEXT JS: A Lightweight framework for static and server-rendered applications.
  • Angular: A development platform for creating mobile and desktop web.
  • Svelte: Javascript Animation Engine.
  • Redux: Predictable State containers for Javascript Apps.
  • Meteor: An ultra-simple, pure-Javascript Web framework.

2. Video:

  • Video.JS: Universal video embed.
  • Plyr: A simple HTML5, youtube and vimeo player.
  • jPlayer: HTML5, Audio & Video for jQuery.
  • Fitvid.JS: A lightweight jQuery plugin for fluid width video embedded and easy to use something like plug and play.
  • Vide: The JQuery plugin for creating video backgrounds effects.
  • Flowplayer: HTML5 video player for the web.
  • Popcorn JS: HTML5 media framework

3. Audio:

  • Howler.JS: Javascript Audio library for the modern web.
  • Tone.JS: For making interactive music in the browser.
  • Wavesurfer.JS: Navigate waveform built on web audio and canvas.
  • Sound Manager 2: A Javascript Sound API supporting MP3, MPEG 4 & HTML5 audio.
  • AmplitudeJS: A Javascript Library to design your media controls in your webpage.
  • Vexflow: A Javascript framework for rendering the audio notation and guitar.
  • Sound JS: JS library for working with audio.

4. Games:

  • Pixi.JS: It is a quick HTML5 2D delivering cycle that utilizes WebQL with material fallback.
  • Phaser: It is a lightweight 2D game framework for making HTML5 games.
  • Babylon.JS: It is a complete JS framework for building 3D games.
  • Egret Core: It is a fresh open mobile apps and games engine.
  • Melon JS: A fresh new & lightweight JS game engine.
  • Crafty: It is a JS game library.

5. Forms:

  • Quill: A rich text editor with an API according to the cross-browser.
  • Cleave.JS: If you have to format your input text content automatically then this JS is useful for that.
  • jQuery Validation:  jQuery validation plugin.
  • Selectize.JS: hybrid of a textbox & <select> box.
  • Parsley.JS: validate your forms, frontend without writing a single line of JS code.
  • Fine Uploader: Multiple file upload plugin with progress-bar & drag-drop.
  • Pickadate.JS: It is a lightweight JQuery different type of date selector with multi-language support.

6. Animations:

  • anime.JS: Javascript Animation engine.
  • Velocity: Accelerated Javascript animation.
  • Popmotion: Javascript motion engine. It is use for animation and input tracking.
  • AOS: animate on scroll library.
  • Mo.JS: Motion graphic library for web.
  • ScrollReveal: Declarative on-scroll reveal animations.
  • Skrollr: It is a Stand-alone scrolling library for mobile and desktop.

7. Visualization:

  • Three.JS: Javascript 3D library.
  • Swiper: Mobile-specific touch slider and framework with hardware accelerated transitions effects.
  • Fabric.JS: It is a JS Canvas specific library for parsing SVG to Canvas and Canvas to SVG.
  • Aframe: Web browser-specific framework for building virtual reality experiences.
  • HTML2canvas: Screenshots with Javascript.
  • Svgo: It is a node-based tool for optimizing the SVG vector graphics/image files.
  • Chart.JS: JS Animation engine to generate different types of charts.

8. Miscellaneous:

  • Reveal.JS: The HTML presentation framework.
  • Leaflet: For creating or developing mobile-friendly interactive maps this JS is very useful.
  • Impress.JS: for the CSS transform this library is used for a presentation on the web.
  • JS PDF: Generate PDF files in JS, HTML5 etc…
  • Coffee Script: Unfancy Javascript.
  • Intro.JS: A superior way for new element presentation for your site.

This was a list of 54 JavaScript tools and plugins that can greatly simplify the life of any JavaScript developer. We hope you’ve found this list makes you a more productive developer.

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