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Published on February 23, 2024

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KendoReact stands out as a dynamic UI component library built on React, aiming to simplify the creation of responsive and visually appealing web applications. Developed by Telerik, a leading solutions provider, KendoReact boasts a diverse collection of pre-built, customizable components. In this blog post, we'll explore what KendoReact offers, its advantages, potential drawbacks, and how it can be effectively utilized in various scenarios.

Understanding KendoReact:

KendoReact serves as a comprehensive set of UI components seamlessly integrated with React applications. It delivers a rich array of ready-to-use components, ranging from grids to charts and form elements, all highly customizable to facilitate the creation of modern and visually pleasing user interfaces with minimal effort.

Setting Up KendoReact with React.js

Getting started with KendoReact involves a few essential steps to ensure the proper setup of dependencies and configurations. Here's a simple guide to help you integrate KendoReact into your project:

1. Install Kendo React Package : 

Using npm, install the KendoReact package by running the following command in your project directory:

Install Kendo React Package

2. Use Kendo React Components :

After installation, import and use KendoReact components in your React application. Open the desired component file (e.g., src/App.js) and import the necessary components.

how to Use Kendo React Components

import React from 'react';
import { GridColumn, Grid } from '@progress/kendo-react-grid';

function App() {
  const Users = [
    { id: 101, name: 'Alice Smith', age: 20 },
    { id: 102, name: 'Bob Johnson', age: 30 },
    { id: 103, name: 'Charlie Brown', age: 40 },

  return (
      <h1>Kendo React App</h1>
      <Grid data={Users}>
        <GridColumn field="id" title="ID" />
        <GridColumn field="name" title="Name" />
        <GridColumn field="age" title="Age" />

export default App;

3. Styling and Theming :

To style your components, KendoReact provides themes. Include the following line in your application's entry file (e.g., src/index.js) to import a theme:

how to Styling and Theming

KendoReact supports different themes that you can install using npm. 

For instance, if you prefer the Bootstrap theme, use the following command

Similarly, for the Material theme, use:

These themes allow developers familiar with Bootstrap or Material themes to seamlessly integrate their existing knowledge into KendoReact. The library also provides a source file for customization, available in the SCSS folder of the theme package.

By incorporating themes, you can effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your KendoReact components, ensuring a visually cohesive and engaging user experience throughout your application.

Applications of KendoReact :

Enterprise Applications:

Kendo React is well-suited for developing enterprise-level applications that require complex and feature-rich user interfaces. Its extensive set of components can be particularly beneficial in this context.

Data-Intensive Applications:

Applications dealing with large datasets, such as dashboards and analytics platforms, can benefit from Kendo React's powerful grid and chart components, enabling developers to visualize and interact with data effectively.

Form-Based Applications:

Kendo React provides a range of form elements, making it an excellent choice for applications heavily reliant on data input forms. The customizable nature of these components allows developers to tailor them to specific needs.

Prons of KendoReact:

Consistent Design:

The library follows a consistent design language, ensuring that the UI components maintain a cohesive look and feel. This consistency contributes to a polished user experience across different parts of the application.

Rich Set of Components:

The library offers a wide variety of components, such as grids, charts, inputs, and more. This extensive set of tools allows developers to address diverse UI requirements without having to search for external solutions.

Responsive Design:

Kendo React components are designed with responsiveness in mind. They adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes, making it easier for developers to create applications that work well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Time Efficiency:

Kendo React accelerates development by providing pre-built components, reducing the need for developers to create UI elements from scratch. This leads to faster project delivery and a more efficient development process.

Cross-Browser Compatibility:

Kendo React components are thoroughly tested for cross-browser compatibility. This ensures a consistent user experience across various web browsers, enhancing the accessibility and usability of the application.

Cons of Kendo React:


While Kendo React offers a lot of value, it is a commercial product. The cost of licensing may be a consideration for smaller projects or individual developers with budget constraints.

Learning Curve:

Developers new to Kendo React might experience a learning curve when getting started with the library. Familiarity with the Kendo React documentation is crucial to harness the full potential of the components.


KendoReact emerges as a robust UI component library, significantly enhancing the development process for React applications. While it brings notable benefits like time efficiency and consistent design, developers should weigh factors like cost and the learning curve. A nuanced understanding of KendoReact's applications and limitations can guide developers in making informed decisions for their projects.

project UI with kendo
Kendo React Components

Kendo React Components





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