How to Test React using Cypress - Master Web Testing with Cypress

Published on February 27, 2024

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How to Test React using Cypress
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Within the domain of web development, guaranteeing the provision of top-tier applications remains essential. Automated testing emerges as a fundamental approach to meet functionality, dependability, and optimal performance criteria. This article explores the intricacies of using Cypress for testing React.js applications, providing valuable perspectives and recommended practices to enhance your testing strategies. Before exploring Cypress let’s understand it a little.

What is Cypress?

Cypress is a sturdy end-to-end testing framework constructed using JavaScript, earning significant recognition in the web development sphere. It empowers users to craft and execute tests directly within the browser, providing a cohesive testing platform. This tool facilitates the creation of web test automation scripts, allowing front-end developers and test automation engineers to compose web tests using familiar web languages.

Cypress transcends the typical boundaries of a testing framework, positioning itself as a game-changing instrument for developers. Here are its standout features:

  •  Instantaneous Reloads: Experience swift code modifications through real-time reloading, thereby expediting the development workflow.
  • Time-Travel Debugging: Effortlessly traverse through test commands, making the debugging journey more straightforward and efficient.
  • Automated Waiting: Say goodbye to manual element waits; Cypress's automated waiting elevates the reliability quotient of your tests.
  • User-Friendly GUI: Seamlessly navigate a user-centric dashboard, optimizing test execution and debugging processes.

Advantages of Cypress

  1. Speed and Performance: Tests execute at lightning speed.
  2. Real-time Reloads: Immediate feedback on code alterations.
  3. Simplified Testing: Simple Setup and clear syntax.
  4. Simulate User interactions: Write test cases that mimic real user interactions, making sure your web app behaves flawlessly.
  5. Seamless integration & Open source.

Setting Up Cypress with React.js


Ensure your React environment is prepped for Cypress integration. 

Start by installing Cypress :

install cypress

Launch Cypress by executing the following command:

cypress open

Choose your preferred testing approach—E2E or Component Testing. For the purpose of this guide, our emphasis will be on E2E testing.

Creating Your First Test

Start by initiating a fundamental test to navigate to the homepage of your React application:

first test code

describe('My First Test', () => {
  it('Visits the homepage', () => {
    cy.contains('Welcome to React App');

Running Tests: CLI vs. GUI

For the CLI approach, run tests using the following command:

cypress run

For the GUI approach, start Cypress and choose your desired browser:

cypress open

Optimal Strategies for Cypress Testing with React.js:

  1. Utilize Data Attributes: Instead of intricate CSS selectors, employ data attributes for element selection. This approach bolsters test robustness against potential UI modifications, mitigating the risk of test failures due to evolving CSS classes or structural changes.
  1. Simulate API Calls: Leverage Cypress's capability to mock API interactions. This empowers you to manage the application's behavior and state during tests. Mocking API responses enables comprehensive testing of diverse scenarios, effectively decoupling front-end evaluations from back-end dependencies.
  1. Structural Organization: Structure your tests cohesively by utilizing descriptive blocks, enhancing the comprehensibility and maintainability of your test suite. Categorizing tests logically not only elevates readability but also facilitates targeted test executions based on distinct categories.
  1. Implement Custom Commands: Develop custom Cypress commands to encapsulate repetitive tasks, fostering enhanced test readability. By crafting custom commands like login(), you can streamline recurrent actions across varied tests, diminishing code redundancy and bolstering clarity.
  1. Embed in CI/CD Pipelines: Integrate Cypress tests within your CI/CD workflows to fortify code quality assurance. By weaving Cypress evaluations into your CI/CD framework, you automate test execution upon each code alteration, proactively identifying and rectifying regressions or anomalies in the developmental trajectory.

5 MUST Know Cypress Testing Strategies

  • Craft clear and descriptive test cases to facilitate seamless development and ensure easy maintenance of test suites over time.
  • Emphasize testing critical functionalities to detect potential issues early on.
  • Implement the Page Object model pattern to efficiently maintain and update tests.
  • Enhance test resilience to changes by employing reliable selectors, thereby maintaining stability and efficiency within the test suite.
  • Ensure modularity and maintainability of tests to enhance readability and minimize code duplication.


Cypress stands out as a crucial asset for React.js developers, providing a robust set of tools and features that enhance testing processes. By embracing best practices and leveraging the strengths of Cypress, developers can significantly enhance application quality, aligning it more closely with user demands.

Embrace Cypress. Enhance Your Testing. Achieve Excellence.

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How to Test React using Cypress

How to Test React using Cypress





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