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Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule In 2021

on Dec 17, 2018
Top on-demand mobile app 2021

Before we say goodbye to 2020, Make a plan to embrace 2021. A 180-degree change happened during this 2020 in our lives because of COVID-19, people are more health-conscious now. Are we expecting a shift in the mobile app industry? The mobile app development trends have been evolved into constant expansion.

Each new year begins with its new ideas, innovations, and trends importing changes. Usually, innovation outlines trends of tomorrow. It is necessary to understand the top mobile app development trends of 2021 before you jump and float on the waves of changes or hire mobile app developers to develop an app. Better you make a partner with a mobile app development agency to gain benefits instead of following them.

2020 has been a fascinating year for the mobile apps market. Based on the latest market trends, what we can witness in 2021?



The Internet of Things has been a trend in recent years. IoT has already created much buzz around the world and is now growing further up. IoT technology is encouraged by several groups of business, like healthcare, e-commerce, real estate,  transportation and many more. The expert thinks that the IoT will be a boon for the educational and healthcare sector. The use of IoT in mobile app development trends is remarkably a significant disruption in the forthcoming age.


The concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning isn’t new to tech geeks anymore. AI has been and will continue to be a powerful technology trend for quite some time to come. AI still has various aspects to explore so that businesses can recognize its numerous benefits. For example, bank sectors can have a huge possibility to get advances by offering schemes using emerging machine learning mobile apps. AI and ML can aid in developing smarter mobile apps that can discover the logic behind information and deliver a more personalized experience to the users.  Thus, it will help to increase user adoption. We can look ahead to seeing AI and ML redefining the mobile app development process in the year to follow. 

Considering fraud cases in recent time, ML addresses you to the brains to process all that info, relevant for fraud prevention.


Augmented and Virtual realities have indeed conceived a tremendous influence over the audience in recent years. AR and VR are advanced technologies that deliver a more realistic experience to the users. Marketers, in particular, mostly using this technology to promote their campaigns and target their customers more effectively through mobile apps.

For businesses, the AR & VR technology will be an app development trend to watch out in 2021. Companies will expand a specific space and include AR/VR technology to engage their audience better. Especially mobile apps will continue developing with elements of augmented and virtual realities since the focus on social media campaigns increases. As of now, Instagram and Snapchat are the predecessors in that area using integrated AR filters. It will be better to give an exuberance experience to the users considering social distance policy due to pandemic.


On-demand application is a growing app development trend. Nowadays, chatbots have become an essential component of most of the on-demand apps. The chatbot allows you to respond promptly in real-time to your customers. Chatbots have proven to produce a more effective self-care framework which gives the users or customers personalized responses to their inquiries in real-time. Mostly, chatbots used in messenger apps like on Facebook, slack, skype, and so on. But, AI evolution has made it easy for businesses to integrate chatbots into their native mobile apps.

In the last few years, chatbots proved that it will significantly improve the functionality of mobile apps. Their conversational interface boosts user engagement and drives app adoption across the business.
Many other reforms the chatbots can bring to mobile apps will excite chatbot mobile trends 2021.


Such instant apps came into presence in 2016, and within the time of these two years, instant apps have progressed quickly and become famous. Instant Apps don’t require downloading, like other native apps. They are very user-friendly, convenient with a smaller size.

Instant apps are native mobile apps which you don’t need to download and install on your phone. They are smaller in size comparatively. So, they deliver a better user experience without draining your phone’s memory.  Instant apps are not only easy to use, but they’re also easy to share with friends. We will witness more instant apps emerging in & as app development trends of 2021.


Continuously, the way customers are shopping and making payments is shifting. The mode of payment turned from cash to cards, and now the trend transformed as digital wallet apps, like Google Pay, and Paytm. The following year 2021 will also observe the increasing number of mobile payment apps since most banks are also now offering mobile banking services.

Further, mobile wallets like Paytm or Freecharge have already created a big buzz in the market, and so we can assume some other players too are joining the competition. Within the coming years, more and more people will adopt digital methods where the fund transfer and transaction becomes a cakewalk.

According to Business Insider, the mobile payment has forecasted to reach $503 billion by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate of 80% between 2015-2020. Technavio’s market research analysts calculate the mobile payment market to grow at a CAGR of 36% through 2021. The facility of the instant transaction has led to the growth of the mobile payments market.


The blockchain is one of the significant technological disruptions. It has also carried out a unique level of security and transparency into digital transactions. We are very well aware of what Blockchain technology is and how it has transformed the cryptocurrencies market.

Businesses across industries like finance, retail, and healthcare are looking forward to leveraging the blockchain in building their mobile apps. Presumably, it is going to be one of the top mobile app development trends.

8. 5G Technology

Speed has a concern when you have connected with technology. It raises the delivery speed 10x better than previous ones. During the application development, testers and developers must use 5G network speed. 5G technology – latest mobile app development trends, it increases the functionality of mobile apps. Developers ensure that there will not be any performance issues while adding new features in the app. Compared to 4G, 5G is a far better network, and its usage will be uplifted up to 15 times in 2021.


From 2021, we are expecting significant benefit to heighten the market with innovative technologies like accorded in the blog. Mobile apps are marking some long-prevailing concerns, and have been essential to better several aspects of our lives. The above mobile app development trends are the indication of how much traction is being formed in the area of mobile app development. These developments manifest engagement in solving some grave challenges and enabling efficiency in workflows.

It’ll be interesting to notice how these trends reveal to influence everyday mobile apps. Hence, the users are in search of a quick, trendy, and highly responsive app that is embedded with latest technologies to make their work easier. The trends never remain consistent, and it keeps evolving at regular periods when the newer versions of the OS or app update releases.