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6 members

BA, PM, UI/UX Designer, Web Developers, Blockchain Engineer, QA


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London, UK



120 Days

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Shipowner project overview

Overview, is the world’s first distributed ledger online platform for participation in capital financing of the $1.5 trillion assets market and $1 trillion a year services market in the maritime industry. Access to the platform is via SHIP (Shipping Industry Participation) tokens. Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can now participate in any part of a capital structure backed by real-world maritime assets and services. This platform democratizes the way ships are owned, sold and operated, by utilizing Blockchain technology and Tokenization of high-value assets like Ships.

Involvement & Solution

Zignuts Technolab helped shape the scope for the Shipowner platform and then moved through production and ICO launch, by taking care of all the Front-end and Back-end development, UI/UX designs, as well as R&D of Blockchain technology, development of Token and Smart contracts. As a result, our team helped launch a highly scalable, robust and secure system with a comprehensive Ethereum Blockchain network behind it.

we used

  • Node JSNodeJS
  • EthereumEthereum
  • javascriptJavaScript
  • BlockchainBlockchain
  • Amazon AWSAmazon AWS
  • phpPHP
  • laravellaravel
  • vuejsVueJS
  • html5HTML5
  • css3CSS3
  • bootstrapBootstrap
  • awsAmazon S3
  • mysqlMySQL
  • restfulapisRESTful APIs
  • jsonJson
  • jqueryjQuery

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