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Routify helps you to find the available public transport mediums to reach your destination. It will also give you the distance and time travel between two locations with the easiest and available routes and also allows you to track you the current travel location. You can save your frequently visited locations and you can directly pick them out from the saved locations.

Routify Project Overview

& Solution

Zignuts Technolab has developed Transit, Maps & Traffic based Android and iOS Mobile Applications called Routify. The applications contains features like Login/Registration, Finding available public transports to your destination with real time tracking, Checking the traffic conditions for your area, Saving your favorite locations and Various Map Styles: Standard, Dark, White. The applications also display real time tracking of public transport and route information.

Zignuts team also taken care of all the front-end and back-end APIs development, as well as graphical and UI design. As a result, our team helped launch a nicely designed and user-friendly Transit, Maps & Traffic application.

  • Routify Map Styling Screen
  • Routify Home Screen
  • Routify Splash Screen
  • Routify Menu
  • Routify Feedback

we used

  • routify-androidAndroid
  • JavaJava
  • iOSiOS
  • Swift
  • RESTful APIsRESTful APIs
  • Google Map APIsGoogle Map APIs
  • Push NotificationPush Notification


  • Google Map and navigationGoogle Map and navigation

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