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Project Team

10 members

BA, PM, UI/UX Designer, Developers, QA

About Client

About Client

Quickkonnect UG

Munich, Germany



48 Weeks

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Welcome to the future of networking! By using Quickkonnect, you will keep your contact information and social media accounts conveniently updated. With a simple scan of your customization code, the person with whom you would like to connect, will receive the information that you would like to share, and vice-versa.

An additional tool, Quickkonnect Corporate, is available for companies. This CRM enhancement tool will allow businesses to subscribe themselves and their employees, creating a separate unique employee profile for each employee, through which all contacts made are compiled and can be exported to a CRM.

Quickkonnect’s mission is to create a centralized contact management platform for contact sharing and social media following. It should also provide companies with a tool, that automatically transfers contact information into a spreadsheet and save these files to suit a CRM. Quickkonnect will bring speed, convenience and simplicity to the world of networking.

Project Overview

& Solution

Zignuts Technolab has helped scope the Quickkonnect application and worked on the prototype to release the first working version. After Quickkonnect has been tested and validated idea by its first users, our team started working on the full version of the Mobile Apps and Web Platform moved through production to deployment and support.


Zignuts team also taken care of all the front-end and back-end development, as well as graphical and UI design. As a result, our team helped launch a nicely designed and user-friendly social networking application.

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we used

  • androidAndroid
  • javaJava
  • javascriptJavaScript
  • iosiOS
  • swiftSwift
  • phpPHP
  • laravellaravel
  • vuejsVueJS
  • html5HTML5
  • css3CSS3
  • bootstrapBootstrap
  • awsAmazon S3
  • mysqlMySQL
  • restfulapisRESTful APIs
  • jsonJson
  • jqueryjQuery

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