Innovative IoT based idea to help Guitarists in music world.

Project Team

5 members

PM, UX Designer, Mobile App Developers, QA

About Client


Winterthur, Switzerland


25 Weeks

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Geekotool not just an app but it’s an Instrument designed & developed specially for Guitarist. Client himself a guitarist Knows what challenges musician face during shows.

One of the most innovative IoT idea to help music world is to build Mobile Apps which communicate with the main unit (Hardware) through BLE & control motors attached with the guitar set.

Involvement & Solution

Zignuts has helped client developing an innovative Android & iOS based mobile app, that useful for guitarists. Guitarists can adjust and configure motor control of the guitar using the app, it will communicate and send/receive signals by main hardware through BLE technology. We helped  brainstorming, wire-framing and UX designing of the idea, together with mobile application features development.


we used

  • Android
  • Java
  • iOS
  • Swift
  • BLE

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