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Couponicus makes coupon marketing easier than ever. It is a web solution where small to medium businesses can create their own coupons and publish them on their own website, auto post them on Facebook & Twitter, as well as send them to their email list. Also business owner can interactively manage, track performance and easily distribute their coupons through control panel.

& Solution

Zignuts team has taken care of all the interactive and responsive front-end designs, as well as back-end development of Couponicus website and backend functionalities from scratch idea to a scalable product. As a result, we have developed and designed modern but easy to use process to integrate and use couponicus system for businesses as,

  • Business can determine and design the type of coupons and the discount itself or use one of coupon proposals already available. The pre-designed templates are industry-specific and have been tried and tested in practice.
  • With Couponicus business can distribute coupons to their website, social media channels and by e-mail. Business only need to set up the different distribution channels once and then use them for all their coupons.
  • On business website, the coupons are integrated using a Java widget. This method is also used in the integration of YouTube videos or visitor counters. To do this, the widget code only has to be copied once into the HTML code of their website. If this is too complicated for business, Couponicus will gladly send a guide to your website supervisor, for whom the integration will be no problem. As soon as the Java Widget is integrated, all changes to it will be automatically applied.

we used

  • JavaScriptJavaScript
  • CSS3CSS3
  • BootstrapBootstrap
  • RESTful APIsRESTful APIs
  • JsonJson
  • jQueryjQuery


  • FacebookFacebook
  • couponicus-twitterTwitter
  • Google Analytics

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