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    This is how we work

    Friendly Environment

    We believe in maintaining an environment that is filled with integrity and joy to manifest a better workplace. This results in the company towards the growth and betterment of an individual.

    Continuous Learning

    Learning is a timeless process, and we make sure that the individual who is part of our journey will get the opportunity to learn every day to add to their present knowledge and experience.

    Team Support

    Our employees always believe in a collaborative approach to achieve desired results. We have tremendous team support for fielding your queries and solving problems that come your way.

    Flexible Timing

    We strive to find the potent of each talent we work with and offer flexible timings for our employees. It provides performance liberty as well as become authorized to achieve the target by pre-scheduling the task.

    Yearly Appraisals

    We realize the consistent work and efforts of our team members. So, we appreciate each of them with yearly appraisals, promotions, and awards to encourage their power and potential.

    Diversified Sources

    We, as a company, empower the employees with a heap of resources to accomplish goals. We owe a pool of diverse resources as an asset that impacts the profitability and growth of the company.

    Perks & Benefits

    Professional Development

    Professional growth is a must for an individual from any field. You will get dedicated time to invest in increasing your professional skills that add value to your profile and career opportunities, as well.

    Healthcare Activities

    At Zignuts Technolabs, we organize private Healthcare activities to ensure you are in good health. We also finance the medical package for our employees from one of the finest health care groups.

    Relax Time

    It’s imperative to switch off and relax sometime around the office. We emphasize creating a work and life balance to rejuvenate and boost productivity. We practice it by taking paid time off for a vacation or recharge through some fun activities.

    Above Average Salaries

    We evaluate and recognize the skills within you to offer salaries or annual packages that match your position of work and are best in the industry. Employees that are part of our company perform the best out of themselves and make it count.

    Soft Skill Development

    We conduct weekly English classes for our employees to ensure they are comfortable in communication with our international clients and inside the premises of our company.

    Co-Finance Conference

    Our vision is to learn and grow together. We will manage and partially fund the budget for your conference attendance so that you can learn from the best and acquire optimal skills.

    Our Values Shape Our Culture



    Trust has to be at the center of what we do. If it’s not, it won’t show up to our clients and prospects, to our partners who want to build deep relations with us. Yes, we have targets that we want to hit, but we take actions that build trust with colleagues and external


    We go that extra distance in all our activities and stand up for what we believe in. Each member at Konstant steadfastly pushes oneself and fellows for results, actively encourages, supports and motivates others. We take pride in doing a good job and exceeding expectations.


    A work culture that values responsibility and accountability is what we encourage within our teams. Everyone here is willing to take responsibility of their own actions. Because ultimately when team members consistently demonstrate ownership, trust is formed.

    Why Should You Join Us


    Employees First

    That’s when you weigh mind over matter

    Advanced Resources

    High resolution screens and Android/iOS devices for the team

    Positive Environment

    As bright and spirited as it gets

    Groundbreaking Projects

    Grateful opportunities for your career

    Open Communication

    Open discussions during retreats and meetings

    Training & Development

    Programs designed to amplify your ability and skills

    Rewards & Benefits

    To make you feel approved and recognized

    Fun Connect

    Annual picnics, festivities, Friday fun and surprise activities

    Our Tech Hiring Process


    Initial Interaction

    A one on one personal interview with the HR Manager is the first step of the selection process.

    Technical Interview

    It’s time to exhibit your technical skills before the Tech Expert judged on subject knowledge

    Real-time Assignment

    For practical technical assessment, you may have to answer a range of puzzles and out-of-the-box problems

    Final HR Discussion

    Once you pass the technical round, final discussions on salary, workplace ethics take place

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