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Different backend technologies compatible with Vue.js

on Jul 11, 2018

Backend Technologies compatible with Vue js

Because of various backend technologies in the market often developers or technical geeks get confused while selecting the best backend for their project development that suits with Vue.js. There are a number of backend technologies like Laravel, Express, WordPress, Firebase, Serverless, Django, and Rails available, the developer always prefers which they are most familiar with.

For example, if you are a node.js developer than probably you will think once to go with Express.js.

Definitely, Sometimes It is good to work with technology which you already know. It is said that everything has their own pros and cons similarly each backend has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is the requirement of certain projects that demand the best suitable backend.

If we have certain choices available, it is easier for us to select the right choice of technology. We have enlisted several backend technologies for you which can be the best fit for Vue.js.


Laravel is one of the best developer-friendly technology. Since last decade laravel has made their space and getting more popular day by day. It enables the developer to build any sort of app whether it is a simple website or a complex web app.

After Laravel version 5.3 update, Laravel by default provides Vue.js components inbuilt. Laravel and Vue.js completely belong to different roots of languages. But both shares a common motto that is Simplicity, elegance and great user experience.

With Laravel, you do not only get a powerful MVC framework, database, authentication and out-of-the-box APIs.  But you will also get the simplified and delightful development experience too. It has a huge community which helps the developer to assist with any concern.


Express.js can be the good choice for Vue.js. If you are not aware with the Express, it is a micro framework of node.js.

Before looking deep into the express.js, let’s first have a look at node.js and its advantages. Node.js is a JavaScript framework. Which means we can share the code between Node.js and Vue.js. Node.js is very efficient and reliable JavaScript framework.

Express.js could be the most popular selection for the node-based framework. Due to its minimalism, it is easy and light-weight for the development. If your planning to create a web app that is mostly about the frontend and only requires a comparatively simple server app and maybe a basic API, Express is a great choice.


Most of the people think that WordPress is a Content Management System that used for simple website development. Believe it or not, but WordPress can be the nice pair with Vue.js commonly known as “Vuepress” especially when you are developing content-heavy web applications.

Since WordPress 4.7 updates, they enabled Rest API which allows WordPress data like Post, comments, and categories to access right from the client which is known as “headless CMS”. It allows taking benefit of the most powerful CMS as a backend.

If you require to access further core WordPress functionalities than there are APIs which we can use while developing the web application.


Firebase is a very popular cloud-hosted data which you can access from anywhere whether it is your mobile phone or laptop or desktop through the simple APIs. You can use firebase as a serverless backend, but for that, your data must be public.

Firebase functional with the ability to push data to the subscribed clients in real-time. Real-time data is very important when you are developing a chatting app, trading app and alike.

You can have the dynamic interface with the use of Vue.js which can entirely drive a remote data source.

Implementing Firebase services with your Vue web application is quite simple with the use of VueFire.


What if I tell you that you won’t require any backend for your application? Instead of the backend, one or more cloud-hosted scripts can handle. It is known as Serverless architecture.

With the use of serverless architecture, means that you won’t required to pay for backend hosting specifically for that website. So far, Serverless architecture is more resource efficient. It will often only cost you a matter of cents each month to run.

Like everything else, serverless is not a silver bullet and in reality, it is not going to be the right choice for most Vue.js projects. Serverless doesn’t provide a lot of the fundamentals you take for granted on a traditional server, and similar functionality requires a lot of development effort to achieve with serverless functions.

Serverless can be the best choice if you have the small number of request get initiate and the least number of response make to the request.


So far came to know many of the backend technologies which all are best when it comes to their performance, reliability, services and functions alike. But which backend technology will be compatible and best fitted would be always varied to project and project requirements. If you are planning for Vue.js development, reach out to us and discuss your project with our Business Analyst team.