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Apple iOS 12.1.3 Released: Apple asked developers to update apps, Still you haven’t update iOS App?

on Feb 4, 2019

Before the launch of iPhone X, Apple has asked developers to update and submit their iOS apps.  We have seen diverse revolutions which have won over hearts, toppled economies and have become a part of history. Now it is the world of technology and gadgets, the technology which make life comfortable, gadgets which reduce the problems and gadgets which rewrite the very uses of the same.

Soon Apple and an entire community came to be known as an ‘I-generation’. iPhone X, the recently launched, highly successful version of iPhone came up with some really exciting features. With these exciting features and update of iOS 12.1.3, Does really All iOS App Must Support iPhone X Notch?

All iOS App Must Support iPhone X Notch?

One of the notable features which Apple rolled with the new version, iPhone X, was the Super Retina Display. It is still recognized as one of the major milestones in the history of smartphones. The Super Retina Display enhances the contrast ratio in a better way to give the user an improved version of the display screen. The conventional, regular screen underwent this change in the latest version.

This powerful feature Apple has now trying to reconsider and improve. There are regular update Apps for iPhone X. Apple recently release the news concerning a possible update for the Super Retina Display which was on the boards for long and now it is mandatory that all apps must support iPhone X notch. This is putting an eye on the security and the app update, which will increase the experience of using the product a much better.

Mandatory To Update iOS App?

Yes, you heard correct. In the first week of May, Apple announced that the users will have to update their apps before July, compulsorily. The decision came after quite a while of speculation regarding the same. The news for the need of upgrading each and every application in the phone to match the quality of Super Retina Display hadn’t come as a surprise. Thus it also mean that the developer will have to rebuild the Apps so that it matches the features of the Super Retina Display. Sometimes updates are essentials. A hazardous bugfix or a new feature important to the business. Sometimes things can’t wait.

The reason Apple is upgrading all its Apps to suit the ability and quality of the Super Retina Display. Hence, all the iPhone X devices required to comply with the rules and update their Apps to meet the Super Retina Display feature. It isn’t the first time either that Apple has demanded to upgrade for a recently launched App or feature, but has done it in the past as well. This is a move to enhance the user experience to increase their fan base, with every crossing day as the technology jump ahead.

Stay Informed

The update is not just a technical upgrading but it is also a mark of the brand that wants to be on the top and make the user experience to be top notch and impressive. Apple has always been in the muster for making technological progressions, So we are.

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