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Understanding App Development Cost in 2021 – Full Guide

on Jun 18, 2021
Understanding App Development Cost in 2021

A world has become a complete digital reality. In the present time, more than 50% of internet users use a smartphone to buy products online. Mobile apps become an opportunity for businesses to keep up the high preference to pull, engage and please customers.

Software development companies have the expertise to develop, deploy and maintain web and desktop apps and have designed models to determine their cost. However, mobile apps are opposite regular applications and will not match standard cost models for developing an app. There are mobile app development companies to get accurate estimates for app development.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App?

According to Statista, there were nearly 218 billion mobile app downloads till Feb 2021. It is a digital era, and people have turned their habits and routine as the system changes. Americans spend 5.4 hours on a smartphone daily. On-demand mobile app development trends arise and will take your business to a new height, and if you want to get up your sales level, a mobile app is a passkey to get on the digital journey. Many cost calculators for estimations, but it is so sturdy to find the app development cost. To know the cost of developing a mobile app depends upon few factors:

1. Business Model

Plenty of mobile apps launched daily. Our focus should be on a business model which is requisite for mobile app development. It plays an essential role in determining the cost to build an app.

What is a business model?
Such factors include; target audience and their problems, offering more reliable solutions, making it a direct source of income by sales, etc. Customers and their demands are the crucial factors to measure out in your business model and prepare it accordingly.

Numerous business apps have failed in gaining customer trust by compromising quality over quantity. eBay has lost their market share whereas Amazon has understood customer base well and succeeded.

An innovative business model will make a difference for your business app.

2. App Type

You can imagine a product idea, but to bring that product or service into reality for mobile users is a challenging job. 

You will have several alternatives to choose technologies for your mobile app development just right after you cross the business model. Your choice for a project manager and custom mobile app development partner should be precise to keep in mind that your application will have a specific impact on the overall expense to develop an app. 

It depends on your business requirement what type of app you need; web app, native app or hybrid app.

  • Web App
    A web app is like a mobile app and applies a mobile-friendly system and uses responsive design to assure a g general user interface across various screens from tablets to smartphones. Due to the insufficient features and moderate execution over the native apps, more than 80% of smartphone users prefer a mobile app over a web app or websites. Better is to go with what demands in the market instead choose numerous complexity with a web app.
  • Native App
    The complexity remains even developing native apps with a specific platform, but it results extraordinarily in performance. Therefore, the cost of building an application (native apps) is expensive. Native apps give a perfect user experience to smartphone users. Native apps are developing for different operating systems like Swift or Objective C for iOS platform, Java or Kotlin for Android platform.
  • Hybrid Or Cross-Platform App
    A hybrid app is a combination of web and native technologies. It is the best approach to serve a large audience. The benefit of developing a cross-platform app is lower in cost than other approaches, but there is limited access to smartphone hardware than the native apps. Why do businesses approach hybrid app development? It is because hybrid apps can run smoother on any OS like iOS, Android and Windows.Nowadays custom mobile app development trends are progressing. You can approach us for all types of application development. We are happy to serve you with all the required services.

3. Platform

Considering the platform is the most focused step to step up as it will be a sign for a successful tour when you plan to build a mobile app for your business or startup. It is necessary to overlook all the platforms and their results in the market share before going with the cost to build a mobile app with advanced features. You might flip with thoughts for creating an app on both platforms at a time, but it results in expensive and risky when you identify the key drivers of cost in app development.

Now, the question is which platform to select? Android or iOS. You can decide which to pick through four aspects; market share, development weight, publishing process, and development time.

  • Market share
    Android maintained its position as the leading mobile operating system worldwide in January 2021, controlling the mobile OS market with a 71.93 % share. Google Android and Apple iOS jointly possess over 99 % of the global market share.
  • Development weight
    There is an inconsistency that happens while considering a platform to move further. Let’s make it easier for you; Apple has fewer devices that run iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and these have updated to the current version of the iOS 14.5 operating system. At the same time, plenty of smartphones and tablets that run on Android with various screen sizes and aspect proportions. It means your product is suitable for all of them. Furthermore, in the Android platform, the maximum number of buyers of Android devices are more than 50%.
  • Publishing Process
    Everyone knows iOS apps are faster and cheaper to design. When your app is ready to run the market to users around the world. You need to publish an app to the app store, and it is quite costly to develop an app.
    Google Play Store charges a one-time $25 payment to upload your app with a more comfortable approval process. On the other way, Apple App Store charges a $99 annual fee with a precise approval process in the app store. Overall, Android is an apparent winner when it comes to the publishing process. After all, we are figuring out the cost of development in the mobile application.
  • Development Time
    You can decide by reading all the above paragraphs that iOS apps can develop faster than Android apps. Android takes a little more time to build mobile apps than iOS apps. The purpose for putting a read in front of you is to find the cost to build a mobile app with advanced features, and the average cost to build an iOS app is less than the cost to develop an Android app.Mobile apps are part of business, and the decision to choose a platform comes down to the primary purpose of your app and the expected target audience. Get the best mobile app development company that serves you the ultimate product as much as you imagine.
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4. Functionality

Mobile application development cost or estimation of creating an app is the planning or design structure of making a home-like. The price for the app development keeps changing because of the addition of new features. Virtually we can not bind a figure for application development as it becomes so advanced to add on and on. It falls between a few dollars to a few million.

You must understand app development, backend technologies, features to be applied while building your project, and the estimate for the same. Pricing for custom app development depends on the types of specialities that create a standard mobile app. For example, login functionalities with two-factor authentication, monetization schemes for in-app purchase, shopping carts, payment integration, GPS-based app with no barrier for restaurants, travel, and dating apps, push-notification functionality for updating your users with the latest update or reminders, etc. Hire a mobile app developer. Click here for more info.

5. Design and Development

We have reviewed several sections that are essential factors of the app development cost – business model, type of app, platform, development functionalities and features. Here, our core focus is to determine the cost to develop an app by hiring concerned techies.

When raising the point for hiring developers either freelancers, or freshers appears a flexible and cost-effective option. These options might cost you high in the long term, and also, a question raises against their skills and work compatibility.

Let’s see the other side; the mobile application development agencies impose higher for on-demand mobile app development but give you endured app developers, skilful designers, and assurance for a booming mobile app. The best IT companies have powerful teams and well equipped to fulfil all your terms related to a mobile app.

We commit our client to complete the project within given deadlines and satisfy them with delivered product quality. We are using the Agile process for app development to deploy the product as fast as possible. 

Therefore, hiring an expert mobile app development company costs you a little higher, but the application gets released on time with accuracy.

Wrapping up,

A final quote from we have started with the question; what is the cost to build mobile apps with advanced features? The five crucial aspects that we discussed that the Business model, App types, Platform, Functionality, and Development have set to prepare a robust and superior-quality app that will match your proposed prices. Web and mobile app development company – Zignuts provides you required features with functionality in your budget. For a free estimate, click here.

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