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Top 8 FinTech Application Development Trends to look Out in 2021

on Feb 24, 2021

Hello Bankers, Financial Advisors, Entrepreneurs and Investors…!

Cashless payment using a digital wallet is the market demand nowadays. Your savings account and a credit card are related to financial services. Financial technology has left a remarkable impression on our lives. Still, finance mobile app development solutions improve fintech products by extending their quality using Artificial Intelligence.
The outcome of these financial innovations has designed and developed to help banks, finance companies, institutions, and their clients. The clients can prevent exceeding expenses, navigate risks and deal with routine bankings securely. The transformation from manual to digital in the banking and finance sector is named FinTech services. There are various products in financial ecosystems like Reg-tech for regulatory, Insurtech for insurance, and Robo-advising. Are you a financial advisor? Do you desire to serve an excellent service experience to your clients? Approach a financial app development company to build a fintech app for your commercial business. Do you have an idea about the FinTech service? What is Fintech? and what are the Fintech trends to check out in 2021?
Are you a financial services provider? Or are you an investor? We have prepared a beneficial reading for you.

What is Fintech?

Finance and technology conjoin as FinTech with a perspective of offering and providing innovative solutions to businesses and assisting financial service providers (banking, financial corporations, insurance) serving clients well. The various technologies like e-Commerce, biometrics, AI, Blockchain, and supports each financial division.
Tech trend in the finance sector means FinTech. It has no concern with the trademark and part of the software. Fintech solutions empower faster and smarter banking, and the financial service providers can generate a business more effectively and better cooperate with employees and clients more comfortably.
FinTech services existed years back when the first credit card launched in the 1950s. Ultimately, it verifies the non-cash system. Furthermore, FinTech solutions can develop business processes by emerging various software products into a single ERP solution. FinTech raises possibilities to get new loan options, borrow money and detailed access to alteration. Using FinTech, several things can be feasible and legal for online products to sell and services, receiving digital payments in any variation and location.

Latest FinTech Trends to Lookout in 2021

If you are aware of the FinTech industry trends though, it is beyond or a level up transition. If you are looking for banking and finance app development solutions, here it is.

1. Digital-Only Banking

When a bank virtually provides peer to peer cash, contactless MasterCard with no transaction fees, global payments, and an opportunity to buy and exchange Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, the financial sector notices fast.
Digital-only banks are very beneficial; there is no need to visit the bank physically by a person, no paperwork. However, they are developing in revenues and numbers globally.
The bank visits are getting down 36% from 2017 to 2022 while the growth of digital-only banks. Benefits using mobile apps include feasible cost management, fast bill payment, reset pins from anywhere, real-time analytics, and quick balance report. Digital banking is one of the emerging technologies in fintech.

2. Impact of Biometric Security Systems

Mobile banking has become renowned and digital financial services too. Nowadays, all financial transactions handled by a fingertip and credit goes to banking and finance app development. It seems a significant achievement, but it puts various security threats to face. Thus, cybercrime enlarges day after day.
Therefore, each FinTech company has to enhance security criteria by applying a biometric system. The latest technology used in the banking sector for securing confidential information. The biometrics market is undergoing significant transformations following the circumstances’ pressure.
Biometric sensors include physical contact and are going to shift shortly. The contactless solutions will take over the touch-based fingerprint reader for verifying identities in the market. Hire dedicated developers for biometric authentication for your financial services.

3. Blockchain Technology 

A report by Business Insider Intelligence; 48% of bank representatives believe that the latest technology Blockchain can affect banking through 2020. 46% of global financial services employees expect blockchain to improve transparency and data management. Blockchain is a hale fintech trend to watch in 2021.
It has predicted that Blockchain technology brings a worldwide transformation in financial cycles. It produces a new scope of decentralized finance that concentrates on reducing centralized procedure.
Blockchain technology motivated the Fintech application development of different online peer to peer business platforms like Filecoin that allow commercial interactions for taking place more decentralized behaviour. It’s a shared ledger technology that can improve current systems. Banks have implemented Blockchain technology with the expectation of reducing expenses and improving internal operations.

4. Integration of Artificial Intelligence in the Banking sector

AI has adopted as the bank revenues are exceeding the country’s incomes. Banks are fine-tuning with AI solution tactics which is the sign of AI acceptance in the finance sector.
Artificial Intelligence has planned to reduce the operating costs of banks by 22% around 2030. It means banks can have $1 trillion savings. Moreover, the way towards this concept is challenging. It might be possible banks do not have AI skilled experts as compared to other global employers. – According to autonomous Research.
AI is balanced enough to manage and face the rising cybercrime disturbances, financial frauds and threats. Banking and financial app development services play a crucial part in limiting frauds and online commercial deceptions.
AI has become famous for having the most efficient client service program using some smart systems like chatbots. Live chats offered by banks and other financial services are the example of AI. It improves client satisfaction for quicker transactions and solves their problems without human interruptions.

5. Reg-Tech 

The financial industry is an organized sector, and so FinTech modifications need a concurrent growth of Reg-Tech. It indicates new tech solutions that enhance and methodize regulatory procedures. Reg-Tech has emerged concerning the highest institutional demand that has appeared from the extensive development of agreement expenses. One of the focused fintech trends in 2021.

6. Payment Alterations

There are numerous payment variations in FinTech. FinTech Payments Trends are contactless payments, mobile payments, smart speaker systems, wallets and more. Also, AI and Machine learning technology used for security and identity verification.
While roughly 440 million users took advantage of these options in 2018, industry experts predict that the global number of mobile contactless payment users will grow to 760 million in 2020. When deciding on a payment method, customers can also choose from a growing number of mobile payment systems and solutions. Finance mobile app development solution is quickly available from skilled and expert FinTech app developers like Zignuts.
Moreover, mobile wallets the new sensation replaced physical wallets. A quite impressive wallet gives you rewards credit inside it. The new generations and other users prefer to use e-Wallet. The wallet payment is the biggest trends in fintech.
Numerous Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay contactless payment users in 2018, with a forecast for 2020.

7. Autonomous Finance 

Autonomous finance is the concept and idea of self-driving funds. Autonomous Finance app performs various tasks for you. Customers can take the instant decision for their money where to invest, how to approve a loan with favourable interest rates, how to deal with overdrawn accounts and many more.
Fintech apps are the elemental building sections for autonomous finance.  It begins with the automated-investment advisor with program-based financial planning like mutual funds management and retirement goals. Fundamentally, the autonomous part of fintech services uses AI and machine learning to manage user’s money. Fintech app development is easily available for financial advisors to get a FinTech app for providing their customers with a better experience.

8. FinTech services using Voice Technologies

There are Voice assistants for various services. AI-based voice financial technology is not limited to give weather forecasts and set ringtones on your phone. But, it has developed to help customer service in the banking sector too.
Voice assistants provide automated support to users for various inquiries like the user wants to know account balance, replying to customers’ questions, setting up recurring payments and giving proper direction. Also, voice payments can be made by customers using their biometric data to authorize payments. Consumers became happier with voice type payments banking. The Voice Payments system seems high in demand and fintech trends in 2021. Banks must consider user security before providing voice recognition service to users.


The financial services industry is doing well nowadays with the support of technology. FinTech services improve the finance industry and open multiple ways to utilize financial co-operations. FinTech services industry trends inspired by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology. These technologies become a problem solver and explored by banking and finance app development solutions providers.
FinTech apps are the result of the demand requested by the customers for faster payments. Users receive financial information, quick transaction process, secure identity authentication and customer support. FinTech is a revolution in the finance sector and day by day becomes powerful. Are you a financial service provider? Want to give a smooth and transparent experience to your users? Want to explore the finance industry with technology trends?
Mobile banking & financial app development companies like Zignuts provide marvellous customer services for various industries. Hire expert mobile app developers or get in touch with us.

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