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8 Modern facts: why you need to redesign your website

on Feb 20, 2020
modern fact to redesign website

Well-designed and user-friendly websites push traffic and keep visitors engaged. But your website may be actually troubling you if it’s not living up to suspense. 

“When is the last time you redesign your website?”

If you can’t answer that it may be time to start thinking about it. It’s important to note that websites are vital things. They should always be growing to meet the needs of your business and your audience.

Let’s think about the reasons why website redesign is necessary

When you’re thinking of a new website consider these points to help you decide whether you need your site redesigned or whether you could be as effective with a revamp.

  • What do you currently like or dislike about your website?
  • Is there something fundamentally wrong with the design or are you just tired of the branding?
  • What do you hope to achieve and what do you hope visitors gain from visiting your website?
  • Is your current site working and converting for you?
  • What are your future goals for the website?
  • Is your branding changing and therefore forcing a redesign?
  • Does it meet all the standards you need it too (is it accessible)?

Here we have 8 surefire signs for you to know if your business could benefit from a website redesign.

When analytics show high bounce rates & low conversion

A high bounce rate on your homepage and other pages of your site could indicate users are not finding what they expect to find.

Google Analytics can tell you a lot about how users are engaging with your website. Your bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits to your websites. Meaning if a user lands on your website, views only one page and then exits, it counts as a bounce.

If they’re not converting – or visiting other pages – then maybe your page content and navigation are beside the point or garble.

There could be various reasons why users are leaving your site without visiting. If you’re looking at these metrics and you see things like: a high bounce rate, low time on site, low pages per visit, and low conversion rate, it may be time for a website redesign.

The website takes a long time to load

you have 8 seconds to capture their attention. If you’re showing a special offer, a clear CTA(Call to action) or engaging content, those few seconds are important.

In fact, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

But, if none of your content loads, how long do you think the visitor is going to stay? of course not more than 8 seconds. The good functioning website should load in 3 seconds. 

In today’s age, users expect speedy responses and results, as slow loading speed, it loses your visitors and leaves a negative impact on your website SEO. 

There are many tools available to check your website speed:

Website isn’t Responsive & Mobile Friendly

It’s official, more users are browsing the internet with their mobile phones and tablets compared to desktop users.

According to WordStream, a glaring 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

With this amount of mobile users, your business cannot remain alive with a website that is not responsive.

A responsive design makes it possible for visitors to navigate your website easily across all these unique devices, providing a great user experience. you may be losing visitors and experiencing a higher bounce rate than usual just because of not having a responsive design. This will no doubt directly affect your bottom line because it will cost you valuable leads.

Furthermore, Google is providing searchers whether your website is mobile-friendly or not with their new mobile-friendly test.

Low search engine rankings 

Search engine ranking results are very important. If you don’t show on the first page or two, you’re likely to be missing on the internet. 

About 95% of people who do Google searches don’t click past the first page.

That means, they find what they’re looking for best or can’t be worried to search more. The truth of it is that so much more goes into resolving where you fall in search results and how search engines find your website in the first place. As long as you’re updating your content continuously, you should be held related to search engine spiders.

But preferring the best inline-keywords only far away, and in fact, still, some websites that utilize meta keywords which were taken a dim view of some time ago.

Instead, Google promotes relevant content that is related to users’ search queries. If your URL syntax is fragmented or doesn’t pass on what your content is about you are to be expected to come in the top search results. Inbound marketing is free, but you have to take advantage of it the right way.

Difficult for you to update or change website content.

When someone contacts us for a website redesign, one of the things we ask is what they like and don’t like about their current site. When it comes to what they don’t like, you can bet difficult maintenance and many updates are one of the items mentioned. 

You should always be able to make quick changes to your website. You should always be able to make quick changes to your website. Whether that be editing an existing blog post, adding or deleting products or simply updating your Terms and Services.

The best way to make sure you can easily update all content within a content management system (CMS). A CMS, as you might guess, is an application that can be used to create and manage digital content.

If Website Doesn’t Reflect Your Content Strategy

Do you have a documented content strategy? As per the marketing professionals and the Content Marketing Institute, 63% of businesses haven’t documented strategies.

Your content policy and website must be integrated, if you have a strong plan in place then you need to secure your design on your site, whether that be in a new blog, optimized landing pages, or addressing SEO. Consider these questions:

  • Can users easily find your content?
  • Does your content include relevant calls-to-action?
  • Can search engines easily find and index content?

If you answered no to these, it’s time to think about a website redesign.

If you have designed your website on Wix, Weebly, or GoDaddy

Your website is on Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, or something comparable. These websites are limited. The design interface is limited. SEO functionality is limited. And, it looks cheap.

We can look at a website and automatically tell it is a Wix website. While these platforms are great for small businesses to put something up (instead of nothing), it fails to build trust and credibility. And since we’re being honest, most business owners are not website designers. You may struggle with color-schemes, layouts, and miss simple things that a web designer will not.

Third-party tool integrations

Most websites today feature third-party tools that give us the ability to add new functionality to our sites (very common on WordPress site).

Some of the popular tools include eCommerce plugins, scripts to embed social media feeds, and exit-intent popups. But, if some of the tools on your site aren’t up to modern functionality standards, you’re best off updating them. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you need to replace or remove some tools:

  • How are these third-party tools working?
  • Are they slowing your site speed down?
  • Are new-and-improved versions now available?

Does your website accurately reflect your brand

Maybe you have been managing your company for a few years and your business model and clients have been improved.

Your brand values have changed but does it look clear on your current website? Or maybe your current website has never more said about your brand values and you’ve just ‘put up with it’.

Whether your visitors have changed or your site never been ‘quite right’, it’s important for established businesses to have a presence online that aligns with the brand and, if applicable, aligns with their real-world presence.

Your website has the potential to elevate your brand to a whole new level but you’ll only promote it and guide people towards it if:

  • It aligns with your brand.
  • Clearly showcases the work you do.
  • You’re proud of it.


Do not hesitate to make changes on your website even if it means spending a lot of money because the result is going to be enormous. You can redesign your website to enhance functionality, update tools or get a new design from scratch. 

At zignuts, we not only help clients build their web presence from scratch, we actively assist businesses with their existing web presence to update and refresh their current websites with modern and proven strategies that not only enhance their brand but also delivers real business results!

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