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How to Build a Real Estate Website: Important Features and Add-Ons

By Zignuts Team on Apr 19, 2019
How to Build a Real Estate Website - Zignuts Technolab

The world is transforming towards a completely digital age. Why Real Estate industry won’t be affected. Real Estate industry is an emerging business to shift its business online. More than 42% of home buyers in 2K17 took their first step towards their buying by looking online for properties that were available for sale, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). And over 90% of real estate companies have their Real Estate Website.

No wonder. Online exploration makes it easy for buyers to compare homes and choose the exact features of what they need. A website also tells the credibility of a real estate firm. It’s what gives the first impression to potential customers of a real estate agency. Real Estate Website should work flawlessly and be convenient for home buyers, home sellers, and agents to make an influential first impression.

Important Features of Real Estate Website

Building a Real Estate Website isn’t the same as just creating a website with a list of available products. To draw users to your platform, the website should offer something more.

A Commercial Real Estate Website is a place for home buyers, home sellers, and agents. It’s quite difficult to entertain all three of these groups. You need to think of different users’ needs to determine the features you need to focus on. What’s essential for home buyers and sellers? How can you make your Real Estate Website useful for real estate professionals? Success key is to paying attention to the user experience for your platform’s three main groups.

Let’s have a quick look at the important features of Real Estate Website

Search and Filters

Imagine about how you could make searching for the appropriate house as easy and comfortable as possible. Consider not only about realtors but also about buyers. We’ve studied through many real estate platforms to learn which filters are essential.

The major search filters could be:

  • Listing type (rent, buy, sell)
  • Price
  • Location
  • Number of rooms
  • Home type

As for advanced filters, the most common ones are:

  • Year of construction
  • Floor space (square feet)
  • Date of Added on the website

Discover what the main problems or queries are with real estate services in your area. According to that, think to add some other useful filters to enhance the user experience.

Listings feed

Generally, there are two listing feed types: a list and a map. You can also try combining both the view, so user can set and view according to your preference.


It’s difficult to imagine a Real Estate Website without maps. The location of a house may be one of the most basic pieces of information for prospective buyers. Maps should be intuitive and user-friendly. People are very used to Google Maps, so it is common to implement the Google Maps APIs in Real Estate Websites. However, you can also create customized Google Maps View, using your brand’s colors and icons. You can also add edges to define neighborhoods or regions.

Another benefit of Google Maps is its Street View feature. Street View allows users to check how buildings look not only in pictures given on the listing page. Additionally, maps allow home buyers to find out about nearby places, shops, and parking spots.


It is a fact that customer used to like see the images before purchasing anything online. Same way, A Real Estate Website should provide requirements for images such as size, format, and resolution, to be able to manage a huge number of pictures. You can also create a guide for how to take photos of the property. List requirements for images to make sure your website users keep the same quality across your site.


One of the most advanced and useful features that can benefits both home buyers and agents. By favorites, home buyers can save their top selections. This allows buyers to return to choices they’ve added to their favorites and avoid starting their search from the beginning every time they use your site. Users can also see updated details about houses they’ve kept favorites, such as changes to availability or price.

Also, agents can see which houses their clients are interested in. Based on these favorite houses, an agent can give more suitable options for their prospects.


An integrated payment method is another key option of a Real Estate Website. Think to integrate PayPal, Stripe, or Mobile Wallet. There’s a broad variety of APIs and methods to opt from. Identify the region your platform focuses on and determine the most used payment gateways in that area.


Since Real Estate business is about communication, be sure that your Reas Estate Website provides an integrated message option. Messaging should be simple and accessible to all parties. Real-time messaging is a great option. It allows a constant connection between a platform and a server so the server knows if the users are online or offline and can make sure messages are transferred instantly. There are a number of ready real-time messaging platforms that you can integrate.


Nowadays most Real Estate Websites have calendars so that realtors and buyers can know when houses are available for visiting. A calendar is very useful for a Real Estate Website as it decreases the time spent checking available visiting times.

Real Estate Website developers can create customized calendars especially for a platform or integrate third-party APIs. You can use the Google, Apple or Microsoft calendar APIs, for instance.  You can also implement a thrid-party open source calendar that gives you the opportunity to change how it looks.

What we need to focus on when creating a Real Estate Website

You’ll have many things to undertake when developing a Real Estate Website. We determined some of the most common issues that real estate platforms face, such as speeding up website load times and integrating IDX listing feeds and CRM systems.

Website speed

Basically, if you want users to spend more time on your website and revisit it, your website should be efficient. The listings feed should load fast. And, most essential, all photos should be high resolution though load quick. On average, the maximum load time of a web page should be three seconds. If your site takes longer, you’re in threat of losing potential customers.

Site speed impacts to user engagement and website traffic. Actually, the long page takes time to load, the less time is spent on the page on average.

IDX listings feed

The Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is crucial for a real estate platform. 95% of Real Estate websites uses IDX listings. Why is IDX so popular? Because it allows you to pull listing data from a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and integrate these listings into your website.

This is fabulous both for agents and buyers, as information about houses that are for sale is updated automatically so buyers can view and get up to date with the information before contacting realtors.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

As the real estate industry is all about relationships and communication, having a reliable real estate CRM is important to the success of your business. A CRM system is a tool that automatically manages interactions with clients. And because a client database is one of the most vital parts of a real estate business, it should always be up-to-date and well managed. look at your needs before choosing a CRM system. The basic and most important needs in a real estate business are:

  • Contact management
  • Lead tracking
  • Marketing tools
  • A customizable website with MLS

The best CRM system is one that can manage all of your business needs. It’s obvious that having a reliable CRM system is key to adequate communication with your customers.


All of the features we’ve observed above are not mandatory, but if you need your Real Estate Website to quip with the fundamental features, they can be very beneficial for your website. Besides them, many other factors like the quality of content, the targeted area the listings cover, SEO, competition, etc perform a vital role in the success of your online real estate dealing website.

Ready to give a shoot? Let’s discuss your idea and identify a reliable and efficient solution to build your Real Estate business.