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10 Popular Mobile Apps Built with React Native

September 15, 2021 - 1:12 pm - Post by Zignuts
10 Poplular Mobile Apps Built with React Native (1)

The rise of React Native technology is quite interesting. What started of as Facebook’s in-house Hackathon outline in 2013 is currently one of the trending frameworks for Android and iOS app development. React Native is a JavaScript-based framework, designed for developing genuinely native apps for platforms like iOS and Android. It’s based on a JavaScript library built by Facebook called React, and therefore brings its power to native mobile app development. And now there are many giants in the market envisioning their Popular Mobile Apps Built with React Native

With the ever-rising popularity of React Native, we could see a number of famous apps in the app stores, develop on this technology. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, React Native is the preferred option for mobile app development.

Some Popular Mobile Apps Built With React Native


One of the Popular Mobile Apps that’s built with React Native is AirBnB. There are 60 members working on React daily in their development team, according to a software engineer at AirBnB. It is possible developing reusable code and is pretty easy to refactor it with React.


It is very challenging to migrate the existing app to new technology. As the Instagram app has simple UI, adopting new technology was relatively easier for them. The significant impact that React Native brought to the app was easy maintenance for both Android and iOS platforms.


React Native introduced as Facebook’s hackathon project developed in response to the company’s needs. Facebook aspired to bring all the benefits of web development – like quick iterations and having an only team develop the whole product – to mobile. That is how React Native was carried to market and leveraged in mobile app development for both iOS and Android apps.


Bloomberg app provides financial news and global business to the users. They had to spend significant time in developing and updating the versions of iOS and Android app individually Before they adopted React Native. It helped Bloomberg as a primary tool that actually delivers on the promise of cross-app development.


Walmart has already shown its innovative approach introducing Node.js into their stack. subsequently, they also improved their mobile app to React Native. Walmart succeeded to increase the performance of the app on both iOS and Android by using fewer resources and in a shorter time span. 96% of the codebase was shared across platforms while skills and experience of developers were leveraged over the organization.


Gyroscope blends with the HealthKit and allows its users to view the whole story of your life. With the help of react native, it was easy to integrate dozens of minimal functionalities making all the above possible.


Although React Native comprises a little part of this app, it adds a vital experience for the users in terms of UI/UX. The app required to have a dashboard for restaurants with features like push notifications, sound notifications. As their team has expertise with React before, developing the app using React Native came out to be a smart and successful solution. promotes the neighborhood economy by allowing customers to order online from their preferred grocery stores, local restaurants, wine and drinks shops, and laundry & dry cleaning providers. With the help of react native, they were capable to connect.

They were able to connect it with a native module with the help of react native, hence further being able to combine the map within it to more necessary functionalities such as zoom, rotate, compass, etc.


Wix is an online platform which provides web hosting and website design services. The users can develop their own websites as well as a web app in HTML/CSS and/or their mobile version and don’t require to know any coding knowledge at all. They were able to less productivity, overcome the inefficiency and slower feature deployment rate of conventional native app development.


Townske app is a travel guide that unites the visitors/travelers with the locals, so as to get a list of their favorite places. Team Townske previously using ReactJS for frontend development for their web application, which influenced them to use the react native for mobile app development as well. It advanced speed in development, deployment, and code sharing ease.

Want to Build an App with React Native?

As you can see, react native is becoming a more popular alternative with app developers and owners alike to create an app. React Native has seen the potential for Popular Mobile Apps development, with any idea, any scale, with any type of content. If you too have an app idea, reach out to us and discuss your idea.