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How to outsource app development in 2021?

on Jan 22, 2021
How to outsource mobile app development in 2021

idea reveals fast nowadays and results as a mobile app in the app store or play store. Mobile application development outsourcing has gradually increased in the market. Honestly, mobile app development has become a powerful voice for businesses to grow incomes and extend their appearance next level.

Revenue in the application outsourcing segment has projected to reach US$108,748.6m in 2021. The businesses get a talented team, high work quality, and low-cost price for mobile app development. These IT companies attract businesses to outsource app development frequently.

The mobile market is still up, and therefore, mobile app development offshore does not go off quickly, especially with advanced technologies like IoT, Machine learning entering our lives.

We can see clearly in the graph that Google Play Store mobile apps rose steadily from 2009 to 2020. There are several apps available on the App Store too.

How many apps are successful? Very few! Success and failure are part of life, but more than that, what sources you have chosen as an offshore partner matters a lot.

We are here to help you how to outsource mobile app development in 2020?

What is outsource app development?

Outsource app development means hiring a mobile app development offshore partner to perform such services, app design and development. Development processes have done by the in-house company’s employees and team. You can hire a team for app design outsourcing and mobile development outsourcing for design and develop an application.


Why go for mobile app development outsourcing?

mobile app development outsourcing

We can say a convenient and cost-effective way if you succeed in finding the right app development partner. It is sensible to outsource your business app project from skilled, and experienced developers wherever they exist, rather than spending time negotiating for hiring talented professionals.

  • Developers team
    Who is looking for a skilful, talented and expert workforce? If you are looking for a talented team and not fix it up, it is better to go with an outsourcing option. The companies looking for upgrading business and want to develop a mobile app can go for outsourcing app development. The companies found the most talented, creative and skilled outsource team from India and America.
  • Conserving time and work
    Time is money and work is dedication. Outsourcing helps you to save resources of work and manage time. Let’s simplify the troubles of spending time on hiring talents and meetups. It increases the budget too. How can you make it easier and resourceful? Outsourcing app development overcomes these discomfort circumstances for any business.
  • Versatility in app development
    When you form your ideas, requirements and targeted results while developing an app, process changes, something went up and down, cost cut off, budget fluctuates, and anything can happen. It is something bigger we assume to process in-house. There is a saying that experts never put your project down, as they are doing it for years with balancing product efficiency. They know what features to cut and where to add. Once you have outsourced your app project, the burden is on the custom app development company.All three key points discussed to know why to go with outsourcing app development option.

What are the different outsourcing options?

  • Outsourced to freelancers
    This one is an exceptional level and law in the budget. Hire freelancers if you are running with low funds and urgent requirements. Yes. It is cost-effective, but not sufficient for performing other operations, like app design, testing and limited skills in a single development authority. There are individual freelancers for app design outsourcing and other development processes.
  • Freelance team development
    Another possibility is to assemble talented freelancers with various skillsets under one roof and create a freelance team. One more option, add such talents to the existing team and pay them on an hourly basis. You can accumulate freelancers or outsourcing developers as part of a team and work with them on specific features collaborate the whole operation of the project.

How to outsource app development?

How to outsource app development

The core part of this reading is to know such information like below points.

  • List out ideas and expectations;
    Be precise about your app project. A clear vision brings a particular outgrowth in the closing product. Of course, an on-demand mobile app development company will help you understand the basics of an app. You study from your side. It might be possible that you don’t have technical aspects, but you can research competitors and similar apps. The exercise brings to understand the features and functionality you need in your app.
  • Design an estimated budget
    Without a budget, there is no progress on the project. You get to know how much money you require on your project once the research has completed. Accordingly, you have to design an approximated budget of your web or mobile app project. Depending on the resources, you can pick one of these options; hire a freelance developer or outsource app developer and outsource app development cost is not expensive if you see from each angle.
  • Research web and mobile app developers
    Once you have completed the project definition and budget, it is time to look upon the developers. Experienced developers will figure out and know you about the next step. How will you find outsource web app development and mobile app development team?
  • How to find the right app development partners or agencies?
    There are well-known B2B websites that help you to provide the best portfolios. You get a web and app developers list from the online platform like Clutch, Crowd reviews and G2.  These platforms give you the list of developers with reviews and ratings. You can check the portfolio of a company and developers to know their work and previous projects details.
  • Discuss or interview with developers
    Almost you have decided your developer profile, and it’s time to shortlist them for your website or mobile app development project by discussion or interview. What do you ask? You can ask about their work experience, app or website development methods, customer testimony, previous projects, and cost. You would know either move ahead with them or not very after the interview process. Clear communication process and ask other questions related to outsourcing web app development.

The key benefits of outsourcing your app development

  • Boost sales
    Most businesses are limited to deliver services and products due to lack of resources. A digital approach business website or mobile app becomes a medium to attract and engage your potential clients. The unique functionalities attract and motivate users to buy your products or services.
  • Improve technology stacks
    Technology brings innovation and upgrades to existing products. Your hired people not knowing new stacks, but outsourcing app development companies are familiar with upgrades and implementing a new stack like Swift for iOS app development, Kotlin for Android app development. Here, you have a bonus of additional benefits like strong code structure which doesn’t require maintenance for a longer time.
  • Cost-benefit
    It is as beneficial as for startups to hire outsourcing developers. It saves time as well as expense. When you hire a regular developers team, coordinate with them effects on cost. It saves time in terms of maintaining time.

In-House Team or Offshore App Development Team?

It depends on your project requirements and budget as well. Let’s hear the consequences of in-house app development and offshore app development teams with its benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of an in-house team

  • Work-environment
    A part of an in-house team, the web or app developers adjust themselves according to the office atmosphere. As soon as they connect with company culture, the working style they deliver better work to concerns.
  • Better communication
    You can communicate with the team at any moment, as you are working in the same house and sharing the same hours. Thus, no communication gap befalls. There is no chance to conceive any misunderstanding but improves work-force.
  • Fast alterations
    In-case any changes required in your mobile application, you can get it as fast as possible due to 24*7 in-house developers availability. They make changes in web or mobile app so quickly.

Drawbacks of the in-house team

  • High-priced
    Hiring in-house developers team is quite expensive compared to outsourcing developers. The expenses include office space, rent, taxes, salaries, employee training, incentives, and sick days.
  • Recruitment process
    It is a truly tough job to find appropriate developers with a specific skill set. After all the long interview processes, you are not sure to get an expected developer on time. It may happen your team member resigns, and you need to put your app development on hold.

Benefits of Offshore Team

  • Flexible payments
    Numerous outsourcing agencies you may find all over the world with minimum expense to outsource apps. It has said, the most demanding areas for outsourcing are South Asian countries like India. You can search with ‘outsource app development India’ or find a list of the on-demand delivery app development companies. You can get the best results and hope you are dealing with one of them.
  • Talent hub
    Here the core benefit of application development outsourcing is to get a large number of talents in one stop with a technical speciality. You may verify their prior clients’ feedback and evaluate work portfolios, i.e. we provide on-demand delivery app development services. You have a choice to hire either app developers or web developers.

Drawbacks of Offshore Team

  • Communication break
    Sometimes, it is possible to unmatch the reporting schedule from both sides. A communication breaks between the offshore team and opposite due to availability and mismatch of timings. It can resolve with catching time zones and schedule meetings too.
  • Limited control
    It seems that your hired team has been working at another place and you can not control it. To overcome this scenario, you need to figure out the outsourcing company compatible with you by reading their testimonials and service agreement.

Questions to ask yourself before you meet application development outsourcing company

  • Am I clear with project idea and documentation? 
  • Am I have any research for app features and functions that developers can use to give a precise project quote?
  • Am I want a full-fledged app product? 
  • What kind of product do I want? Android or iOS app and Web app? 
  • Am I prepared for what service needed? 
  • Am I have any fixed budget for the project development, i.e. outsource iPhone app development cost?

Indication of the best mobile app development company

  • In-time response 
  • Specify technology trends and suggest the best fit for your project
  • Gives you the technical precision if you continually ask about a project
  • Due to an agreement, they can not share the name of an existing project
  • Make friendly conversation 
  • They give you an exact route map for application development to execution
  • Quality delivery matters for them instead of presenting law or affordable rates


We knew that confusion happens while hiring outsources app development companies, either offshore or in-house. Hence, Zignuts would like to give you conviction of the subject “how application development outsourcing in 2021″.

Our partners are highly impressed with our communication team while giving project estimation. Here, you have a complete glance before you hire any outsource mobile developers or web app development agency in 2021. As we have shared a deep reading and we do provide the same. We want to give you all the necessary development services. Make a call if you are looking for website or app development for your business.

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