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10 Ordinary UX Design Mistakes To Avoid in App Development

on Mar 4, 2021
Ordinary UX Design Mistakes

It’s been a long time since smartphones are a crucial piece of our lives. It starts living with you from morning to night by forming various modes for you like wake-up alarms, a reminder for meetings, tracking fitness goals, connects you with family and friends, and puts you in peace by playing music or entertainment juice. As per the statistical analysis, the number of smartphone users has reached 3.8 billion by 2021. It accelerates the on-demand mobile app development company to play a vital role in various industries to bring its business app.
Number of smartphone users worldwide from 2016 to 2021
Something addresses leading for smartphones. The apps are the interest and primary requirement in the lives of the people. It makes your routine brighter by managing multiple tasks.
In 2018, global mobile app revenues amounted to over 365 billion U.S. dollars. In 2023, mobile apps have predicted to generate revenue of more than 935 billion U.S. dollars by paid downloads and in-app advertising. Businesses take it seriously that developing an app is the success path, but it fluctuates like the ocean waves.
Creating a mobile app requires perfection in enhancing features. UX de design is the communicating interface of your app that connects to the end-users. A look and feel decide to create or destroy an app. Therefore, you have to pay real consideration when designing.
Many apps failed to convince users, causing dislike designs and imperfection presentation of the app flow. So, the priority is to make a convenient look and go-flow while designing. What are the common mistakes you need to avoid in order to create a killer app interface?
Avoid these ordinary UX design mistakes when developing an app

1. Surveying adaptability with various apps

Your business app does not apply or use privately. A smartphone has several applications and is full of advanced features. You must confirm that the app idea and design work smoother with other apps as in the gadget. For example, the Uber app. This app will access data from the smartphone GPS-based and link data with a network of the app. Reason for app failure is that apps do not execute or coordinate with other features properly. It means to say that all apps must perform simultaneously, similar to the other apps. A responsive app behaves naturally in any gadget and gives you the same experience.

2. Complicated graphical behaviour

The similarity in the present apps that its appearance is flowing simple. It is a requirement from the customers to get solutions faster and persistent. Users will neglect a complicated interface which does not navigate them easily. Think twice about the app features and creating an app architecture before entering into the development. 
Check that the app flow and the features are matching to the purpose or not. Is it possible to more simplify the app design? Yes. Re-produce design architecture. Uber is the app that outshines due to its simple interface. The app features straightforward taxi booking with four screens to confirm a cab reservation. Don’t compromise with functionality by going with instinct.

3. Weak app structure

The grounding of the app is more important than its outer appearance. Make a plan for app architecture just right before the design and development part. It will be easier to link the app screen sequence as you wish to create. Design the user flow as well as the structure of the map without considering the esthetics.
Keep the customer’s need and industry demand in mind while designing the process flow. Must build three layers; presentation layer, business layer and data access layer. All the layers have a different perspective. The presentation layer involves the user interface, and the business layer focuses on the functionality of the app. The data access layers support assuring data transaction and storage.

4. Unexpected first reaction

Sometimes the first impression hints at a better and worse experience to the app users like you meet an unknown. If the app does not impress users from the start-end, will uninstall the app. The 20 percent of users uninstall apps due to limited storage space in the phone.
If you have the correct landing page and audience-oriented experience, your app will play long strike. A user-specific onboarding creates the right impression. If it is the opposite, it will be rejected. Thus, be careful not to build the onboarding too long. If it is necessary to express the onboarding, create steps for better recognition. Hire expert mobile app developer for developing the best impressions of your app.

5. Replicas

Don’t imitate your competitors. You should be unique and create a spectacular app that makes you different from others. Take an example, when you think about communicating apps, definitely WhatsApp is the answer. The 65 billion broadcasts are sent on the program daily as per the Oberlo.
There are various similar apps unsuccessful in achieving the same recognition and market portion. If you do not differentiate the app in your field, you will lose in the company. Make your UX as unique as your concept for application.

6. Spammy push notifications

Average US smartphone user receives 46 app push notifications per day. 31 % of users do not feel valuable push notifications; only 18% find them helpful. It is disturbing when you receive unnecessary notifications from the apps. Push notification is the key to progress confirmation of your app when promotion, but avoid spamming. Your effort is to create a balance between not being a spammer and removing. You can send necessary push notifications and a new update that concerns them.
For instance, bank apps notify you in advance about update servers so not use the app. When you make transactions, the app informs you by sending a notification. The best web and mobile app development company knows the proper balance between required and spammy pushes to programmed in your web and mobile app.

7. White space

White space is necessary. Unused space is imperative to counter the UX from looking excellent. A successful app stables content and white space. Your app needs to breathe in/out to articulate the features and details you want to exhibit to your users. Forcefully placing all the things in space on the screen will increase bounce rate or will lose users. Google Wave is the biggest failure due to an overwhelmed interface with features. Hire skilled mobile app developer who plants the best experience while developing your app.

8. Not including feedback

A User Experience(UX) should not be fixed as a milestone. Better is to make changes as per the user feedback you obtain. Mind that your users are much aware and can judge the functionality of your app than your developers. They are genuine with their feedback because they do experience throughout the day what works better and whatnot.
Produce your app flexible enough to include changes and feedback. Such successful apps look impressive nowadays compared to their initial launches. Each of them accepted the user’s concern for the app.

9. Inequality in design

Businesses rarely understand that branding is not only for material products or websites. Branding is around everything. According to Forbes, continuous branding helps boost revenue by 23 per cent. It stands for these apps. 
Make sure that the colour scheme and template of each page of your app is relevant. Adaptability nurtures friendliness and appreciation. A simple and seamless user experience can be experienced through this primary feature.

10. Confusing UX design

UI and UX are not the same. Both have different perspective. It is almost challenging to deliver the UI from the UX and opposite. UX design is pure and transparent that is operated by the user effortlessly. Users are not aware of the undisclosed analysis investment for formulating the foundation of the app. UI is an engaging interface where the user communicates, and UX that decides how and when to utilize both design disciplines will be essential for the app success.

Wrapping up,

The common UX design mistakes you must avoid during mobile app development. You can hire professionals to develop the project for you. Zignuts is the best choice for you. Our app developers have skills and expertise in various business fields. A faultless, unique and well-composed application in the result is your purpose-filled by the developers, no matter whom you have allocated the project to. Errors and mistakes are signs of improving products. Avoid these basic UX design mistakes when developing an app.

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