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How to Start an Online Learning Platform Like Udemy: Develop Your e-Learning Platform

on Apr 2, 2019

Online Learning Platform or e-Learning Platform is an On-demand application that allows companies and educational institutions to deliver content and resources to their learners and manage their delivery. These applications often provide easy means for instructors to create and deliver their content while simultaneously monitoring participation and assessing performance.

The Online Learning Platform Like Udemy business is prominent and profitable and it’s rising fast with the ever-growing demands of the knowledge-driven economy. The global engagement in learning and professional skills development has shifted the knowledge economy one step ahead.

Why Online Learning Platform & how to start an online learning platform like Udemy?

According to a 2K17 business report, the Global e-learning demand is expected to reach $275.10 billion by 2K22. Its expansion has its roots in the benefits that e-Learning Platform offers ranging from more adaptability in the process of learning, economic costs, simple accessibility and increased effectiveness by animated training.

Education is a never-ending industry and is currently increasing enormously online. Education is on the verge of an entire shift to digital space. That is because:

  • Gives the learning personalized. Unlike the common learning methods, significant advantage e-Learning Platform is that it encourages every student to learn at their own pace, and as per the time of their availability.
  • Gives diverse learning possibilities. Access to complete and part-time learning, varied language courses, school and college introductory curriculum, and advanced knowledge, everything will be available from a single Online Learning Platform Like Udemy or edX.
  • Benefits in assessment and adaptive education. e-Learning Platform uses several analytical tools that assist a student to evaluate their performance, thereby suggesting the subjects they need to focus, through adaptive learning.
  • Powers collaborative learning. Online Learning Platform Like Udemy makes it simple for the learners and educators to create, manage and access the groups.

Now let’s quickly review the factors that make Udemy special. Even though you are not planning to use Udemy to host your course, you can still learn from them and get motivation from them while building your own e-Learning Platform.

Here are some great ideas to consider when creating your own Online Learning Platform Like Udemy:

Offer Diverse Courses

Online Learning Platform Like Udemy offers a wide range of courses from history to advanced technology that provides 250+ subjects. Unlike Udemy, we actually suggest that you should only offer a much specific range of courses. You will be able to charge much more premium rates than they can. Certainly, because you are an expert in your area whereas Udemy endeavors everything under the star.

No requirements for preferring any course

Depending on their interests, students can opt for any course of their choice.

Well Designed Content Layouts

Support educators to simply post their courses and simple search choices for learners to find the subject of their interest on e-Learning Platform.

A Separate Design of Course Sections and Chapters.

When you log-in to your account and browse a course, you can resume anytime from where you left off.

Active Discussions and User Forums

Learners can discuss their courses with other students. Also, expect instructors to give a fast acknowledgment to their questions and doubts.

User-friendly Course Information

When learners are discovering the courses, the easy-view summary helps them to pick the exact subject they are looking for. The users can find exactly what they are going to get before they purchase the course.

Money Back Options

Udemy gives up to 100% refunds to students who are unsatisfied with the courses, and claim within a particular time. Assure your students what your refund policy is!

Reviews and Ratings

Students can filter among proficient teachers for a complete learning exposure based on the past student reviews & ratings on the instructor. Even though you may be the only instructor, you can still use testimonials & reviews to supplement social proof to your website and make more sales.

So, we believe you are convinced and set to launch your own Online Learning Platform Like Udemy or e-Learning Platform Startup. Of course, we’re sure you have many questions, like cost, time, technical requirements, and so on.

No big deal! let’s discuss the simplest method by far to build your own e-Learning Platform, even if you have zero experience.