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How Can On-Demand Logistics App Benefit Your Business?

on Jan 18, 2021
On demand Uber-like App for Trucks - Logistics App Development

Goods trucking service is required as much as in the present time almost 24*7. The transportation companies have several containers, shipments, goods, cargoes to deliver from source to destination daily.

The logistics operator is answerable to all the concerns; driver and customer. An on-demand logistics mobile app like Uber can help trucking and transportation firms to manage all the tasks for a successful freight. Moreover, a logistics admin is untroubled over answering all the messy situations.

There is no possibility of lacking work in logistics, but they can improve through the digital approach. If transportation companies can search and receive orders and communicate with the clients using a logistic app would benefit them.

It is manageable for those who owned logistics companies. They can operate the logistics business through the mobile app. It is economically profitable for the markets, and a successful app named Uber Freight is well-known in the digital platform.

This reading will help you to understand how logistics and transportation mobile applications are the ideal solutions for your business:

What is a logistic app?

A logistic app subdues manual efforts. A logistic mobile app helps enterprises to manage the line, roads, routes, cargo details, drivers, goods, and much more. Customers can trust their approached logistic associates to load and unload their container from source to destination.

An on-demand logistics mobile app permits users to schedule the transport in advance using their mobile app at any time they want. Additionally, users get real-time updates of their freight.

Why logistics mobile apps? What is the importance of a logistics app?

Modern on-demand logistics services are still a time-draining process; requires to submit documents, write emails, paperwork and other formalities. It is no wonder that approximately 80 % of manufacturers and logistics companies in the world have set their perceptions on logistics mobile apps development this year.

Logistics app is a significant part of a successful supply chain. It involves various firms to affect task accomplishment from source to destination and creates job opportunities for each department, and it encourages sales and profit of businesses which deal with the production, shipment, warehousing and delivery products. Further, a popular logistics service can boost a business value and a concrete public figure.

How can an On-demand Logistics App Benefit Your Business?

Logistic App benefits and Features

  • Customer service
    Happy customers appreciate your efforts. A logistics app will improve your customer experience through various services. It gives the immense effect on a customer with a feature of tracking the parcel to know the definite time of his/her courier dispatched. In case the customer is not available at the destination location on courier delivery, then dispatchers can quickly contact a team to deliver the shipment at their neighbourhood by using the app.
  • Effective transport management
    How can transport services remain effective? A logistics company can overcome the complex, multistep and lengthy processes with a digital solution. The logistics fleets and shipping companies are in benefit. Both can access a powerful medium to manage the goods transportation and delivery from source to the destination like logistics delivery mobile app.
  • Data Synchronization
    The usefulness of logistics and transportation mobile apps is to receive real-time information. Mostly, the logistics company suffers from bad data sync problems. It might delay the execution of delivery on time.

How can logistics apps help the trucking industry?
The data sync feature ensures a constant exchange of real-time information between each participant in the cargo delivery process. All the concerned parties will know about the change made at once. For example, if a truck operator changes the route or finds an unexpected delay and something happens.

  • Data on your display
    Building an Uber-like app for delivery trucks means granting transcendent mobility to employees of logistics and shipping companies. Data on your fingertips are accessible for carriers too. The driver app features can create a chance to connect with the clients.
  • More sharpness
    You can eye on the products that are shipped while using an on-demand logistics mobile app. Moreover, customers can track their deliverables and check the container efficiently. Besides, you can also use this tracking facility in a reliable taxi booking application to attract more customers by providing visibility of your customer’s ride(in numbers)to their friends and families.
  • Tremendous acceleration
    In the past, fastest, express courier service companies took advantage of competing for speedy delivery. Nowadays, it has become a requirement. Customers are demanding faster delivery of their shipment from logistics companies. An accurate route map, constant connection, and data sync are the essential factor of timely shipment.
    The benefit of a logistics app is to have a robust database which finds vehicle availability, optimizes the routes, and improves schedule. It reduces loading time and notifies traffic jams or diversions during the trip. Also, the app provides other ways to speed up shipload delivery. So, what would be the solution? The solution is to build an app like Uber for trucking.
  • Productive
    Digital services like Uber Freight approach by logistics business always result in benefits. It is profitable in terms of customer satisfaction and getting more customers. It is because the speed and quality of order execution are growing. An opportunity to improve your business to the extent both logistics companies and shipping agencies use logistics application.

Why does the trucking industry need mobile apps?

Logistics utility apps will make signifying on the road smooth for drivers with clear delivery instructions, documentation, receive payments, regulatory compliance, communication services, and most importantly to find loads with a press of a button to eliminate empty return miles. Want to make an app like Uber for trucking? Get a free quote now! 

Here is the list of big logistics app;

  • DHL Logistics
    The DHL overtime/shift app allows DHL colleagues to post ‘real-time’ availability for overtime and additional shifts.
    Colleagues control their availability with one single click.
  • Logistics Mobile
    Logistics by Gurtam, the developer of Wialon satellite tracking system, has created specifically for distribution companies and delivery services. The new order management application has designed to use with Logistics web-service on the part of couriers and drivers.
  • Transporto – Digital logistics partner
    Transporto is a digital logistic platform designed to bridge the gap between customers and truck owners by enhancing the communication of the customers and truck owners and eliminating the problems faced by both. It helps in balancing the demand-supply chain of the transportation services efficiently by meeting the needs of every type of client, regardless of size or location of your goods.

Features are divided into three categories; shippers, carriers, and managers.

1. Trucking shipper app features

  • Registration & Authorization
    Registration in any app by users and companies is must for a professional approach. Signup can be done by various social networks. Anyone who wants to deliver a cargo using your trucking shipper app should be able to place an order.
  • Carrier booking
    A clerk from the shipping company registered in your on-demand logistics app and wants to hire a truck to deliver his shipment. Allow him to get the desired service.
  • Carrier tracking
    As earlier discussed to get real-time data access by users, a user who has booked a carrier and wants to know the exact location of the vehicle having his cargo can access tracking features to know real-time data.
  • Order records
    A shipper can check the whole records of completed orders.
  • Order payment
    Carrier and trucking shipper application provides online paying services. It’s ineffective if a logistics app can not support online payment services. There is a third-party service accessible like PayPal to integrate the payment gateway in-app.
  • Notifications
    The application notifies the shippers about such things; delivery status of his cargo, changes in orders, route change, delays and more.

2. Carrier app features

  • Registration & authorization
    Carriers must register with your logistics service too. They can register with various options discussed above.
  • Search engine
    We discussed a robust database for finding vehicles. They add a search engine with filtering and sorting systems using advanced development methods. Search engine feature will allow the carriers to get a list of orders with suitable parameters. He can choose the best fit for him.
  • Order details
    Right after the order list received, the carrier has to make an appropriate choice. What are the supporting features help him to make a choice? He must able to open a page with order description. He must get information about both freight and delivery. Based on the shared data, he chooses the order from the list.
  • Discovering the suitable route
    A feature offers the perfect route with less traffic, optimal delivery time into account. Offering a fit route is one of the helpful and requisite traits in the logistics driver app. It should be into account.
  • Confirmation of order
    After order delivery, the carrier needs to prove a successful delivery.  Let’s just set a feature like carriers service provides a receipt copy image to clients.

3. Corporate app features

We discussed a bundle of features for the companies who have their vehicle and offer cargo transportation services. Those features are for a special kind of logistics app to organize their internal business processes. Hire a development company for your logistics and transportation mobile app.

  • Dashboard
    A dashboard is a layout of a multiple windows holds a list of orders with their status suggestion (new order, the order in progress, order accomplished) A company manager can examine information about the shipper, the carrier who accepted the order, and other.
  • Controlling Driver & vehicle
    Logistics mobile apps allow operators to control delivery and follow vehicle movements by tracking in real-time.
  • Payments
    Payment management is must required features in the app when the app deals with financial transactional to accomplish orders.
  • Specific notifications
    Specific alerts inform drivers about government operations checking cargo, tire pressure, licence, insurance, authority letters and lot more.
  • Reports
    A report generation has programmed to check a particular driver portfolio for his work efficiency or track the company performance.

Advanced features

  • Data security
    Security is the main thought that comes in the human mind. To considering logistics app security, an app should protect user data for both carriers and shippers. To handle security issues are quite troublesome, but experts may available to solve them.
  • Multi-lingual support
    If you are a logistics company that operates business internationally throughout, must have multi-language support in your logistics app. If not then ask your hired on-demand app development company to add on multi-language feature to comfortable users. In a driver app, regional language feature makes it easier for drivers to deal with orders.
  • In-app chat
    In-app chat is a real-time feature in the logistics app. It helps drivers to communicate with headquarter whenever they want.

What kind of logistics apps do you want to develop?

Are you an owner of a logistic company? or are you a businessman looking for startup opportunity?

After reading the article, you might have an idea for your logistics app development. But before you finalize the concept; you might think about what could you offer to your customers? What kind of trucking shipper application do you want to publish?

How to develop an Uber-like app for a logistics business?

Being an on-demand logistics app development company, we have enough expertise over the subject and have a detailed outline for developing a logistics mobile application. We use the standard development process; include several stages starting from prototype design, wire-frame, UI/UX design, programming, testing, to deployment.

Cost to Develop a Logistic App?

We have shown various benefits of having a logistics application for your business. You know the better answer. The cost of developing a mobile app depends on what kind of features you want to add to your logistics app. The complicated features you add in the app will expect extra developing hours, which leads to a rise in the price incorporated with app development.

There are additional costs for logistics app development, like app maintenance, updating, marketing, and the cost of testing the app.

Are you looking for a logistics app development company?

You are in the right direction. You can check our website and application portfolios and make up your mind with a powerful intention to launch your logistics app this year. Check out the portfolio!


Let’s be digital and connect with the world. Day by day, customers are aware of the latest technology and demanding extraordinary things. We put down long research for logistics app benefits and its features with cost estimation.

Being a logistics service providing company, it’s your responsibility to improve your customer experience and fulfil their demands. If you want to make an app like Uber for trucking for your logistics business or your existing logistics app needs advanced features to add on and need maintenance, Zignuts an on-demand logistics app development company is best fit for your logistics app development.