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On-demand App Startup: 4 Factors You Must Consider Before Building an Uber Like App for Handyman

on Aug 30, 2018
On demand Uber Like App for Handyman startup

Currently, we are living in the era where everything and every service are available at your fingertips. There is no doubt that Uber pioneered this revolution of the On-demand startup economy which brought everything whether it is a taxi booking, or food order, or even a Handyman service we can get them all via the mobile apps that are called On-demand Mobile Apps. Nowadays “Uber-like app” startup is another means of telling “on-demand service for X.”. Uber Like App for Handyman development is one of many startup models that thrive in different areas.

Considering revolution to the handyman services, Startup like an on-demand Uber Like App for Handyman has turned the home services at another level. We can say it’s homee on demand and will be developed as Uber of home repairs. Uber Like App for Handyman startup makes handyman services request very easy and comfortable. Whether it is an electrician, plumber or a carpenter, your requirements will be satisfied by this on-demand app.

Why startup like an On-demand Uber Like App for Handyman?

  • It saves time, money and efforts to ease of use and reliability
  • This proffers real-time opportunities and not the edges which take time to convert
  • Service Providers can work as per their schedule and convenience
  • The app helps business to grow and expand their services in the market.
  • Service Providers can get their funds within 72 hours
  • The application includes license, agreement and ensures the work performed
  • The app does use of Realtime Tracking services even while running in the background

Now, let’s look out four pivotal features that startups can consider before building an Uber Like App for Handyman.


1. Assists to find nearby Handyman

Find Nearby Feature seamlessly connects users to nearby service providers who provide a wide range of repairs services, typically around the home. You can add various services as per your customers’ demands. This Feature helps in forming a private network of individuals that operate with high trust. The app provides all details to providers beforehand and they can decide if they can do this job in a given budget or not. It will include the estimation, service charge, and cancellation charge.

2. Variety of Payment Modes

One of the essential features is allowing your customer various payment methods when it comes to building an On-demand Uber Like App for Handyman. It provides your customers a seamless experience that they can make the payment according to their convenience.

Of course, the Payment process must be smoother and safer. Also, customers must have various option in the selection of payment method. Allowing cashless payments facility increase online business which leads to fewer fraud chances.

The customer can pay via debit/credit card or mobile wallets upon completion of services. Also, you can provide promo codes and coupon feature that entertain your customer. This also drives users to make their transactions through the application. There are many options available for the online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. Options allow easy integration to your app that is very secure and authentic. Selecting the right payment gateway is very important for your app.

In short, This is one of the important features, which you should not miss to consider when building an On-demand Uber Like App for Handyman.

3. Flexible Booking and Scheduling

Providing flexibility to your customer increases ease of your application. The customer can book their services in advance for particular time schedule depending on their availability and convenience. This feature gives your customer a rich user experience and leverages your user retention and loyalty. It a very reliable option which allows your customer with options such as book service now, schedule and book service for later flexible time based on service provider availability.

4. Allow Users to Track Service Provider

The fourth pivotal feature but the very effective feature to consider is allowing the customer to track service providers. It allows your customer to check the real-time location of the service provider. Using this feature they can know whether the handyman is on their way or not and how much time they will take to reach.

Thus, if you are planning to develop an Uber-like handyman app, such a feature is identified as one of the necessary features. Once the service provider accepts a service request from the customer, then customers can track their real-time location and also find their contact details.


To put all together, we can say that these mobile app features can give your startup a competitive edge to develop an on-demand Uber Like App for Handyman. Jot down everything that works best for your application.

It is very important to develop an app around your consumers’ needs to get triumph in this new era of an on-demand economy.

So, if you have such a revolutionary and disruptive startup idea alike Uber Like App for Handyman, then you can consult with us as we help startups and SMEs to turn their idea into reality with our broad experience in mobile and web application development.

If you have any query or concern to build an on-demand Uber Like App, reach out to us and our software consultant will be in touch with you.