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On Demand Services App – Benefits & Future

By Zignuts Team on May 15, 2020
Benefits and future of On-demand Service app - Zignuts Technolab

We are living in a world where everyone is busy with their smart devices and try to find the simplest and easiest way to solve their day to day requirements. We are in the era of technology and every business seeks something new to engage with their consumers and when the path between you and your consumer becomes easy and simple your business growth graph will rise like never before.

As per the Harvard Business Review, the On-Demand economy is every year bringing more than 22.4 million customers, and the spending is about $57.6 billion. Again, if we take a glimpse at the marketplace, online markets are consuming the most with 16.3 million customers who on average spend $36 billion every year.

On-demand Service App

What are the On demand Applications?

On-Demand apps can be considered as connecting consumers and various businesses. On-Demand apps cover various sectors, and consumers can get multiple products or services at the tip of the fingers within a matter of a few seconds which they wish to purchase. 

Now, these services can range from pickup & delivery, taxi, food delivery, grocery, handyman, cleaning & home service, laundry, beauty & salon, medical & pharmacy, etc. In short, customers can get their hands on such services with a few taps on their smartphone devices.

In simple terms, on-demand app development is the process of building the custom mobile app in any platforms like iOS and Android or both, which are used in rendering on-demand products and services.

Benefits of On Demand Apps

Nowadays, more than 80% of businesses out there are into On-Demand app development for their business, and so when it comes to developing customized mobile app solutions, everything is justifiable. One of the smarter ways to manage your business effortlessly & automate daily operations. In general, the on-demand mobility solutions are about ordering almost anything, whenever you require it. Such mobile apps will be essential for raising ROI for your business all the while adding value to it.

Some of the best benefits of having an On Demand App for your industries are

The Era of Mobile Technologies

There are more users spending their time on mobile applications as compared to the mobile web. As per Statista, the number of mobile users is said to rise by 4.68 billion from 2015–2020. This is the opportunity to invest in mobile apps and develop a solid business strategy & Plans. 

You will be eager to reach the specified ROI for your business once you hire the proper mobile app development company for the business.

A complete busyness app will be centered on growing productivity all the while minimizing the issues faced by employees.

If you are in a business like a pickup & delivery, taxi, food delivery, grocery, handyman, cleaning & home service, laundry, beauty & salon, medical & pharmacy, etc. On-Demand apps are the best choice for your investment in the business.

Employee satisfaction and efficiency

When you hire the right and experienced mobile app development company for your work you will be capable of reaching the aspired ROI for your enterprise. 

This will be based on the expertise of project management that it makes in, usability and user-friendliness of the custom-built functionalities.

Also when you are investing in the entire business application it will be more centered on improving productivity and minimizing the issues encountered by employees. On-Demand apps can promote a business to go to the next level.

Security and Scalability

You can quickly scale as per your customer needs & wants. e.g the online payment system will support the restaurant business to serve their consumer on time and without any long queue barriers through a safe payment and increased scalability.

Customers and their demands change. On-Demand apps are in trend because they are quickly scalable as per customer preference. On-Demand applications can be modified to access new products, changing market situations,  and services, and get the benefit of competitive advantage. Again, compared to any other mobile app build for popular mobile app platforms like iOS, Windows, or Android these apps are more helpful with scalability.

Open the door for newer opportunities

Opportunities in business are essential and when you have the mobile app which grants you the opportunity to improve your business then, what else do you require?

When you are delivering the value to your consumer then it’s apparent that you have their data in return like phone numbers, address, email address, taste and preferences, interests, and whatever you need to know. This looks like getting into the head of your target audience.  Such a huge number of various data can let you do many things:


  • You have data for analysis and based on that you can plan business strategies.
  • You can offer to the audience about any upcoming sales offers & benefits. 
  • You can do email marketing to market your products 
  • You can keep personalized relation with customers
  • Through personalized relation support you can directly offer benefits and discounts 
  • ‘Business-customer’ relationship will help a business through the WORD OF MOUTH to increase your business branding
  • Heighten your conversion rates. 

Long term is affordable

Affordability doesn’t go for free or cheap, Because ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ kinds of stuff are over expensive in the long-term. If you provide the service like many competitors and if you are choosing a generic solution for your business which is accessible in the market! There is no meaning in choosing a generic solution for your business.

But, when you know your customer’s needs and you are giving value to your customer with ease, you will achieve sufficient ROI making the cost of the application affordable. So hire a dedicated or affordable mobile app developer and get started developing your business.

Some of the best benefits of having an On-Demand app for customers are

Ease of selecting the provider

When a customer uses an On-Demand app, the customer will have the facility to select the identical provider for a service. 

For the ease of the customer, when he chooses a provider for service and makes a purchase, the provider will get added to the favorite list. If the customers are delighted by the provider, they will easily select the equivalent provider again. 

If the customer picks a provider for service many times, then that provision will also be notified about the same.

Tracking facility

Once the customer makes an order with the provider by making use of the application, the customer will be offered GPS tracking functionality which will track the order from the service provider’s side.

Again, by making use of the google map service, the customers are going to be ready to track the live location also as getting a notification alongside the exact location.

During the development stage of the On-demand application, the developer will add a google map which can be made available to both consumers and providers.

Cashless payment facility

In this era of m-Commerce, a large number of options available out there in the market in terms of making mobile payments which plays a key role, the On-demand apps also allow different payment options to the customers so as to encourage them to make payments in their way.

This has helped the customers to pay for the received service in a quick, safe, and straightforward manner.

Rating and review option

On-Demand apps success greatly depends on the option of rating,  review, and client testimonials for the customers. This option is made accessible when the service is offered, or the delivery is made. 

The service provider can control to get a reputation for themselves in the market based on positive reviews and high ratings. Such reviews and ratings help you enhance user experience and app quality.

Main Features of On Demand Apps

When it comes to developing an On-Demand app for your business which features will be included are the most essential. We are the Top Mobile App Development Company and will look into it and offer you the required features for your app well. Still, for your information, some of the essential features which you need to have included in there are:


Notification is used to letting the customers know about the limited period offers or services you are providing. You can select message notifications to inform the customers, and it will be a useful marketing tool too. 

Notifications also can be used to send some real-time status regarding any requests as well as let them know about the changed request status. Notification is a really useful feature for any mobile application.

GPS tracking 

If your app is providing a service like online order GPS Tracking remains as the key feature to track your orders; as it can easily let your customers know about the progress of their placed orders.

If your app is providing a service like online order GPS integration plays a key role. When it is about developing the On-Demand application, it can quickly let the customers know about the progress of their assigned orders.

Activity List

Through this feature, your customer can use your application smoothly, and easily. This shows the customers their orders, search results, and other important data for a fast reference. This way the app takes the load off the consumers to recall everything.

Wishlist / Favourite

When the consumer is not willing to make a purchase, or sometimes products that they are searching for are out of stock. So if the consumer will find the wishlist feature then they will add the products to their wishlist and once the product is back in stock the user will be notified. 

This feature will encourage customers with the purchase process they can purchase the product directly from the wishlist when they are willing to make the purchase or when the product is back in stock.

Payment Gateway

In this era of m-Commerce, mobile payment functionality plays an important role. The possibilities of getting your On-Demand app more pleasant, acceptable, and used will depend on the various payment gateway options you facilitate there.

Ratings and reviews

Rating and Reviews help on-demand applications to become a success, it greatly depends on the reviews and client testimonials. They will help you enhance user experience and app quality.

Booking cancellation

Due to having some reasons when the customer will have to cancel the order. So there should be a feature which enables them to cancel or reschedule the booking as per their convenience.

Multiple orders booking

Multiple orders functionality is extremely useful to allow the buyers at once at the store. So, all that the mobile app requires to do is to gather the basic data of the customer, which can support a smoother checkout process for every placed order.

Industries Being Disrupted by On-Demand App

Home & Cleaning Service Industry

Home & cleaning services demands around the world are increasing, and there was a time when it had become difficult to handle it efficiently. So instead of moving from place to place and looking for services, it has now become easy for the consumers to find them at their fingertips. Offer your expert service or services to your customers and manage your staff, bookings, and more from a powerful dashboard. 

Foods & Restaurant Industry

On-Demand applications perfectly suit the Food & Restaurant industry. 

Consumers can quickly browse and choose their desired dishes by using a mobile app. Automate order management, delivery dispatch, real-time delivery tracking & marketing campaigns to scale your business. Take your business online with ordering apps, delivery apps, and websites. With food being a necessity and with people spending more hours working, this business comes with endless possibilities, and there is no way this business can go down.  While this concept is mutually beneficial for those two parties, it will benefit the users as well.

Taxi booking services

The success of Uber and OLA has raised the need for On-Demand taxi businesses. The traditional taxi business has been sidelined by this business which allows a simple way for the users to connect with the best taxi services. Unlike the usual taxi business, brands like Uber and OLA do not own any taxis; rather it just connects the users with the taxi drivers. The success of Uber and OLA can drive to more number of businesses growing up in the commuting sector. If you are an entrepreneur who is searching for a greater opportunity in the commuting business having software for taxi service will be essential.


Healthcare is the biggest industry of all time. This is also the kind of industry that supports frequent updates and changes. Humanity can benefit from the technological innovations and rapid discovery that come with this line, but there has ever been a challenge to reach this service to needy people. 

Now this challenge can be tackled by the development of On-Demand health care services. Healthcare mobile enterprise solution connects patients with doctors and a dashboard to manage requests. 

It will become possible to go for immediate consultation services, get home visits of doctors, respond to requests, or having video chats for virtual consultation is also an awesome thing. Hospital and clinic’s appointment management solutions can manage shifts, automate appointments, and manage your staff. It also provides complete aggregation services, provides discovery, book appointments & rate, and reviews online.

Repair & Maintenance Service Industry

Earlier, it was hard for people to find a plumber, an electrician, an AC serviceman, other repair servicemen and support workers. With the introduction of on-demand apps, this has become so easy. You just need to tap on your phone to find trusted, professional and vetted workers. If you are the owner of such a business, you can go ahead to develop an app with us. We have successfully delivered an app for finding Repair persons on demand for a client in Germany.

Tours & Travel Industry

Ever heard about Airbnb, TripCase, Travelport, Hotel Tonight? If not, go and read how impressively they’re growing as travel agents because of their on-demand services on mobile devices. It’s time to make friends with technology and serve excellently like all these companies.

Challenges of On-Demand App

Choosing The Right Business Model

Mainly On-Demand services are all about paying for tangible items or for the time or work of somebody. The decisions of the business model make a powerful impact on customer satisfaction and experience, needs and preference, and margins. Business owners should follow different business models to succeed like vertical integration, horizontal integration, bundling or unbundling, and B2C or C2C.  

Importance of Customer Experience

Positive consumer experience not only results in making a customer satisfied and happy, but it can also drive to additional revenue. However, in terms of On-Demand services, this category requires to be learned and perfected. The two main key points that form the positive customer experience are PEOPLE and PRODUCT. Whatever be the brand and its services, only the ones giving the right customer experience will be admired and thanked.


Startups and SMEs require to keep some rules and regulations in mind with their On-Demand services business. Whether it is about shipping or transportation regulations or professional kitchen safety, they require to know when they need to be on edge and when not.


A large number of On-Demand services are local which means they are limited by geographic boundaries. This simply means that the normal growth channels of marketing do not do gain like consumer internet services. Again, if the business is not covered across the nation, then SEO will not work strongly with your mobile-first tactics. Here, marketing channels that allow city-first targeting like Facebook or Twitter install in terms of apps can work and support with greater ROIs.


Startups are ever in favor of building products, but unlike the traditional start-ups, On-Demand start-ups require to bring together every part to make it appropriate. For a more reliable and more agile user experience it is essential to know what services require to be outsourced and what should be managed by the in-house team. Proper knowledge of this field will support them to dedicate their resources for essential things like growth, operations, customer experience, and satisfaction, etc. 

Future of On-Demand apps

For an entrepreneur who is more focused on the On-Demand economy for their startup business than taking a decision will not be an easy task. Whatever business idea you have, it can be understood that on-Demand services are running to stay here for a long time. While there are some, who think that On-Demand business is a bubble that will burst after some time. They even think that people are just following the Uber business model and practicing it across various industries. 

Whatever it may be, one thing for sure is occurring, and it is the changing consumer trends. To keep up with it, business models require to adapt too and On-Demand services have proved to be doing great so far.

Popular On-Demand Apps

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Grab
  • Instacart
  • VistaJet
  • OlaCabs
  • DoorDash
  • Postmates
  • Cabify
  • Swiggy
  • Taxify
  • Netflix

Wrapping it up

If you are still unclear about the on demand app development services of the business model and also what meaning it adds to your industry specifically? Talk to our expert and get a free consultation call.

On Demand apps are focused on allowing effective and efficient services to consumers quickly. The ease of availability and accessibility to select services within a few clicks is what makes it a comfortable choice for the consumers. Looking at the current market situation, it can be said that this service is going to stay here for a long time and we may even witness it getting into newer industries.

Visit our Portfolio page to acknowledge the projects. In general, the on demand mobility solutions are about ordering almost anything from anywhere, whenever you require them.

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