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On-demand Economy: Which industries are the Future of On-demand economy?

By Zignuts Team on May 23, 2018
On-demand Economy

Today’s On-demand economy has emerged the traditional business model through bridging customer and service provider by providing customers what they want at their fingertips. Statistics show how new on-demand trend has drastically evolved and changed the way businesses serve people thus it becomes the most expressed business term of the decade.

Some Facts on the “ On-Demand Economy”

  • 45 Million Americans (22% of adult population) have offered services in on-demand service.
  • 51% of those who offered services in on-demand economy admitted that their financial situation has improved in past year.
  • 63% workers say that they are working with on-demand startups to earn supplemental income.
  • 46% people working in this economy say they are working because of their flexible schedule.
  • 41% of people who have used or provided an on-demand service live in urban areas.


According to Burson-Marsteller’s on-demand economy survey.


Let’s take a glimpse of the world of On-demand before rolling our eyes to the future of On-demand Industries…

The World of On-demand

Nowadays, when we need to go somewhere we just unlock our smartphones and call the cab. when we need some groceries but because of lack of time we order the groceries online to avoid spending our times to go to grocery stores each week. when we need to get repair some stuff in the house we hire a jobber from the app to reduce our physically searching efforts.

We all are using the On-demand solutions to make our day to day lives easy and comfortable.

turning the flows to the future of On-demand industries…

Future of On-demand industries

From the facts and figures, it shows day by day On-demand competition would increase undoubtedly. Let’s take a look at Industries where On-demand economies lie.


1. Home Services

At this time when people are becoming savvy to the internet and with busy schedule people now wanted all the things to get done online whether it is online payment or ordering their requirements from the home everything, they are preferring gets things done while sitting on their home.

Home Services

Now you can call plumber or electrician through scrolling to some apps which is intermediate between you and the service provider.


2. Hyperlocal

Hyperlocal Industry has taken the On-demand to the next step. One who wants some pizza they will get delivered the pizza to their home without stepping-out to the door. The third-party service provider will order on behalf of you and brings to you from your favorite place. In return, they will take just a few percent service charge.


3. On-demand Hire Jobbers

One of the most rising On-demand trend is hiring jobbers. Unlike before, today people hire jobbers as a freelancer or part-timer to get their things done whether it is technical stuff or not-technical. This eventually helps people to save their money and providing flexibility to the jobbers who are like such kind of job where they can choose whether go for the job or not.

On-demand Hire Jobbers

Thus on demand has marked the track which away people from the hassle and makes them comfortable without going out physically.


Wrapping up

With the use of mobile app and website, one can do anything, to anyplace according to their choice without getting bothered by searching out and going physically to the store, or center. A large number of website and apps providing such on-demand services that may disrupt the market or help you to get your things done.