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Everything You Need to Build An App for Navigation and Transportation: Routify Transit App

September 15, 2021 - 12:35 pm - Post by Zignuts
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Over the decades, probably transportation, navigation, and transit app have become frequently involved. Almost, it offers ever-more ways for users to find location, public transport, and traffic information and a variety of transit options like Triplanner.

No doubt Google has provided a great application that provides almost all the advanced features. They offer multiple routes navigation, traffic patterns, street view facility, ETA, distance information, and much more.

Hence, zignuts have taken one step further with developing a Routify transit app. It is more simplistic and user convenient by giving a customized navigation experience of Google Map.


Routify helps you to find the available public transport mediums for reaching your destination. Similarly to Google Maps, it will also give you the distance and travel time between two locations. It shows the easiest available routes. It also enables to track you the current travel location. You can also save your frequently visited locations. Also, you can directly pick them out from the saved locations.


Designed to give experience what values most to you with every exploration. Now when the next van is coming, which transportation to take to get to work, or which public transit route will take you there fastest. Finally, the Routify App will assist you to get where you’re going in the most efficient way possible.

Simple and Powerful 

  • Get information about public transports to your destination with live tracking
  • Check the traffic conditions for your area and even more save your favorite locations.

Real-time Transit experience

  • A simplistic view of upcoming stations and changeovers
  • Customized and optimistic experience of google map navigation

Adapts to your needs

  • Customize the settings as per your preferences
  • Various Map Styles: Standard, Dark, White

About Zignuts:

Zignuts Technolab is a creative team that brings ideas into reality. We create transportation, navigation, and transit app experiences that inspire. The systemic approach of our team members helps them to assess, identify and solve any technological issues your company has, all while adhering to your business values.