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What Is Lean Startup Methodology and How It Can Help Your Startup

on Jun 15, 2018

The Lean Startup could be a systematic strategy to formulate and manage startups. Lean Startup methodology develops businesses and product that aims to shorten development cycles by adopting a mix of investigation, experiment, test, and iterate

The Lean Startup methodology guides a way to run a startup, a way to steer, when to shift, and when to endure, and grow a venture with most acceleration. it’s a high-principled technique to new development.

The lean startup methodology was initial introduced by Eric Ries in 2008, however its impact has been huge.

What does the lean startup means

Advocates of the methodology say lean startup methodology make sure that entrepreneurs build products that customers truly wish, instead of making an attempt to develop businesses based mostly upon untested ideas.

They conjointly describe it intellect as “fail fast, fail cheap” as a result of the lean startup methodology is intended to limit the time and funds endowed in product ideas before entrepreneurs have to be compelled to examine and confirm their potential significance.

Let’s take a glimpse at how the lean startup methodology will facilitate your startup to introduce and build worth for your client.

The lean startup methodology


The primary goal of a startup is to show their ideas into reality, measure how consumers react, and then learn whether or not to pivot or persist. The aim of Build-Measure-Learn isn’t to make the required product to publish on market or perhaps to make a model of a product, however, to maximise learning.

The “build” step indicates building a minimal viable product (an MVP). it is vital to know that an mvp isn’t the product with fewer options. it’s the best form that you simply can gift your customers where you’ll be able to get the foremost learning at that point in time.

So, the goal of Build-Measure-Learn is not only to make something, the goal is to make one thing to validate or invalidate the initial concept.
Don’t simply begin with “ideas”, begin with “hypotheses”

It is more vital to realize that the “idea “ and “hypotheses” are 2 important fundamentals. For the most entrepreneur, the word “idea” entreats up an insight that instantly demands a concept to bring it to achievement. In contradiction, a “hypothesis” anticipates an informed guess that needs analysis and researches the data to validate or invalidate.

The Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

A minimal viable product (MVP) is the “version of a new product that allows a team to determine the most amount of valid learning regarding customers with the smallest amount effort”. the aim of an mvp is to look at basic business hypotheses and to help entrepreneurs to start the training method swiftly.

The minimal viable product you’ll be needed to seek out the correct customers is completely different from the minimal viable product you would like for measuring price, that is completely different from an mvp you’d build to look at specific product options. and every one of those hypotheses modification over time as you learn a lot of.

Validated Learning

Progress in building is measured by the production of high-quality goods. The Lean Startups is valid learning an exact technique for showing growth when one is embedded within the soil of final ambiguity. Once entrepreneurs adopt valid learning, the development method will shorten extensively.

Once you concentrate on understanding the correct stuff to make the thing customers wish and can procure. you’ll not have to be compelled to pay months expecting for the initial product beta launch to change the business space. Instead, entrepreneurs will accommodate their plans incrementally, inch by inch, row by row.

Innovation Accounting

To increase entrepreneurial consequences, and to sustain entrepreneurs accountable, we need to consider the tedious stuff: a way to measure flow, a way to create milestones, a way to prioritize tasks. It needs a new kind of accounting, specific to startups.

The Pivot

A pivot could be a structured various correction supposed to check a new primary hypothesis about the product, plan, and engine of growth. creating the conclusion to pivot is one in every of the troublesome phases of the Lean Startup methodology as a result of founders and entrepreneurs are showing emotion bound to their products. “Launch it and see what occurs” always results in a positive outcome: you’ll actually see what happens!

A pivot isn’t sure as shooting a failure, it indicates that you just can modify one in every of the basic hypothesis that you just began with.

Continuous deployment

Continuous deployment is like continuous delivery. it’s a method whereby all code that’s developed for an application is directly deployed into the production, which results in a decrease cycle times.
The approach is that you are often updating your live production systems, every day, all day.

Rise as a trend

The Lean Startup methodology has obtained traction in recent years, with business academies teaching the methodology and established organizations and enormous enterprises applying lean startup ideas to their own innovation initiatives. If you’re not adopting the Lean Startup ideas in your business already, you ought to be seeming to do so shortly.