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How to Build a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?

on Feb 11, 2021

In 2020, the uncertainties downloaded on us, and we have to deal with intricacy, where the WHO advised people to keep a social distance from one another. The COVID-19 affected human life and pushed the global population and businesses to apply WFH policy.
A liveliness in the meetings can experience by the video call and impacts well over the conversation. Thus, corporate employees and businesses arrange meetings on video conference calls. It opens enforcing ways in the market for video conferencing apps like Zoom.
Video conferencing software and video chat applications have seen a large wave in demand due to the pandemic. In March, video conferencing apps saw a record 62 million downloads. Much of the growth is due to increasing adoption of platforms like Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom as businesses switched to remote working to limit the virus spread.
Zoom the most downloaded video conferencing app globally in February and March, and it continues to see a high number of downloads across the US, EU and UK.
Recently, build a video chat app is the best idea to accumulate and make a success key for your business. You are thinking right for launching your own video conferencing app. Let us get into the complete outline on how to build a conference app like Zoom. You will know why you need to develop video chat apps, features and development cost.

Why should developing a video chat application like zoom
What are the reasons for creating a video conferencing app? For three reasons, we can get a precise conception.

Value of Video Conferencing in the future market
Earning money is your purpose by creating a video chat app like Zoom. It is only possible when you have studied the market analysis and found a flourishing and healthy market. Now it is undoubtedly worth investing in video conferencing market.

North America Video Conferencing Market Size

According to the research report, the global Video Conferencing Market was estimated at USD 4.8 Billion in 2019 and has expected to reach USD 9.2 Billion by 2027. The global Video Conferencing Market has expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.45% from 2019 to 2026. Quickly popular video chat apps are increasing in all industries. The popularity of the video conferencing market will remain the same for a long time.

Enough scope to develop and establish in the market
Mostly educational institutes delivered classes through the video chat application like Zoom and Google Meet. You have a fabulous opportunity to enter the education industry and develop your business. Video chat apps are not limited to a single enterprise but have large scopes for other enterprises too!

Video chat apps quickly became famous during the lockdown
Entire globe in the quarantine period, people have only the option to get the assistance of technology for staying tuned with the nearest one, handle conferences, working, office procedures and many things using video chat apps.

Developing a Video Conferencing App like Zoom
Appropriate research, smart planning and time are the three-parameter need for building a video chat app like Zoom. Steps to develop a video chat application like zoom.

Powerful Idea and Market Analysis
Verify your plan with the opponents and confirm the possibility in the market. For that, you need to do a proper market analysis. The unique features in your app sound different than others. App user interface should design as per your target audience.

Fascinating Video Chat App Design
After the analysis of the idea, your app creativity takes place as the next step. A wireframe and UI/UX design has to prepare for your users. Your application design will attract millions. Therefore, you need to use a proper colour combination. Soothing colours can help to charm businesses through video conferencing apps. A simple and intuitive design will have a better effect if you want to develop an app for a group.

Back-end Development
The back-end is the central portion of the app development process. The database creation, web server and app server are the part of back-end development. It sets basic protocols for the app on which various functionalities rely. Scalability of the application allows numerous users to stay in your app concurrently.

Technology Stack
If you want to launch your app on a single platform, the native platforms are appropriate. You have choices to pick one like Kotlin and Java for Android app development, and Objective-C and Swift for iOS app development. There is a hybrid app development which is known as a cross-platform application. You can go with Flutter and React Native. App development companies can give you a brief if you have confusion about it. Hire android and iOS, app developers

Application Testing
Application deployment is the ultimate step. It is a fundamental procedure in video chat app development. You must focus on testing the application for eliminating the scopes of any error and bug in it. 

Features to Develop Conferencing App like Zoom

Features to Develop Video Conferencing App like Zoom

What features to add when developing a video conferencing app? Let’s check out the features into your video chat app.

  • User Profile Authority
    Users become a remarkable reality in your app’s environment after signup in the app. You can identify them with their profile names and pictures. You need to set a user profile: streamline it structurally, allow the users to keep data private and public, do not overload the dashboard with additional information. Allow users to edit their profiles smoothly and comfortably.
  • App Orientation
    Develop a simple app orientation process to engage your users. A user is allowed to register him/herself by manually and using social platforms. Additionally, the user’s permission mode has to be secure and smooth. So, users can use it without stress concerning their account’s safety.
  • Video and Voice Calls
    You need a publisher-subscriber pattern that can receive via a technology known as WebRTC. Through which, voice and video calling features can arrange in your app. It is your responsibility to provide HD video and clear sound while users use voice & video call features. Get in touch with us for video calling app development.What is WebRTC? Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) is an open-source project created by Google to enable peer-to-peer communication in web browsers and mobile applications through application programming interfaces. It includes audio, video, and data transfers. It improves voice and video calling features in your app.
  • Encryption Codes
    You can encrypt the message, the users’ device and decrypt on the receiver’s device with end-to-end cryptography technology. Cryptography has been used for the data privacy of users. That’s what, this feature is the assurance to privacy for your users, and your application is secure.
  • Chat
    Many video chat apps integrate chat features that allow users to communicate with each other during a call or meeting. You can combine a third-party tool in your video chat app.
  • Group Calls
    Assure your app assists users to create group calls. A multiple conference feature is a difficult task to accomplish but is the core of any video-conferencing application. Users need to streamline conferences or team meetings using the app. You can set restrictions on the video conferencing app where several participants access a group call.
  • Screen sharing
    The screen sharing feature is playing a crucial role in video conferencing apps. It allows users to share their screens with other participants to go through presentations. A teacher offers online tutorials to students.
  • Push Notifications
    Push notifications inform all the users about new messages, updated features of your video chat app, and calls notifying them about a recent upgrade.
  • No More Noise
    A host wants to handle a group meeting or conference only. He/she can use the “mute participants” feature. It also noises off like typewriting, paper shuffling, unnecessary voices during the call, etc.
  • Virtual Background
    Virtual background features give your users a fascinating experience at the conference. It enables users to present a picture or a video as the background amidst a meeting.
  • In-app Purchases
    The in-app purchase feature performs the app monetisation like Zoom. You can add a few traits in your app, and participants need to pay before using one of them.
  • Emojis
    You can give a personal experience to your users by creating custom emojis and stickers in your app. Users can share their expression by facing out various stickers and emojis.

How much does video conferencing app development cost?

Cost of app development for a video chat app relies on aspects; app features, complexity, location of app development, the team size, hours for developing an app, and development platform. The cost estimation of building a video chat app depends on your idea and view. Are you looking for an app development company?


Video chatting left a touchstone for each one. It is not limited to corporate or educational demand, but ordinary people need too! During the quarantine period, video chatting apps have become a bridge to connect people virtually.
Thus, it has tremendous benefits to corporate, educational institutes, and the individuals, it can create more detailed, attractive apps and place it in the market. Do you have a unique concept? Make a conversation with experienced application development consultants in case you need to develop a video conferencing app like zoom.

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