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How Dynamic QR Codes Can Boost Your Marketing Goals This Year?

By Snehal Gusani on Nov 9, 2021
Dynamic QR Codes Can Boost Your Marketing Goals

The Secret to getting insights about your daily customers? QR codes can make life easier with this problem. Here is how Dynamic QR codes can help you to build a better persona with your customers.

According to a recent survey by Statista in September 2020, It was about the increase in QR Code usage in countries like the UK & US. 46.75% agreed on an increase in QR Code usage among the respondents.

QR Codes has become top-notch technology for successful businesses.  QR Codes, a name itself is enough to each and everyone in today’s world. From Business entrepreneurs to youngsters of society acknowledges how the QR code has become a routine in our day to day lifestyles. We often visit stores, markets, restaurants, movie theatres and various other public places where we scan the QR code & pay the bills at shops. It is way more safe, easy & convenient for customers in this covid era, to transact cash-free with QR codes. It doesn’t only serve the purpose of payment but also helps to get an overview of businesses and customers. Now entrepreneurs are using QR codes for customers and visitors. So customers can basically scan the codes and can easily explore the business services & promotions.

How can Dynamic QR codes be fruitful to enhance your marketing? Let’s see some key aspects of Dynamic QR codes

Different types of dynamic QR Codes - Zignuts Technolab

Types of Dynamic QR Codes

The different types of Dynamic QR Codes function differently depending on scanning QR. After Scanning QR what type of actions are performed is what we mean here as types of Dynamic QR Codes. Let’s look for certain types of QR codes as below:

1. SMS QR Codes:
SMS type of QR is the type of QR Codes, when a QR code is scanned it directly navigates users to the SMS messaging app of their mobile device. What addition is that it also pre-populates the text & recipient number. A customer just has to click on the send button in order to send the message to the recipient. With just a single tap even business entrepreneurs can get the data of their customer phone number. Imagine a business like a coffee shop, who create QR for feedback from their customers through scanning QR. It’s quite amazing for such businesses, isn’t it?

2. Email QR:
Email type of QR is a kind of QR Codes when this QR code is scanned it redirects users to the email service providing applications like Gmail. Just like SMS QR, it also pre-populates the receipt’s email address & body content into a mail service app. This makes it user friendly for users to send emails to the business owner with just one scan. Businesses get a more expanded notch of their customers after adapting email QR in their business.

3. PDF QR:
PDF sort of QR helps enterprises to add-on their company details via PDF file on the back of QR. Hence when customers scan such PDF QR, a pdf file will be downloaded into their device. How easy it is to advertise your business brochure for marketing via PDF QR, isn’t it? Customers can explore more about any business by going through the PDF that can be downloaded upon scanning QR. Businesses can reach more to their customers through the PDF QR, as such PDF can be accessed at any time by users.

4. Landing Page QR:
Landing Page QR is one of the most trending Dynamic QR codes that drive a prospect to your website landing page. When the QR code is scanned, it gives your target audience valuable additional information about your campaign and also allows them to choose the point of interest they want. For example, running a successful printed marketing campaign using a landing page QR code in your print ads. By creating and including a landing page QR code in your printed campaigns, you will be able to provide more information and more engagement options for your audience.

Include more ways for your crowd to interface and engage with you online. Think of it as a one-page website with a link to all of the sites or pages that are important to your campaign. On top of that, you can add links to your social media to allow your users to connect the way they like to, some may use Instagram or Twitter and others love Youtube over Facebook.

You can create QR with confidence. The information on the page as well as all of the links are dynamic and can be edited, replaced and updated at any time to even change or reprint your QR code.

5. Vcard QR:
Vcard is a digital way to share your business cards with customers. Grow your business by sharing your contact information with your customers, just as simple as scanning QR. Vcard QR Codes or digital business cards not only minimize the urge to throw them away but also create a sense of suspense with their users. To be saved into your customers dialpad, let your customer just scan your QR code and after scanning your contact information will be saved in their phonebook. At the point when the QR Code is scanned, it shows the contact number, email address, name, display picture, interactive location on GMaps, social handles, and other supporting connections. An expanded number of entrepreneurs are adopting either QR Codes on their business cards or supplanting business cards with vCard QR Codes.

6. Social Media QR:
Turn your links, social links into QR Codes – faster than ever! Create QR Codes for all your marketing campaigns to make it simple for people to connect your offline marketing quickly and effectively with your online presence. Whether it’s your website, a particular page on your site, for example, a contact form or landing page, a Dropbox link, Youtube video, or online media channels—as long as there’s a URL, it can be turned into a QR Code.

If you advertise and put your for users to type in their phone, most of the people will type your business or product into Google – who in turn happily shows your competition and others in the same view. Bypass that noise! With a QR code, they scan and go directly to where you want them to go.

Connect all your social media accounts to one QR code!

7. Payment Gateway QR:
No money in your pocket! Ahh don’t worry, we have an alternative for you to pay. QR code payment is a contactless payment method where payment is performed by scanning a QR code from a versatile mobile application. This is an alternative to doing electronic funds transfer at the point of sale using a payment terminal. This avoids a lot of the infrastructure traditionally associated with electronic payments such as payment cards, payment networks, payment terminals and merchant accounts.

To make a QR code payment, the purchaser scans the QR code displayed through the service provider with their smartphone to pay for his or her goods. They input the amount they have to pay and finally submit. This is a more secure card-not-present method than others

Industries where QR codes are used

  • Digital Marketing
  • Campaigning
  • Printing Industries
  • Marketing 
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Transacting market
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Hospitality
  • Museums
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Transportation
  • Cryptocurrency era
  • Electronic Authentication
  • And many more…

Reports & Analytics To Boost Your Business

The most important and exciting for business is reports & analytics of their audience. Marketers are always interested in their business growth. Let’s say your audiences transact & scan more on weekends. There’s a heavy rush at the end of the day. All you can manage with reports. If you’re a marketer, you know the way essential it’s miles to screen the behaviour of your audience. It helps you understand them better and improve your next campaigns accordingly.

Dynamic QR Code Scan Dashboard - Zignuts Technolab

Dynamic QR Code Scan Dashboard - Zignuts Technolab

After you look at the analytics and see a pattern of any day is the most scanned. You can now adjust your budget and planning to suit when the real traffic will be.

With Dynamic QR codes, you can always track important scanning information and adjust all your campaigns instantly by updating its content. You can track data at the time of the scan, number of scans, location and device type as well.

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