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Working with Remote Agency: Myths About Remote Work

on Dec 5, 2018
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We have accomplished the role of the remote agency or app development team great in the almost 6 years as we’ve been in the business of web and app development. We work with most of our clients through remote work, while they are situated in a different country, even a different continent.

startups reach out us from all over the globe to discuss their website and mobile app ideas. Most of our clients are from Europe, the United States, and Asia. We are completely aware of the circumstances: it feels very risky to hand over such a huge portion of one’s business in the hands of a remote agency, people situated far away.

Remote work is the right set of circumstances to perform your best job from anywhere. Great successes are estimated by results — not places.

In 2K14, FastCompany speculated whether half of the resources will be working remotely in some way by 2K20. Last year, a Gallup survey found that 43 percents of Americans had worked remotely at some time, up from 39 percents in 2K12.

What is remote work?

Remote work refers to a job that performs outside of the office. Working remotely means to hire remote agency or team who does not require to attend its physical premises.

Myths About Remote Work Or App Development Team


Transparency is the best policy. Trust, turns out, is the biggest challenging factor when choosing which web development or app development team to go with, especially when we’re discussing remote agency.

If you are asking for transparency from your web and app development team, then you have to be just as transparent in return. Believe me. It is a win-win situation for both the party. you will know precisely our development process, while we know exactly when and what is expected of us.


The remote team actually feels more associated with their partners than on-site employees. Remote workers rely on constant communication, so we apparently talk more each day than a typical in-house employee. They actually make a greater effort to connect, because there is no chance of dropping into our teammates in the hallway. Thus, our synergies tend to fill with more intent and meaning.


You cannot “bum around” when you have important work to do. Hires naturally motivational people who drive to deliver their best. A remote agency works isolated to your location thus they can work according to their convenience which increases their productivity.


Remote work is not a intends to earn a paycheck while you pursue your real desires. We are just as committed as any other in-house employee. Similar to an in-house employee, we are also dedicated to our team during regular working hours. Of course, we take lunch — but we value the effort of our team by giving our full concentration to work the rest of our time.

Time zones

They can be, but only if you’re dealing with extremely urgent projects. However, if, you plan your app development on time and you set a reasonable timeline, the time zones should make no extreme difference. Absolutely, you might have to wait sometimes to get a reply to your messages, but the communication can still be effective.

High Cost

There is no doubt to hire remote agency will cost some money to ensure they have the proper equipment to perform their job. However, it is nothing on the cost of overhead having a physical office space will cost you. That cost is pretty nominal comparatively than office space, snacks, coffee, etc. web and app development team are nowadays equipped the most advanced tools and resources. So, we can say hire remote agency won’t cost you higher.

Don’t believe the stereotypes. Trust your intuition! Hire Remote Agency!!

The great enthusiastic remote agency is always available. few of them will contact you if you post a great job ad. You will find others if you get endorsements from friends or dig through reviews sites like Clutch.

It is not easy to recognize and hire remote agency, but it’s possible. You just have to hold all options open and trust your intuition. When you see a team like us who deserves an opportunity, try with some test task or prototype and you might close up surprised with the effective results.

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